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Bwideo is back and better than ever! While our last installment was focused on the student population, we decided in this video to turn to Bwog writers by having them read the mean comments viewers have left on their articles. If you want to contribute to Bwideo in the future, please email us at with your name and skills, or come to one of our general body meetings at 9 PM in Lerner 510!

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Let’s talk about love!

I don’t know why, but this weekend was a love-filled drama for Bwog Staffers. Maybe it stemmed from the post-Valentine’s Day hype/blues, but nonetheless, Bwog Staffers experienced love, along with other things, in its totality. Anyways, here is a collection of this weekend’s stories, which you can be apart of as well! Send your own stories and weekend adventures to and we will add it to this list or put it on next week’s post!

Bwog in the City:

  • Went to Brooklyn to play Catan and eat vegetarian tacos.
  • Went upstate to hang out with my best friends. Played hide and go seek for an hour in her dorm.
  • Had enjoyable and childish fun that made this weekend feel like a dream! Was snapped back into reality when a random guy with a long red beard got a little too close to me on the bus.
  • Interpreted a stranger’s dream at Hungarian.
  • Met up with a friend from high school in Chicago, smoked in Grant Park, and laughed at the bean statue thing for forty minutes.
  • Went to Boston to visit my best friend!!!!
  • Ate two whole edibles at a concert. Felt like the entire world was inside out.
  • Went to three different graveyards.
  • Went to Chinatown to celebrate Lunar New Year with friends over Chinese food and bubble tea.
  • Ubered from 113th to 116th to avoid walking in the snow.
  • Saw Rico Nasty perform.
  • Went to a gay bar for the first time!
  • Went to Lush <3

More stories here.



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The woman of the hour, probably not singing the national anthem.

Happening Around The World: Another plane has unfortunately crashed, marking the second commercial incident in the past week. Aseman Airlines Flight 3704 crashed an hour into the journey heading from Tehran to Yasuj. (BBC)

Happening In The Nation: While the NBA All-Star game was happening (I don’t know anything about sports nor will I attempt to try to analyze it), Fergie performed the national anthem in a… weird manner that I can’t analyze. Take a look at it yourselves. (Sacramento Bee)

Happening In The City: A Harlem resident passed away yesterday after falling out of her apartment. Quanneisha Baskerville, age 30, was a mother of three and lived on the fifth floor of an apartment on Lenox Avenue at the time of her death. (NY Times)

Happening On Campus: Interested in human rights? Want to know more about the field and its workers? ISHR will be hosting an event entitled “Careers in Human Rights: Insights from the Field” in 707 IAB from 5:00-6:30 PM! More information can be found here.

Overheard On Campus: “That’s definitely the guy” – two random dudes pointing at me in Butler 11 stacks. I still don’t know what they were talking about. I don’t even know them.

Fergalicious via Creative Commons



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img February 12, 20187:05 pmimg 1 Comments

THE legend herself.

Bwog is back and better than ever from a long, crazy weekend. From celebrity meetups to scaring poor tourists away, here is a collection of the highlights of our Staff writers’ weekends. If you have any stories you would like to contribute, email us at and we will add it to this week’s edition!

Bwog and Food/Drink:

  • Talked shit over vodka sodas with a friend like i was on Sex and the City.
  • Ate a Stews meatball after it had fallen on the floor of an Academy bus (I think).
  • Spent approx. 1/6th of my current remaining money on a dozen Absolute bagels.
  • Pregamed the Olympic Opening Ceremony at an event called “Miracle on Smirnoff Ice.” Took a shot every time the NBC commentators made some dumb comment about nature and man being in harmony. Subsequently got wasted.
  • Had a bomb smores reeses cake at an otherwise terribly-mediocre rowing party.
  • Fought management at Carmine’s for a table.
  • Ate fancy bread pudding with jalapeño ice cream.
  • Got very drunk very quickly with my roommate. Ended up leaving Mel’s at 1 in a cab and we caused a scene in front of Appletree because I was screaming because my friend was trying to run back to Mel’s.
  • Drank Smirnoff Ice and listened to early 2000’s music whilst watching my friends fill out the Datamatch survey.
  • Got stoned and called a spa in the UWS that I frequent to ask them what their spaghetti policy is. Laughed harder than I should have for longer than I should have.

More stories found here.



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You could be doing this in no time!

