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Stop by on Thursday night!

Bucket List represents the intellectual privilege we enjoy as Columbia students. We do our very best to bring to your attention important guest lecturers and special events on campus. Our recommendations for this week are below, and the full list is after the jump. If you notice any events that have been left off the list, or if you have a correction, please let us know in the comments.


The rest of this week’s event’s after the jump!



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We hope we’re lucky enough to see you tonight in Lerner 510!

Bwog paid a poetry major to write our next open meeting announcement. However, grapes are expensive, so we only could give them $5. They wrote us  on the back of a dirty napkin from 1020.

‘There once was a student-run blog

Dealing with a post backlog.

We meet in Lerner 510

On Sundays at 9 pm

So we invite you to please come along!


We’ve got bunches of freshly-washed grapes

And snacks of all sizes and shapes

Bring all your pitches;

we’ll turn them to riches

and provide an hour of peaceful escape.

i’ve never actually seen one of these via Public Domain



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$5 that Donald Trump thinks this is actually the Cuban flag.

Happening the World: Typhoon Mangkhut has devastated the main island of Philippines, leaving few buildings in its capital city without some kind of damage. The death toll currently stands at 14, but downed communications and blocked roads have left the impact on the island’s rural area unclear. (BBC)

Happening in the US: In equally depressing hurricane-related news, President Trump has repeatedly and falsely claimed that Puerto Rico’s newly updated death count in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria is a plot by Democrats to cause him political harm before the midterm elections. An independent study by George Washington University found that nearly 3,000 more people died as a result of the storm; some publications have begun collecting their stories. (Vox, Quartz)

Happening in NYC: One of the good things in this terrible, awful, no-good, very bad timeline: a Long Island  animal rescue has rescued 30 dogs from Hurricane Florence, which hit the Carolinas and Virginia earlier this week. (NBC New York)

Happening on Campus: Before you head over to the Bwog open meeting tonight at 9, check out Latenite’s general information session in Hamilton tomorrow at 7 pm. Every semester, Latenite puts on a selection of short, student written plays, and is looking for actors, writers, and directors.

Word of the Day: Forelsket, a Norwegian word often translated at “the euphoria you feel when first falling in love,” though occasionally defined as “that feeling you felt when you first got back to campus, but that’s wearing off now that you like…actually have homework and shit”

i need one for my room via Bwog Archives



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If you’re not already sick of lectures and discussions, clear your schedule and honor Frederick Douglass’ bicentennial while you’re at it.

Bucket List represents the intellectual privilege we enjoy as Columbia students. We do our very best to bring to your attention important guest lecturers and special events on campus. Our recommendations for this week are below, and the full list is after the jump. If you notice any events that have been left off the list, or if you have a correction, please let us know in the comments.


  • “The Rise of the Rest – Entrepreneurship Across America.” Wednesday, September 12, 5:00 – 6:30 pm. Low Library Rotunda. Steve Case, Secretary Jacob J. Lew, moderated by Dean Merit E. Janow, Register here.
  • “Complex Issues: ‘King in the Wilderness.’” Thursday, September 13, 6:30 – 8:30 pm. The Katharina Otto-Bernstein Screening Room, Lenfest Center for the Arts. Institute for Research in African-American Studies and Columbia Journalism School. Register here.
  • “Perspectives on Peace Presents: Rule Makers and Rule Breakers.” Thursday, September 13, 6 – 8 pm. Cowin Auditorium, Teachers College. Dr. Michele Gelfand, Dr. Peter Coleman. RSVP here.
  • An Archive of Struggle: Celebrating the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial.” Friday, September 14, 3 PM. Diana Event Oval. Celeste-Marie Bernier, Kim F. Hall, Quandra Prettyman, and Frances Sadler.

If you’ve got a free Thursday evening, this Bucketlist is for you.



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ding, dong, the curse is dead

Events Editor Isabel Sepúlveda is having a terrible, awful, no-good, very bad start to the semester and she would very much like it to stop now.

It started as soon as I moved in, when I had to walk to Hartley Hospitality Desk twice in an hour because my ID failed to encode. A few hours later, I locked myself in my room (which I would do again two days later, this time also locking my phone in so I couldn’t even call my roommate to come save me). My laptop died 24 hours before the semester started. I was half an hour late to my first day at a new job because I got lost on the wrong floor. The $3 umbrella I bought at the Green Sale had the audacity to break the first time I used it. Similar inconveniences (and some full-on calamities) have been non-stop since I arrived.

