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Happening in the world: This quarter, Barbie sales fell 13%, while Mattel sales overall fell 15.4%. Uh, they still have what I don’t — millions of dollars. (BBC News)

Happening in Nico (long for NYC): A lawyer from Queens was arrested yesterday for stealing around $600,000 from the estate of a client, who was a judge. This is a ton of judicial things criss-crossing at a time. (New York Times)

Happening on campus: Community Lunch will be hosting a dinner and discussion panel on hunger tomorrow at 6:30 pm in the Broadway Presbyterian Church (601 West 114th).

Overheard: “Bee-wog”

Health goth tip: Uh, eat veggies?

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Happening in the world: Yesterday, the U.S. dropped one of the most powerful bombs in its arsenal on a tunnel complex in Afghanistan. The number of casualties — both militant and civilian — remains unknown. (New York Times)

Happening in the B(ig)ap(ple): It has recently been announced that on Earth Day, April 22, a large chunk of Broadway (from Union to Times Square) and other streets will be blocked off from cars. (Gothamist)

Happening on campus: Beginning 1 pm in Low Plaza, EcoReps will be holding Greenfest to celebrate the environmental groups and initiatives on campus. There will be performances and free shit.

Overseen: See featured picture — a notice sent a week after elevator repairs began.

Impromptu meal of the day: Instant oatmeal with either peanut butter or protein powder mixed in it.

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Me trying to pull a Chris Christie from my flesh prison

Happening in the world: In Lucknow, India, a 10 to 12-year old girl was found living with a band of monkeys. The police are still trying to identify the girl and her parents. (Boston Globe)

Happening in B.A. (Big Apple): Chris Christie, infamous NJ governor, can run, but he can’t hide. Taking a brief excursion after the slight derailment of a New Jersey Transit train on Monday, Chris Christie was called the f*** out by many riders pissed off from missing hours of work and wages. (New York Times)

Happening on campus: Check out RACE | VIOLENCE | JUSTICE: THE NEED FOR NARRATIVE, A Basic Narrative Medicine Workshop, which is happening all day in the Hammer Health Sciences Center.

Overheard: “Why do you have a lighter?” “I like incense.”

Health goth tip of the day: Wearing sunscreen on your face decreases the risk of skin cancer, reduces blotchiness, and slows down aging. Try it!

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Me arriving at the function to deny scientific research like Scotty

Happening in the world: Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, rejected the recommendation of researchers (from this here university, by the way) to ban a harmful insecticide from farms. (NPR)

Happening in Nick(???): Just north of the Bronx in New Rochelle, every school nurse has the usual fare — EpiPens and Tylenol — but recently, they’ve come to stock up on nalaxone, an antidote for those overdosing on heroin and other opioids. (New York Times)

Happening on campus: The Columbia Space Initiative and CU Blueshift will be hosting two space-related exhibitions. Arts and Astro will be held in the Lerner Broadway Room from 4 to 7 pm and will feature artwork and space research; Spaceposium will be held in Lerner 555 from 3 to 5 pm and will feature technical space projects and hardware.

Overheard: “There’s no essence, it’s just a bunch of turtles below” (referring, of course, to Sartre).

Health goth tip: Need to exercise but short on time? Try high intensity interval training (known as HIIT). In HIIT, you would perform a certain workout at around 80% your maximum heart rate for a short period of time, followed by a resting interval. The ratio of work to rest will vary, as well as the duration of the workout interval; personally, I do 20-second workout intervals followed by 10-second rest intervals. A HIIT workout in all would amount, for me, to about 15-20 minutes.

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Sir Richard Branson on his final Virgin Airlines flight

Happening in the world: Alaska Airlines has recently announced that the Virgin America airlines will be retired by around 2019. (Gizmodo)

Happening in the B’Appz: Yesterday afternoon, a judge ruled in favor of challenging a proposal to create Diller Island, a performance arts center on a new “undulating” Pier 55 along the Hudson River, due to the potential threats to fish and wildlife resources. (New York Times)

Happening on campus: At Low Plaza, the Columbia Japan Society will hold Matsuri 2017, their annual Japanese Spring Festival, from 4 to 8 pm. Admission is free, but bring money for food and gifts.

Overheard: “El Ferris. No, la Ferris. Ferris is a woman. John Jay is male. JJ’s is a gay bar.”

Shitty horoscope of the day: It’s Aries szn. I have nothing left to stay about this.