DevFest, Columbia’s version of a Hackathon, is back and better than ever. For the next week, events will be happening all over campus dedicated to computer science, programming, and coding – no experience required! Starting today, introduction workshops will be held for those interested in coding but do not have any previous knowledge on the subject. On top of all of these programs, there will be lots of free food, including boba, Chapati house, and cookies! At the end of the week, people will have the opportunity to present their ideas and programming they have made in the past week for a chance to win the grand prize of $1,500!

Don’t miss out on the amazing events planned out for Columbia students throughout the next week. For more information on the events being held, you can find the list of scheduled programs here.

Happy hacking!

I’ve never programmed before via Flickr Creative Commons



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They’re really pressed over Bwog’s reviews and commentary!

Happening Around The World: Saratov Airlines flight 703 crashed after takeoff during a routine flight from Moscow to Orsk, killing everyone (71 individuals) on board. Investigators are looking into the potential cause for the crash of the commercial plane, which is proving to be difficult due to the widespread range of debris fall. (Russia Today)

Happening In The US: Eric T. Schneiderman, the attorney general for the State of New York filed a lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein and his brother as a result of the “human right violations” the corporation has performed against women and other individuals. Weinstein has come under spotlight over the past few months after numerous women have accused him of sexual assault, triggering a negative outcry against him. Trying to keep his corporation alive during these times, Weinstein attempted to commit a sale worth millions that would help, but this court case will delay these attempts. (NY Times)

Happening In The City: A fourth child has unfortunately passed away from the flu last night. The 5-year old girl, hailing from Brownsville, Brooklyn, was diagnosed with the flu Friday night, with her symptoms worsening until her passing. This comes during a bad flu season, with over 60 kids having died compared to around 20 this same time last year. (CBS)

Happening On Campus: Today continues Columbia’s Community Service coat drive, which lasts until April 30th! If you have a used coat that you’re not wearing anymore or want to donate one of your extras, show up to 304 Earl Hall today to drop it off and help a local family in need! More information regarding the drive can be found here.

Overseen On Campus: Harvard’s Jester gets mad at Bwog for dragging their service DataMatch (see photo above).

Salty competition via Bwog Website



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Ahhh, a slice of pizza the size of your whole body from Koronet’s always does the trick.

Though the semester is finally starting to kick in with the workload and assignments due, Bwog Staffers still made sure to take some time out of their busy lives and enjoy their weekends. Luckily, we compiled the best of their stories from the past few days and have a nice list for your enjoyment.

Bwog and the City:

  • Met a detective and my Law and Order dreams came true.
  • Went home just to see my dog and steal some avocados.
  • Lost all sensation in my left hand for 16 hours after canvassing in Queens when it was ten degrees Fahrenheit outside.
  • Spent over two hours at bluestockings looking at books before ultimately deciding not to buy anything.
  • Figured out how to program “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” at a Korean karaoke place, then proceeded to absolutely fail at singing it because the lyrics were all in Japanese.
  • Helped my angry drunk friend home after finding her in Roti Roll thanks to Find my Friends, even though she’d texted me that she was “in an uber home.”
  • Went to a virtual reality concert. Met a cute boy who made fun of my Jack Wills parka.
  • Slipped on ice whilst drunk and entered John Jay lobby with a bleeding wound on my leg.
  • Went to Yale for a program training. Surprised myself by actually being happy to see the Columbia gates for once.

Super Bowl stories after the jump.



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Someone please collect their tampon.

Happening Around the World: Amidst threats from outside countries and organizations of a terrorist attack or an affiliated plan, South Korea has been practicing drills in Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics, which open this Thursday. Over 36,000 foreigners have already been banned from the event in lieu of safety concerns. (CBS)

Happening in the US: The 52nd Super Bowl occurred last night, with the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles fighting it out for NFL’s most esteemed title. The Eagles ended up claiming the title, beating the Patriots in a close game 41-33. This year’s performer at the Halftime Show was Justin Timberlake, whose performance was controversial over the usage of a Prince hologram after Prince explicitly stated he would not want one done of him. (CBS)

Happening in the City: A man drove to City Hall and shot himself in the head early this morning. Around 7:30 AM, police were called to City Hall after reports of a man driving his car up to the eastern gate of the building and got out of his car to shoot himself in the head. Police are conducting an investigation as to the intentions of this act, and have the area surrounding City Hall under more surveillance. (NBC)

Happening on Campus: Interested in political science and psychology? This event may be for you. Professor David Nickerson will be hosting a talk called “Director of Experiments: The Science Behind Democracy and Political Campaigns” today from 1:00-2:00 PM in Room 1512 of the International Affairs building. This discussion will focus on the usage of data analysis in politics, as well as his experience providing data analysis for the Obama and Clinton presidential campaigns. More about the event here.