At first, I thought I just was having a bit of bad luck here and there. But after over a week of disasters, I’ve come to the only conclusion possible: I have angered a witch, and they’ve put a curse on my semester.

So, to the witch who cursed me: I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I did to hurt you. Maybe I was your waitress this summer and didn’t bring your food fast enough. Maybe I bumped into you on the street during move-in and didn’t apologize. Maybe I stole your favorite seat in Butler last semester or you sent in a late senior wisdom nomination and thought I was actually going to fight you. Or you might at the bottom of the waitlist of a class I’m currently taking. I don’t know what it was, but no matter what, I’m very very very sorry. The beginning of semester is a rough time for all of us and whatever slight I visited upon you couldn’t have helped. I promise I won’t hold it against you.

I just need this gone because midterms will be upon us, and I really can’t afford to be cursed when I’m staring down two exams and three essays the same week. Please lift this curse before I fail all my classes and am forced to drop out of school and move back to rural Pennsylvania. So let me know what I can do to make it up to you. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee or any other drink of your choice to make up for it. I’ll drop that class. Just let me know, because I’m getting kind of desperate here.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go burn some sage in my room, just in case its a haunting instead.

Witch via Bwog Archives



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*hacker voice* I’m in

Happening in the World: According to the French defense minister Russia “tried to spy on France in space.” The actual explanation probably isn’t as cool as you’re imagining though: last year, a Russian spy satellite approached a satellite used to send secret intelligence between Italy and France and tried to intercept its transmissions. (BBC)

Happening in the US: 26-year-old Mac Miller was found dead in his Los Angeles home on Friday afternoon, according to the city medical examiner. The apparent cause of death is believed to be a drug overdose but no cause has been confirmed. Miller had been open about his struggles with addiction throughout his career, incorporating those themes into his music. (Rolling Stone)

Happening in NYC: The Brooklyn DA expects to see around 20,000 low-level marijuana cases cleared with the implementation of a new policy that will allow most people request to have low-level possession charges expunged. This comes after recent the city implemented a policy in which those with marijuana in their possession will be ticketed, not arrested. (Gothamist)

Happening on Campus: Morningside Lights, an event in which Miller Theater opens its door to the community for a week of lantern making workshops, will be going out with a bang tonight at 8 with a procession in Morningside Park. This year, partnering with The Audubon Society, a flock of lighted birds with suitcases take to the sky to  honor “the resilience and hope of populations on the move”

Overheard: “How have you gone through three years at Barnard and you don’t know what GroupMe is?”

a space bird via Bwog Archive



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Soon, the only games you’l get into for free will be here instead.

Love it or hate it, it’s Day 5 of NSOP and that means the end is in sight. But you’ve still got some mandatory meetings to go to before you can fly free. Luckily, there’s also some fun in store after you make it through. 

Today’s Highlights:

  • Green Sale by EcoReps: Grab some cash and head on over to the Wein Lounge ASAP to buy LitHum books, hangers, and that mini-fridge that wouldn’t fit in your suitcase. Maybe bring The Iliad (or some other light reading) as well. You’re going to be in that line for a while.
  • Live Well, Learn Well: From 1:30 to 2:30 today, let Alice Health Peer Leaders guide you and your building-mates through about transitioning to life on campus, overcoming obstacles and making healthy choices during your time at Columbia. All incoming students have to go, but you can rest easy knowing it’s one of the last mandatory events of NSOP.
  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Yankees vs Tigers: Whether you’re in love with “America’s pastime” or just ready to get away from 116th and Broadway, get a ticket to the baseball game from the Lerner Ramps any time before 5 pm and head on over to Yankee Stadium to enjoy some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, and

One Thing To Do Before Graduating: Get a New York Public Library card. Not only will you have access to a huge collection of materials, but as of this summer, it will also get you free access to the Guggenheim and a bunch of museums with their new Culture Pass.

From The Archives: You might have heard about the graduate worker strike last semester. One Bwogger was on the scene, though their passions weren’t entirely focused on workers’ rights.



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Editor’s note: a mug shot was not available at the time of publishing this post, so Joel Davis’ Facebook profile picture has been included instead.

Content warning: This article contains mention of pedophilia, child pornography, and sexual assault/violence.

