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can’t believe such a beautiful stadium had to experience such a loss :'(

Last weekend: Homecoming. Parent’s Weekend. Bwog drank together. Yet another bar opened in Morningside Heights. Even though we may have lost the big game, mixing alcohol, sports, and families together created quite the weekend for Bwog. Send in your weekend shenanigans to to be featured!

Bwog is Wholesome/Spends Time with Family

  • Took my mom to eat at Ferris and she went on to gush about how amazing Columbia dining halls are
  • Hung out with my mom! twice! and taught her how to use venmo! demonstrated by venmoing myself money!!!
  • Called my mom a lyft because she insisted on getting here by herself and the 1 skipped 116th (so she says) and she didn’t get off until 137th and got very, very lost.
  • Had my parents bring me a space heater because I don’t trust CU Facilities to keep me warm.
  • Went to American Son with my mom and met Ava Duvernay there
  • Went to Mass at a nice little progressive parish near Union Square in order to clear my head and reconnect with my ~spiritual~ side; ended up crying on the way home bc I’m a big softie who can’t handle any kind of introspection
  • Hung out w the guy from the bumble article I wrote (haha wholesome)
  • For one brief, shining moment was the top of a 4-layer human pyramid.
  • Tried to plant SWS fliers on the chairs in the Diana event oval in order to propagandize to parents but got stopped by public safety before I could finish the deed
  • Finally finished all my midterms!!
  • Studied in Butler all day because I had a dream about it.
  • Found out that there are lights you can turn on in the stacks!!!
  • Got a new duvet cover that makes me feel like a princess
  • Watched like 20 episodes of crimmy minds
  • Went out for a birthday dinner w/ my sister…ended up covered in pop rocks

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i can feel him calling my name

Bwoggers love writing about Butler. Whether it be In Defense, Conspiracy Theories, or Reserving Desks, we can’t get enough! There are seemingly endless elements of this mysterious library to unpack. First-year Bwogger Sophie Murphy shares her thoughts.

I would like to shed some light on a staple of my Butler experience. An unsung hero of the behemoth that is Butler is the portrait of Dwight David Eisenhower. Before leading the country, Eisenhower served as the 13th president of Columbia University. Many of you I’m sure to have withered under his gaze as I have, making my way up to my chosen corner of hell (Butler 310). The full-length portrait of our 34th president looms impressively over delirious undergrads traipsing up the stairs. His piercing eyes seem to follow me as I become increasingly winded on my ascent. The domineering and, dare I say, sassy look on Ike’s face resonates in my subconscious, even hours deep into an Econ problem set. What’s he thinking? In a vain attempt to avoid studying for midterms, I took some time to consider what crosses Ike’s mind from his perch in Butler.

  • “I’m honestly serving looks here and I hope these kids appreciate this exquisitely tailored three-piece suit.”
  • “Yes, the hand on the hip is supposed to look judgemental. I ran this school and a NATO command at the same time. I think you can finish that paper.”
  • “What book is in my hand? It doesn’t matter; just know that I’m intelligent.”
  • “I hope one of you is heading into the stacks to figure out what to do about the Interstate Highway System because she is struggling and I deserve a better legacy than this.”
  • “I am surprised by the amount of diversity I see coming up and down these stairs. In my day, white guy from Exeter vs. white guy from Deerfield was as divergent as the Columbia student body got. I guess that civil rights stuff stuck! Suck it segregationists (I’m looking at you, Orval Faubus)!”



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Fall friend spotted at Garden of Eden

Despite a rather warm Homecoming, the temperature is dropping, the winds off the Hudson are blustering, and Alma’s nose is beginning to take on a slightly reddish tint – all sure signs that fall is here. Not everyone can escape to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard upstate, so Managing Editor Betsy Ladyzhets has compiled a list of ways you can celebrate the season in the middle of MoHi.

  • The farmers’ market, set up on Broadway every Thursday and Sunday, has stalls full of apple products. Apples, apple cider, apple cider donuts, apple turnover… you can get it all there. Pretend you’re going apple picking as you go through the wooden boxes to grab the ripest fruits.
  • If you can’t make the farmers’ market, there are other great apple vendors in the neighborhood. Garden of Eden, a lesser-known grocery store on Broadway and 107th Street, sells apples from local orchards for 99 cents a pound. (And with their 10% student discount, it’s really 89 cents a pound. What a deal!)
  • The Hungarian Pastry shop sells hot cider. I’m from Farm Country, Connecticut, so I’ve tried a lot of cider  you can trust me when I say Hungarian’s is the best.
  • There’s more cider than just hot cider, though: 1020 has hard cider on tap right now. Next weekend, try a glass of cider instead of your usual beer!
  • Spend an hour on Low Steps, while the weather is still remotely bearable. Pretend you’re at the top of a mountain instead of shivering on stone stairs.
  • Spruce up your room with some pumpkins and gourds. You can get these at the farmers’ market or Garden of Eden, or at Fairway Market if you’re willing to make the trek north. Fairway offers gourds with faces (some friendly, some creepy) painted on, if that’s something you’re into.
  • If there isn’t room for pumpkins in your dorm, walk by the garden between 118th Street and 119th Street on Amsterdam. Look for Halloween friends.
  • Organize an “Over the Garden Wall” viewing party in your dorm. Make hot buttered rum (or potatoes and molasses) and trick all your friends into thinking you’re classy.
  • Go to a park (Riverside Park, Morningside Park, Central Park – you have so many options!) and look for leaves changing color. If you see any particularly picturesque trees, send photos to Bwog’s Instagram.