Overseen on Campus: A tampon laying about on the ground. Is it enjoying its life? Or is it in pain, enduring the cold, waiting for its owner to pick it up from the ground?

 Gotta catch it all via Bwog Staffer



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Unrelated photo but happy belated birthday to our EIC Betsy!

Every so often, one weekend will be so wild and eventful that every Bwog Staffer is teeming with stories and highlights of their weekend. Lucky for you, this was one of them. Whether it was due to the open frat parties because of rushing or just the desire to rebel two weeks into the semester, here is the synopsis of Bwog’s weekend adventures.

Bwog in the City:

  • Was driving with my grandfather in the country and he hit a deer and subsequently had to carry it out of the street with his bare hands while wearing a suit. I’m still having Bambi themed nightmares.
  • Went to the sauna for the first time.
  • Spent my Saturday night (6:30pm to 3:30am) at the Brooklyn Public Library for the night of philosophy.
  • Went to Times Square at midnight to meet my roommate so we could watch “The Shape of the Water.” Realized there were no theaters showing it then and we ended up walking around downtown until 3 AM.
  • Traveled to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
  • Saw Phantom Thread and sat in the theater for 10 minutes after it ended, contemplating my life.
  • Also saw Phantom Thread (again) and also spent a solid ten minutes sitting in the theater after the credits stopped rolling trying to make sense of love/life/all that jazz.
  • Went to an event at which Chuck Shumer was speaking to take notes for my internship but fell asleep three-quarters of the way through his speech.
  • Went to a bizarre little club in the basement of a Chinatown hotel.

Bwog and Food:

  • Babysat in a super crazy bougie penthouse on the UWS and stole a bunch of their San Pellegrino.
  • Got brunch with my childhood best friend after not having seen her for years!!!
  • Discovered that my friend’s mini-fridge literally contains nothing but bottles upon bottles of Coca-cola mixed with whiskey.
  • Ate an entire box of Eggo waffles in the span of 40 hours.

Read more wild stories here.



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img January 29, 20189:26 amimg 1 Comments

The Grammy’s are back in NYC!

Happening in the World: Protests have been occurring across Russia after opposition candidate Alexei Navalny was arrested for protesting the results of an election that occurred on March 18th of last year. This was a result of Putin’s attempt to reclaim his title during a fourth six-year election term. Over 100 cities in Russia protested against the action of removing Navalny from being a candidate for the next election cycle. (NPR)

Happening in the US: Former US Representative Corrine Brown is reporting to prison today to complete a 5-year federal prison sentence after being convicted of fraud while serving as a Congresswoman. She will be serving her time at a minimum-level prison in Central Florida, and her arrival is expected to receive massive media attention. Brown served in the House of Representatives from 1993 to 2017. (Orlando Sentinel)

Happening in NYC: The Grammy’s were held last night at Madison Square Garden, the first time in many years since the awards show moved to Los Angeles. The big winner of the night was Bruno Mars, who won Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year for “24K Magic” and “That’s What I Like” off of 24K Magic. Performances included Kesha, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, and SZA. (NPR)

Happening on Campus: Cardinal Péter Erdö of Esztergom-Budapest, Primate of Hungary will be delivering a speech for the 40th Annual Bampton Lectures, a series of speeches from individuals prominent in the fields of technology, medicine, art, and the sciences. Erdö will be giving a speech entitled “The Role of Religion and the Churches in a Secular State.” This event will occur from 5:30-6:30 PM in Low Memorial Library. More information regarding the event can be found here.

Overheard on Campus: “I found a girl that’s my type. Well, not my type but the type that’s into me

Random Fact: Did you know that over 18,000 Amish people live in the state of New York? Why do so many of them live here?

Song of the Week: I will be bumping SZA’s album all week after it was snubbed from all Grammy nominations last night (RIP).