Joel Davis, GS ’19, was arrested Tuesday on charges of “enticement of a minor to engage in sexual activity, attempted sexual exploitation of a minor, and possession, receipt, and distribution of child pornography,” according to a press release from US Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of New York.

Davis reportedly described the sexual activity he intended to engage in with the nine-year-old daughter of an undercover officer and the two-year-old daughter of the officer’s girlfriend, requested sexually explicit photographs of the children, and sent explicit pictures of infants and toddlers to undercover officers.

Davis has long vocally opposed sexual assault. He co-founded Youth to End Sexual Violence in 2014, an organization dedicated to “eliminating the use of rape and sexual violence in conflict,” and currently serves as their Executive Director and US Representative. He is also the chairman of the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict. He was a UN Youth Ambassador on Sexual Violence in Conflict for 2 years, chaired the International Campaign to Stop Rape, and co-chaired the International Campaign to Stop Rape Steering Committee, part of the Nobel Women’s Initiative. He wrote about the issue as a columnist for the Columbia Daily Spectator in 2017 and in a 2014 HuffPost op-ed.

FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge William F. Sweeney Jr. said Davis displayed “the highest degree of hypocrisy in his alleged attempts to exploit multiple minors.”

Davis’s charges hold mandatory minimum federal sentences ranging from 5 to 15 years, while the maximum sentences range from 20 years to a life sentence.

Youth to End Sexual Violence and the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict have been reached out to for comment.

Update, June 28, 9:45 pm: Leaders of the International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict posted a statement on the coalition’s Facebook page earlier today, announcing that Davis is no longer the campaign’s coordinator and that his organization, Youth to End Sexual Violence, has been removed from the coalition of groups in the campaign. In the statement, the campaign’s leaders expressed shock and horror at Davis’ alleged actions, and said that they “stand firmly by the children and families allegedly hurt by these acts.” The statement concludes: “We remain committed–today more than ever–to the urgent work and mission of the campaign: to end sexual violence wherever it occurs.” The full statement is included below.
Read the full press release from the US Attorney’s office after the jump




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You’re probably going to regret your oral sex vs cheese answer in 5 years and ask us to take it down anyway.

Daily editor and lapsed black belt Isabel Sepúlveda has loved Columbia during her first year, but nothing is perfect. And since she’s stopping practicing Tae Kwon Do for the time being, she’s using her new favorite outlet for venting her frustration at minor inconveniences: Bwog!

As every semester comes to a close, we here at Bwog take the time to turn to our graduating seniors and ask them to offer their wisdom to current and future generations of Columbia students. It’s a time-honored tradition and stands alongside housing coverage and anytime readers want to question our journalistic integrity as one of our most popular.  Everyone is clamoring to see themselves and their friends answer the oral sex or cheese question and ask us to pour one out for Cannon’s one last time.

But, for better or for worse, we don’t have enough time to share the wisdom of every senior who has blessed Morningside Heights with their presence and tuition dollars, leading us to open a nomination process in the weeks leading up to the end of the semester. Especially in the spring, this helps us filter through all of our amazing seniors to find the 40 or so we feature at the end of every year.

It’s a process and by the time we post all these cheese puns, all the decisions are made. So that’s why I’m asking you to please step away from that email you’re currently writing to telling us that we absolutely have to feature the wisdom of your best friend or your sophomore year RA. We understand that they’re important to you, in some way, and most of the time, we love it when you email us. But also, my sanity is important to me so I’m asking you kindly to delete the draft and go back to procrastinate packing/unpacking/napping some other way.

More of me literally begging you to stop below.



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Don’t be the next Maggie killer

Bwogline: Puerto Rican students taken in by NYU for the semester as the island recovered from Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria have requested to have their stay extended through the fall, due to the poor recovery efforts taking place on the island, including frequent power outages and the economic crisis. NYU has denied their request. (Buzzfeed)

Study Tip: Use the Forest app to keep you from constantly checking your phone while your cram for you last couple finals. In it, you set a specific amount of time for your phone to “grow” a tree and if you close out the screen, it dies.   You don’t want to kill a tree, even a digital one, do you?

Music: You might think it looks dumb, but SpongeBob the Musical is actually a modern classic. Also, it’s super motivating while we finish finals/packing/any other last minute plans.

Procrastination Tip: Take a walk around campus, either alone or with some friends who are still around, and reminisce about what you’ve done in your time here at Columbia. These years go by fast so it never hurts to take a little time to reflect.