Spoopy via Betsy Ladyzhets



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The door in question… Eerily menacing, right?

There is a creepy door in the basement of Barnard Hall. Internal Editor Sarah Kinney is here to offer her thoughts. That is all.

Every Tuesday and Thursday I find myself in the basement of Barnard Hall, pacing around before going to ballet. Outside the dance studios and fitness center is an oddly positioned set of stairs in the corner which lead up to a large, fortified, metal door with a huge sign reading “POOL.” Underneath that sign, however, is another sign that reads “Please note the closure of the pool is permanent.” Every single week this door perplexes me. What lies behind it? Is the door even locked? What would happen if I turned the knob and ventured into the abyss?

In my mind, I open this door to find a huge room made entirely of concrete and tile with a giant empty pool in the middle. The lighting is low, flickering, and eerie. There are abandoned mops and floaties in the corner. Moaning Myrtle wails in the distance. Or maybe the pool is full, and in the water dwells a giant sea monster who protects Barnard from other giant sea monsters in the area. Maybe there’s a mermaid à la Aquamarine. Is there a hot lifeguard?

Or maybe there isn’t a pool at all. Maybe behind the door lies a secret train station that will transport you to any of the other Seven Sisters. Or maybe it’s a chocolate shop and candy factory operated entirely by mice, sort of like Ratatouille but not. Maybe DSpar has transformed the space into her own personal apocalypse shelter.

Obviously, I have no idea what lies behind this door. One Barnard Bwogger mentioned to me that they just use the space for storage, but storage for what?! All the shot glasses and wine bottles and ashtrays they’ve confiscated from Barnard dorms over the years? Stacks of cash belonging to the endowment? Who knows. All I know is I will give $5 to the person who successfully opens that door and reveals to me all of the secrets of the abandoned Barnard pool.


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Those are some moves right there.

Sports Editor Abby Rubel emerges from her Butler nest to inform you of the latest goings-on with Columbia Athletics. Hope your Homecoming hangover is gone by now!

Football: The Lions (3-3, 0-3 Ivy) lost 28-12 against Dartmouth (6-0, 3-0 Ivy) on Saturday, snapping their two-game Homecoming win streak. The boys in blue started off strong, taking a 3-0 lead when a touchdown was ruled no good thanks to a penalty. Columbia struggled to convert long drives into touchdowns, only entering Dartmouth’s red zone three times. But Columbia had 20 first downs to Dartmouth’s 18, and held the ball for almost 10 more minutes than the Big Green. The Blue and White also completed 72 percent of their passes for a total of 228 yards. Watching the game, one got the sense that the Lions would have a chance against even Dartmouth if they could just stop. Getting. Injured. Nine players had to be helped off the field in Saturday’s game alone, including starting quarterback Josh Bean and backup quarterback Ty Lenhart. On the season, 20 Lions have been sidelined.

Field Hockey: Columbia (7-7, 2-3 Ivy) dropped both matches this weekend, first losing to Dartmouth (6-8, 2-3 Ivy) 1-2 on Friday and then to Villanova (8-8) 3-4 on Sunday. Dartmouth scored once in the first half, while the Big Green defense held Columbia to only one shot on goal. Dartmouth scored again in the 44th minute and although Columbia scored once in the second half, they could not overcome the two-point deficit. The match against Villanova was much closer. Columbia led throughout the game, until a third Villanova attempt at the goal in the second half finally got through and tied the game 3-3. The first overtime was scoreless, but Villanova scored in the second overtime to take the win. The two losses this weekend drop Columbia to fifth place in the Ivy League.

Women’s Soccer: The Blue and White (7-6-1, 3-2 Ivy) triumphed 1-0 against Dartmouth (8-5-2, 2-2-1 Ivy) on Saturday, their last home game of the season. First-year midfielder Jessica Schildkraut scored the only goal of the game in the 37th minute—her first goal of her Columbia career. The Lions played tight defense, limiting the Big Green to only two shots on goal. The Blue and White had 15 shots in the game, six of which were on goal. Goalie Sophie Whitehouse posted her fourth clean sheet of the year and her seventh win of the season.