Subway sign that has a watermark on it via Shutterstock



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*Alicia Keys voice* This bitch is on fire!!

We’ve all been there. You’re peacefully sleeping on a Saturday morning when suddenly, the sonic pits of hell are opened as the fire alarm lining your hallway rings off. Hesitant at first, you contemplate staying in bed and waiting it out yet decide to head downstairs just in case. As you come outside, all of your hall (in theory) is there, a sudden halt  from their activities.

Here is a fun game to play when your tired ass has to sit around with hundreds of other people you probably rarely see in the first place. The objective is simple – every time you see this person being described, add the number of points associated with them. Find the grand total, and look at the distribution at the bottom to see how you did!


The people that probably pushed the alarm in the first place. You can immediately tell they’re drunk/high by their demeanor – while everyone is tired and angry over the alarm, they’re fucking laughing. This is more of a free card then anything – add (1) point for every drunk/high person you see during this drill on a Friday or Saturday, but add (4) points for every person on a school night.



You’ve seen this person, because they have to let everyone within a 20-foot radius of them know that they were showering when the alarm went off. Often touting a bathrobe or a towel, make sure to avoid their presence unless you want to hear about how they still have shampoo in their hair for 15 mins. Add (3) points for every person who is dripping water onto the floor and screaming to the world about the injustice of the shower being cut short.

More fire drill figures after the jump



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Maybe it’s because of the new semester or all of the fraternities that are hosting rush events, but last weekend was one for the books for Bwog Staffers. From endless hookups to weird encounters at 1020, here are the best moments from our weekends.

If you know, you know.

Bwog and Hooking Up:

  • Got laid, then went to Tom’s with him the next morning for post-sexual encounter brunch.
  • Left my Twitter handle and a plea for cute gay girls to message me on a “try our markers” board at a Muji store.  (Fruitless so far.)
  • Got dumped, got laid. In that order.
  • Hooked up with a guy that I have been loving to hate all semester. Was so drunk that I ended up kissing his nose at the end and I have yet to come to terms with that.
  • Stayed overnight with a guy and accurately diagnosed him with sleep apnea the morning after (he’s getting a mouth guard).
  • Got laid and stole his Thrasher shirt.

Bwog in the City:

  • Went to Roti Roll three separate times. Realized there’s an inner door connecting Roti Roll and Suite, the gay bar next door. While I was ordering, the drag queen walked through the door and grabbed some napkins from Roti Roll’s counter.
  • Lost my phone, then had to spend all of Sunday watching on Find my iPhone as the guy who had it walked from Schapiro to Lerner and back like four times.
  • Scheduled my first interview for an internship.
  • Went to Junzi Late Night for the first time and got the tequila mango juicebox cocktail. Realized that I hated tequila.
  • Went to an arcade in Chinatown with my boyfriend.
  • Got lost in brooklyn & was mortified by the degree of gentrification.
  • My girlfriend got hit on by a guy at Mel’s who used the opening line: “What do you know about cryptocurrency?” He then pulled up a chair and gave us a 30 min overview. Apparently Ripple is gonna get big soon, so invest now.

Bwog at Frats:

  • Got asked by a frat guy at a party, “You definitely go to therapy, right?”
  • Was called a frat loyalist, rebelled and crashed a KDR get together.
  • Got really crossed at a Beta party, where I proceeded to sign up for information on the frat by accident.
  • Smoked hookah for the first time and got so sick I threw up in my friend’s bed.

Bwog Doing Other Things:

  • Ate pizza with my best friend who goes to school in Boston and who shares my same name.
  • Learned how to use a bong via analogies relating to various band instruments.
  • Was named “best at eating someone out” in a game of Paranoia.
  • Woke up to my roommate being on acid.
  • Got so drunk that I did parkour on Philosophy Hall and then dove into a bush.
  • Ran away from friends in the effort to get to JJ’s. Was nearly run over by incoming traffic.
  • Carted my friend to her dorm in a blue bin when she became immobile in Hamilton; it turned out she had a sprained ankle.

“Who do you know here?” via Recycled Image



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Don’t see this a lot? We got you covered.

Here we are, Bwoggers: with the new semester starting, many may have forgotten that in just three weeks, Valentine’s Day will be rolling around, reminding you of your perpetual loneliness or causing you to question what may have happened if you cuffed the person you hooked up with at Beta. While we cannot help with post-hook up advice, we can help you get back on the right track.