Overheard: “I need to hydrate before I die-drate”

a once majestic magnolia via Bwog Archives



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I guess you’re going to be spending a lot of time at the Diana Center or something.

In the frantic rush to study for all your finals, write three 10-page papers you’ve been putting off all semester, and try not to drown from all the stress, something’s got to give and your ID is the easiest thing to lose in the shuffle. But after the fourth or fifth time in a row giving a bored Public Safety officer your UNI, you might want to try figuring something out. In order to spare you $20 and the trip to Hartley, Bwog compiled a list of places you might want to check first.

  • Under your bed, next to the key you haven’t used since September
  • Butler, after you broke down and went there for the first time this semester
  • The entrance of JJ’s/John Jay/Ferris
  • EC, because you got so drunk trying to forget your finals, you forgot your stuff as well
  • Wein Lounge, somehow?
  • Hanging off the back of the Wind Ensemble’s bass drum
  • At a bar where you said you “lost” your state ID and tried to use your student ID to prove that you were 21
  • The pocket of whatever pants you were just wearing
  • On the lawns somewhere. It doesn’t matter though; you’re still outside anyway trying to sunbathe away the Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Next to the socks, that one library book and your really cute sweater that have gone missing since winter break
  • Still at Public Safety, because you bought a new one five minutes before they emailed you about it
  • In the hollow remains of Amigos/Rite-Aid/M2M/[insert your favorite here]
  • In your wallet, but you didn’t find it until you already got the lockout key
  • On the ground in Riverside Park, being chewed by a curious puppy or small child
  • In your hookup’s room after your attempts to de-stress(if you don’t know how to ask for it back, we have some advice there too)
  • In a friend’s wallet, so you won’t be able to lose it anymore

will idalena cardholder be our new bff? via Columbia SSC




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Simple but effective.

What are Columbia students doing to engage with the recent movement of increased activism against gun violence? Daily Editor Isabel Sepúlveda found out by speaking to members of new organization Columbia University Against Gun Violence and attending two of the group’s events.

In the wake of the Parkland shooting this past February, there has been an uptick in activism across the country as high school students realize their political power and work to make change in their communities. While it would be impossible to say that Columbia students have been unaware of their ability to make change, even our community has been empowered by this new wave of student activism as seen in the formation of the new student organization Columbia University Against Gun Violence (CUAGV). Though only in existence for a few months, CUAGV is already ensuring they will make their mark.

Just before the March for Our Lives on March 24 of this year, I attended a poster-making event in Lerner Hall in an attempt to find a few members of CUAGV who could talk to me about their organization. I ended up talking to a few of the grad student organizers of the NYC March for Our Lives, who both highlighted the role that CUAGV played in the organization of the event and its role in bringing the campus community together. This significant organizing power was astonishing given how recently the group had come together.

A March for Our Lives participant, making a poster at the party co-hosted by CUAGV.

I mentioned this in an interview with founder of the club, Nikki Shaner-Bradford, BC ‘19; she told me that reception in the CU community to the establishment was generally positive, as there had previously been no student-led groups or initiatives at Columbia or Barnard dealing with this issue. Membership “took off exponentially” as the march approached, and activists looking for a way to get involved with the newly re-energized fight against gun violence joined. As a result, she told me that turnout from the community and those interested in the club was “far beyond expectations,” leading the group to be able to march with New York Against Gun Violence (NYAGV) and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. She described that moment as “inspiring,” and added that it was “really important that we use this momentum to push our next steps.”

And use this momentum they have. It’s been a little over a month since the March for Our Lives, and already the group has held a letter-writing event, done an event on Comedy Central, and co-hosted two panel discussions. Shaner-Bradford emphasized these new partnerships as “crucial” as CUAGV works to come into their own as an organization and figure out the best way to contribute to this conversation. About a week ago, I made my way to one of these events, a panel discussion on gun violence in America co-hosted by the Barnard Human Rights Department. Shaner-Bradford sat on the panel alongside CU Dems Lead Activist Joanna Cohen, CC ’20, Barnard history professor Matt Vaz, and Vanderbilt professor of psychiatry Jonathan Metzl.

How did the panel discussion go down?



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I will stand with them in their fight against tyranny

Bwogline: Rudy Giuliani told Sean Hannity that Trump repaid the Stormy Daniels hush money, despite previously claiming he knew nothing of the transaction, making us all long for the sweeter days where we didn’t know who any of these people were (BBC).