Men’s Soccer: Won 1-0 against Dartmouth
Women’s Golf: 11th out of 13 teams at the Lady Blue Hen Invitational
Volleyball: Lost 2-3 at Cornell

Columbia vs. the Frozen Wasteland via



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just look how sinister it is

Butler. 11 pm. You’re sitting in a study carrel when you hear that most dreaded sound… coughing. You scramble for something, anything, that could shield you from the onslaught of microbes, but alas, there’s nothing around! While this may seem like a hopeless situation, staff writer Sarah Braner has some tips for how to avoid the plague. 

  • Actually sleep for more than two hours.
  • Consume a vegetable.
  • Mix Emergen-C with everything you eat, drink, and breathe.
  • Chug orange juice with every meal.
  • Replace every meal with pure vitamin C.
  • Constantly listen to The Vaccines.
  • Spray Lysol on every single surface you interact with.
  • Encase yourself in one of those plastic hamster balls. (Added benefit: fun.)
  • Wash your hands after being within a ten-foot radius of a sick person.
  • Wash your hands after touching anything.
  • Just be in a constant state of washing your hands.
  • Never leave your dorm room.
  • Replace your water intake with hand sanitizer to cleanse from the inside (note: Bwog does not condone ingesting things that are not meant to be ingested.)
  • Go back in time and expose your past self to all the pathogens so you develop immunity.
  • Break into the CDC. Inject every single vaccine they have into yourself. Flee the scene.
  • Drop out of college and move to an abandoned yurt in the wilderness.

(And if you actually want to avoid the plague… be sure to get your FLU SHOT!)

you little fucker via Bwog Archives



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imagine this happening at EC yikes

Happening in the World: A train in Taiwan derailed, injuring 187 and killing 18 passengers. It was traveling between Taipei and the eastern county of Taitung when it ran off course, affecting people most in the four cars that overturned more than 90 degrees.

Happening in the US: At Clemson University, a floor collapse at a frat party ended with over 30 people injured and hospitalized. “The beat was about to drop and literally the whole floor collapsed,” student Larissa Stone told Greenville News. “People are hurt. People are bleeding. I had blood on my sneakers. It was really bad.” Literally my worst nightmare.

Happening in NYC: NYPD has suspended a certain kind of body cameras for police members after one exploded on an officer. A police officer was wearing a Vievu model LE-5 body-worn camera on a “midnight tour” on Saturday night when he noticed that it was smoking and took it off. No one was harmed when this occurred.

Happening on Campus: There will be an event at the International Affairs Building Room 1501 from 6 to 8:15 PM called “Media in the Age of Trump: Panel Discussion.” The talk will host a panel of experts including John Avlon, a Senior Political Analyst at CNN, and Jim Rutenberg, a Media Columnist at New York Times. They will be discussing the power of the press during Trump’s presidency, including issues of fake news and the effect of social media on information.

Song of the Day: Khalid stays blessing our ears on his new album.



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Seize your weapons (forks acceptable) and fight!

It starts quietly, as most wars do.

Two first-years, walking back from their FroSci lecture meet up with one of their Barnard friends by the 116th gates. “Where do you guys want to grab lunch?” she asks. This is some time before midterms of first-year fall, when friends still exist and groups of people still have time to eat a meal together without 3 cancellations and a When2Meet.

“We could go to Ferris.” One of them suggests, fishing for his ID from beneath hundreds of pages of readings he will never complete.

“Oh my God, no!” The other CC student exclaims, looking at him as if he’s been spending too much time in Riverside Park today. “Everyone goes there after FroSci lecture. We won’t be able to breathe, let alone find somewhere to sit.”

Their Barnard friend shrugs. “We could always go to Hewitt. They have better pasta anyway.” Her friends cry out in horror. “What? She has an A again now; y’all need to chill.”

The debate continues. John Jay: the food is disgusting and the chairs are awful. Diana: the Columbia students don’t understand how it works and at this point, they’re too afraid to ask. JJs: going there when you’re not drunk at 2 am on a Thursday robs its overcooked burgers of their power.

As the conversation continues, more people gather around, drawn like moths to a flame to the conversations they’ve had with their own friends since stepping foot on campus. The cadence is familiar, and a few upperclassmen wonder if perhaps they should stop them before it goes too far. They’ve seen this happen before, but that’s why they ultimately decide to remain silent. It was bound to happen at some point in the semester, so why not now?

What will happen? Nothing good, that’s for sure.

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