The Birth of the Virgin, from The Life of the Virgin by Albrecht Dürer via the Met



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You define your own truth.

Happening in the world: It has recently been discovered by the All-Knowing that Neanderthals may have used plants to treat pain long before the advent of pills. (CNN)

Happening in the Granny Smith: Declines in federal funding to NYC for programs that assist the city’s poorest are beginning to show. Two city agencies that provide subsidized housing predict a total of $58 million in losses by the end of the year. (The New York Times)

Happening on campus: Well, it’s probably going to snow. Storm Reggie, who seems like a delightful person, is coming to town. Stay warm and donate blankets or money to shelters if you can. (

Overheard: See inset picture. a Bwogger’s LitHum class put up a fake sign reserving space in Hartley.

Health goth tip: Neither macronutrient is more harmful or beneficial than the others; you need a balance of all three — carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. There are several macronutrient calculators around the calculate your needs based on height, weight, and amount of physical activity.

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Is this brutalism or am I just being an idiot again

Once upon a time, the Glicker-Milstein Theatre was just a nice old theatre living the rest of its retired life in peace and service. However, that has all come to change — the Glicker-Milstein’s position in the landed gentry is now challenged. Barnard has announced that their new learning center will be named The Cheryl and Philip Milstein Teaching and Learning Center, in honor of alumni/a Trustee/a Trustee emeritus. It is becoming ever clearer that only one Milstein can live. Who will it be?

The Cheryl and Philip Milstein Teaching and Learning Center: Named after Board of Trustees vice chair and alumna Cheryl Glicker Milstein BC ’82 and trustee emeritus and alumna Philip Milstein ’71, this so-called Center has a lot to live up to. Not to mention it’s not just a Center, it’s the Center.
Glicker-Milstein Theatre: I was just about to say that I have no idea where the name Glicker-Milstein came from (and I can’t find it on Google), but now that I think of it, it came from Cheryl. Or both Philip and Cheryl. In other words, the theatre is probably named after the same people the Center is named after. Not sure where I was going with this.

Winner: Glicker-Milstein Theatre because it is more fun to type.

The TLC tries to make a comeback with a jab, cross, jab, uppercut combination after the jump



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When it is neither quite reality nor digital

Happening in the world: After an agreement to share power with the U.K. did not go through in January, Northern Irelanders voted yesterday to elect a new 90-seat assembly. However, this move may not be enough to fend off U.K. direct rule. (Bloomberg)
Happening in the Big Appz: The 23rd Armory Show features a work that uses Microsoft’s HoloLens to “merge the virtual and physical worlds in order to create something real, yet digital” (I mean, no shit!). You can view the work from March 2-5 at Piers 92 & 94 in Manhattan. (Fortune)
Happening on campus: Tomorrow from 7 to 9 pm at Barnard, the Black History Month Committee of CU will be hosting a panel of professional Black women called BlackGirlMagic and will also provide a networking hour and free giveaways.
Overheard: “Now, this is something Joan Miró gave me when I interviewed him.”
Shitty horoscope of the day Today, ingenious Uranus faces off with growth-oriented Jupiter. While new ideas might seem contrary to your well-being, get some goddamn sleep. This also applies whether or not Uranus is facing off Jupiter.

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Me looking at these new extraterrestrials.

Happening in the world: Scientists (I mean it would be weird if clowns did this. Actually, would it?) have recently discovered a solar system they’ve named TRAPPIST-1. It’s eerily similar to ours, with seven planets close to Earth in size and at least three of those planets in the habitable zone, or the zone where liquid water could form. (

Happening in the Big Appz: The cost for the NYPD to protect Trump and his family in New York since Inauguration Day has turned out to be significantly less than what the NYPD previously anticipated — $24 million as compared to the estimated $35 million. Thank goodness, right? (New York Times)

Happening on campus: Tonight at 7 pm CU Generation will be performing its first ever Showcase in the Black Box Theatre.

Overheard: “Now, the reason they gave for giving him second place was that he wasn’t French. But the winner wasn’t French either. He was Swiss.”

Health goth tip of the week: High glycemic foods such as pretzels, saltine crackers, and instant oatmeal can lead to intense spikes in blood sugar and the release of insulin, which facilitates the storage of blood sugar in fat cells. If you want to lose fat, try looking into low glycemic foods instead. However, do note that just because something has a low glycemic index doesn’t mean it’s healthy; the value of a food depends on a variety of other factors, such as how processed the food is or how many nutrients it contains.