Study Tip: Just don’t. If you don’t know it by now, you probably won’t. (Or, you know, use Quizlet and make as many flashcards as humanly possible in the 24 hours before your first final).

Procrastination Tip: Classically condition your roommate to dance on a table every time you play the song below. It’s very cleansing.


Overseen: An army of wet floor signs in the basement of Teachers College, ready to stage a coup in Prezbo’s absence.

is this postmodernism? via Betsy Ladyzhets



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Throw out the whole website.

Happening in the World: The leader of the regional government in Madrid resigned after a video of her being detained for shoplifting was made public. 53-year-old Cristina Cifuentes had already been under pressure to leave her post after it came to light that she didn’t do all the coursework needed to receive her bachelor’s degree. A blow to the ruling part, this is also an important reminder to write your papers and study for your finals. (NYT)

Happening in the US: Because we live in the worst possible timeline, Donald Trump thanked Kanye West on Twitter for his public support, after the rapper returned to the platform two weeks ago. Among other comments, he said Trump shares “dragon energy” with him and posted a photo in a MAGA hat. (BBC)

Happening in NYC: Police are searching for a dog that bit a woman on the 4 train in Manhattan. The conflict started when she asked the owner to move the dog after bumping into her. An altercation ensued and she was bitten on the foot (NBC).

Happening on Campus: The Human Rights Program at Barnard will be hosting a panel discussion and Q&A on gun violence in America today from 6 to 8 pm in 307 Milbank. The panel features: Barnard Professor of History Matt Vaz; Vanderbilt Professor of Psychiatry, Jonathan Metzl; founder of Columbia Students Against Gun Violence, Nikki Shaner-Bradford; and CU Dems Lead Activist, Joanna Cohen.

World of the Day: Luz, the Spanish word for light. Here’s your weekly reminder that more than 33,000 people in rural Puerto Rico still don’t have power or adequate shelter, and have been relying on generators since Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit in September (CBS)

do you think god lives in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he created? via Bwog Archives



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The “Hart” of campus (not really, but it’s close enough to JJ’s)

One half of the LLC (aka the two identical buildings next to John Jay), Hartley Hall in one of the oldest dorms on campus, and sometimes, it feels like it. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t also a great place to live during your first year at Columbia and beyond!

Location: 1124 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027 (between Hamilton and Wallach)

Nearby dorms: Wallach and John Jay are literally connected. Furnald, Carman, and Wein are a bit more of a hike but still only 3 minutes away.

Stores and restaurants: John Jay, JJ’s, Hamilton Deli, Arts and Crafts

Cost: $8,412, standard for freshpeople


  • Bathrooms: A two shared, co-ed bathrooms for each suite, cleaned twice weekly. The larger has two stalls/showers and the smaller, on the second floor of the suite, only has one of each.
  • AC/Heating: Heat but no AC. Buy a good fan for the first few months, or keep your windows open.
  • Kitchen: One in each suite, with two stoves, a sink, and a microwave, as well as lots of cabinet space. Cleaning them is resident responsibility so they can get disgusting pretty quickly but Hartley definitely has the smallest kitchen/resident ratio for freshpeople.
  • Lounge: One in on the main level of each suite, with a few chairs, a table and a  television (that has cable) with a smaller, essentially ineffectual lounge on the upper level as well that’s mostly just a few chairs and a small table. The lounges in the A and C suites tend to be a lot larger than those in the B suites. There’s also a sky lounge on the 10th floor and a first floor lounge with pool and ping pong tables!
  • Laundry: Free and in the basement, shared with Wallach. Though it tends to get full during certain peak hours (some evenings, the weekend, etc.) you can definitely find times when it’s completely free.
  • Fire Escapes/Bike Storage: No
  • Computers/printers: There’s a computer lab on the first floor and two PawPrint stations by the door, perfect if your computer malfunctions mid-essay or you forget to print until you’re walking out the door.
  • Intra-transportation: Two pretty slow elevators; one only goes to the 9th floor and the other that can take you to the sky lounge on the 10th.
  • Hardwood/carpet: Ugly 80s carpet in both the halls/lounge and the bedrooms; the kitchens and bathrooms have tile.
  • WiFi: Yes; and it’s pretty fast most of the time.

Pics and opinions below!

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