Tired of spending time on Tinder, Bumble, or Grindr trying to find the person of your dreams only to be ghosted or worse? Can’t seem to pull off a relationship from online sites? Need help getting yourself out there? Bwog is here for you! Introducing Bwinder: the not-so-new service that may help you find your new boo. All you have to do is submit an email to answering the questions below and submitting one picture of yourself (reminder – we at Bwog are not your boo, please do not send nudes)! If you do this by Friday, February 9th and are patient, you may just see yourself on the website during the week of Valentine’s Day. Bwog is ready to help you, so help us by submitting your information as soon as possible!

The Questions:

Name, Year, School, Major (grad students encouraged)
Preference (girl for girl, etc)
Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer
What redeems you as a human being?
Library room of choice
Beverage of choice
Which dating apps have you been active on? (be honest)
Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night?
Historical Hottie


Personals are due Friday, February 9th, to by 11:59 PM EST.

A nightmare of an app via Tinder



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United States Capitol west front edit2.jpg

The building where it happens.

Happening Around The World: Amidst threats of nuclear missile attacks from North Korea, Japan has conducted their first major missile evacuation drill to prepare themselves for an event that may happen in the future. This has prompted mixed reactions from the Japanese public, as some view the drill as being beneficial to the safety of the Japanese public while others feel that these types of drills monger fear. (Japan Times)

Happening in the Country: After conflicts over programs such as DACA, a program that provides rights and protection for undocumented youth, the Senate will reconvene today to vote on opening up the government for talks. Since the end of last week, the government has been shut down, halting services such as national parks and legislative processes. (CNN)

Happening in NYC: Around 4:45 PM yesterday, a shooting occurred at Herald Square, between 32nd Street and Broadway. Three men, including a tourist from Romania, were shot by a gun-wielding 45-year old man, prompting them to be sent to the hospital. Everyone is expected to have a full recovery. (CBS)

Happening on Campus: World-renowned physician Dr. Nadine Burke Harris will be on campus today for a book signing and panel discussion of her new work, The Deepest Well, as well as talk about issues regarding child adversity. This will be held at the Italian Academy from 3:00-5:30 PM. (Information can be found here)

Overheard on Campus: “The next time we go to EC, I want to get so wasted that we steal all of the tarp from the grass so we can give the people what they want” – JJ’s, 1/21/18

Big white building that is not the White House via Public Domain



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Max Soha: the best restaurant in MoHi?

Think we would stop going out and doing messy shit with our lives right before finals? You thought wrong. Compiled is the list of things we did, yet again, this weekend. Enjoy.

Bwog in the City:

  • Went to a ‘gay art show’ (not my words) in Gowanus. Watched probably the worst dancing I’ve ever seen that’s supposed to be artistic.
  • Ripped my boyfriend’s brother’s bong in Ridgewood, Queens.
  • Went out to three brunches in three different walk-of-shame outfits (all of which looked even better the next day IMO).
  • Confirmed Max Soha is the best restaurant in Morningside Heights.
  • Added a full hour to my commute home from my internship through a combination of the 2 train fucking up and my own stupidity.
  • Pissed in a bathroom in which I could see myself from three different mirrors, including the ceiling.
  • The 1 train wasn’t going to come for 19 minutes so I walked.

Bwog and Food:

  • Went to Junzi kitchen for the first time in months bc I wanted pasta so bad and it’s the only fast pasta place I could think of.
  • My friends and I agreed to let a man on the street buy us a slice of pizza and photograph us eating it for a school project.
  • Got kicked out of H-Mart for filming my Korean project there, but had really good bibimbap in Koreatown.
  • Ate at a bougie restaurant with my family to celebrate my sisters’ birthday!
  • Went to EC sober for the first time (thanks again Rachel for the sign in :)). Watched my friends get sweaty and laughed as they gagged when drinking straight from a bottle of Bacardi. (does this make me sadistic lol)
  • Ate 5 Eggo waffles in one night.
  • Ate multiple over a week old stale Krispy Kreme donuts in bed.
  • Went a whole day only eating chocolate and a bagel.
  • Decorated chocolate with 5 year olds.
  • Went to a nice dinner with my dad high. Felt guilty about it.

More wholesome and not so wholesome content here.

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