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Not the same price as Prezbo’s mansion, thank God

As Barack Obama once said, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” After receiving concerns about current housing costs for upperclassmen, Columbia Housing has decided all upper-class housing will cost $9,292; furthermore, financial aid recipients will receive aid based on that standard housing cost and a meal plan of $4,352. For students with the most financial need, Columbia Housing and Dining are working on a dining option that will provide more meals for these students without additional cost.

E-mails from important higher-ups under the cut



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Where art thou?

Scanning my surroundings and the infinite expanse of the plain beyond me, I wonder — where is the date for Bacchanal? Where have you gone? What have you been up to? Where will you be? I peer through the fogs of ignorance and doubt and see it! — the Battle of the Bands event page, where a date is mentioned: April 8, 2017. While we await the release of the title of the show and perhaps a crewneck, Bacchanal will host Battle of the Bands tomorrow in the Lerner Party Space from 8 to 11 pm; the student bands competing to open this year’s Bacchanal will be Coldman, Sunspeaker, Gold Medal, Mezclas, THOU SHALT NOT/Party of 2, Party Tricks, and Deluxe.

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When he coughs on you

Happening in the world: Yesterday, a suicide bomber killed at least 70 people at a Sufi shrine and wounded more than 250. (The New York Times)
Happening in NYC: On Etsy, someone is selling a good ol’ (literally ol’) subway sign that says “Times Square” for $150,000. (Gothamist)
Happening on campus: Starting at 7:30 pm in Wien Hall, CU Swing Dance will provide a free beginners’ swing lesson; afterward, the CU Swing Performance Troupe, the CU Big Band, and DJ Courtney Dennis will perform.
Overheard: *coughs* “Oh, I still have my cold.”
Shitty horoscope of the day: As the emotional moon enters sexual Scorpio and the 8th house of regeneration today, eat a grapefruit or something.


The Gypsy Agustina: a Drawing Dedicated to “Señora de Kerrigan” by Ignacio Zuloaga via the Met



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Walkway, well-salted.

Walkway, well-salted.

When I woke up on the morn of February 9, I was unsure of what corner of the nether regions I had entered. Snow traveled not only downward but upward, leftward, rightward. But hark! Even then, the paths were cleared and salted well. Against the cold winds, some brave soul heaved their whole self into a machine that churned away at the thick snow; another mowed down College Walk atop their salt dispensing vehicle. These are the campus snow removal crews that began their arduous work “as soon as the snowfall [began].” While we threw snowballs, created igloos to lower housing costs, and created sculptures greater than/equal to/less than Henry Moore’s Reclining Figure, you were always there, “mobilized and prepared,” even as the skies promised another downpour of hellish snow. Thank you.



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Me: sodden, wet, and tried.

Happening in the world: Unanimously, the three-judge federal appeals panel for the Ninth Circuit rejected Trump’s proposal to ban travel from seven predominantly Muslim nations. (The New York Times)

Happening in NYC: Despite the world, fashion carries on — yesterday the eight-day fabulous and monstrous event of New York Fashion Week began. (ABC 7)

Happening on campus: On this 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, various speakers of the political kind will reflect on the good ol’ Treaty of Rome and think about the future of the European Union. The event takes place at the Columbia Maison Française from 1 to 3:30 pm; RSVP is required.

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Support your local bodegas by buying chopped cheese here and not Whole Foods.

Buy chopped cheese here, not Whole Foods.

Happening in the world: Senate Republicans, by quorum, suspended committee rules to push forward the Trump Administration nominee for leader of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt. This comes despite protests from the Democrats. (Washington Post)

Happening in NYC: Yesterday at around noon, a little over a thousand Yemeni-American businesses (including bodegas and grocers) went on an unprecedented strike in protest of Trump’s recent executive order banning immigration from seven nations, including Yemen. (Grub Street)

Happening on campus: At 8pm, there will be a stand-up show called SSO-LOL at EC 1008. The show promises a reprieve from “the western mode of thinking,” but, more seriously, it will raise funds for ACLU.

Overheard: “What do you think about the relation between Cubism and Einstein’s theory of relativity?” “Now, that is just pretentious.”

Relevant out-of-context Spongebob image macro

for the boys

For the boys

Four Bodegas via GrubStreet

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