Overseen: Tips For Your Tip (Brought To You By Your RA)

As if you didn’t already think sexual thoughts about your RA…just know that they’re thinking sexual thoughts about you–or, at least, about your sexual and mental well-being. This bulletin board was spotted on Schapiro 14 (the top floor–or the penthouse *insert winking emoji*).

Maybe we should have included this in our housing review…

Housing Reviews 2015: 600 West 113th Street (Nussbaum)

It’s that time of the year again: spring everlasting winter! And that can mean only one thing—the annual installment of Bwog’s housing reviews.  Today, we bring you the deets on one of New York’s hottest clubs above a bagel place: Nussbaum.

Location: 600 West 113th Street (colloquially known as Nussbaum)

  • Nearby dorms: McBain and Watt; kind of Hogan and Broadway (1 block away)
  • Stores and restaurants: Nussbaum & Wu, Mill, Milano, Community, Dig Inn, Amigos… Basically every restaurant in MoHi is just across the street. Say goodbye to your meal plan.


  • $8,522/year (same as Harmony, River, and Wallach)


  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms vary substantially by floor and suite, so we suggest checking out the actual locations before picking. Typically there are three bathrooms per suite, with one of the bathrooms being private (i.e. connected to one of the rooms). Housing’s floor plans are up-to-date, so check bathroom availability there. In general, it’s a 3 or 4:1 student to bathroom ratio.
  • AC/Heating: There is definitely heating, no AC. (Rooms on the Broadway side tend to run hot, while rooms on the west are colder).
  • Kitchen/Lounge: Some halls have their own kitchens, others share them with the adjacent hall. Kitchens vary in size depending on the floor and hall, but all have refrigerators, ample shelf space for all residents, a stove, and a sink. All kitchens were remodeled two years ago. Not all suites have lounges.
  • Laundry: The laundry facilities are located in the basement which can only be reached by the elevator. Nussbaum charges the highest laundry prices on campus at $1.75 per washer or dryer. Also you have to put money (cash only) on a card to use them. But if you are lucky, you can see the super cute Nussbaum laundry cat!
  • Computers/Printers: One printer in the lobby, which functions approximately never.
  • Gym: There’s no gym in Nussbaum, but the stairs provide more than enough exercise.
  • Intra-transportation: Two elevators and a stairwell. The elevators are relatively slow, but they only fill up right before a 10:10 class. The doors close really quickly.
  • Wi-Fi:  Wi-Fi and ethernet.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: All floors are hardwood.
  • Facilities: Nussbaum has Columbia and non-Columbia residents, so it has its own maintenance crew. They clean the bathrooms and kitchen once a week (but not private bathrooms, like ever). If you have a problem you can call the superintendent, and it usually will be resolved that day.

Room variety:

  • Doubles: 68 rooms, from a cozy/Harry Potter-esque 154 sq. feet to 210 sq. feet. Walk-through doubles are around 260 sq. feet, but don’t really feel that big.
  • Singles:  49 fairly large rooms, from 124 sq. feet to 160 sq. feet.
  • Windows vary by room location. Read the floorplans to determine the number in your room.


  • Freshmen who are aiming for a double don’t need to stress; last year’s final one went to 10/2812. Don’t hold out for the walk-through double though; last one went to 10/1204.
  • Sophomores looking for a single should likely be fine as well; last year’s last single went to 20/2799.

But what does Bwog say???

LectureHop: Decoding The Soviet Press
he stares into your soul

Professor Tom Kent

Bwog’s Sports Editor and amateur Russian Ross Chapman hit up Professor Thomas Kent’s lecture at the Harriman Institute’s 12th floor offices in the International Affairs Building yesterday morning to hear the reporter and Russian scholar present “Decoding the Soviet Press.” As it turns out, the newspapers and radio of the time were way more that “just propoaganda.”

While some people just stumbled into 1219 IAB for the six trays of free Indian food at lunchtime, the room was pretty packed regardless to listen to the usual round of Monday lectures. Tom Kent is an adjunct professor at the School of Journalism and holds a number of posts with the Associated Press. He showed up today to talk about his specialty in Soviet media, which he credits to his six years as an AP correspondent in Moscow. Professor Kent wanted to debunk the idea that the Soviet press was all propaganda. “Once you get past the turgid writing” of the official sources, he said, there’s a lot to be found that exposes day-to-day and political issues in the Soviet Union.

The structuring of the Soviet press varied as the leaders did. Lenin considered himself a journalist and saw no problem with being simultaneously in charge of the government and the media. He said that the Soviet press “is a collective organizer of the country,” as it all espoused certain thoughts and worked towards certain goals. Contrarily, he referred to western media as “the depot of ideas,” a useless warehouse where ideas were stashed without purpose.  In this era, the press was, as Kent called it, “a guardian and cheerleader” for the ideals of the country. But once Stalin took over, everything became stricter. There was a mood of fear among editors, and one piece that could be construed as anti-Soviet could have untold consequences. This continued until Khrushchev took over and “the Thaw” began in 1956, but returned with Brezhnev in 1964. This was a “stolid, gray period” for the Soviet media, where it felt like everything was “just getting by.”

Now, the media largely served two purposes. It informed and propagandized the public while also serving as a means of intraparty communication. A popular means of propaganda was presenting failure as something good. Professor Kent used the example of “Fish Day,” a new once-a-week plan from leading Soviet doctors to feed everyone fish for medical benefits. Of course, the real reason was that the country was having well-documented meat shortages. The newspapers also pulled quotes from even the smallest tabloids in foreign countries to create whatever international appearance they wanted, such as unity in support of Brezhnev. Actual problems would be relegated to the back pages, but Kent didn’t think everything that deserves the front page in America would fit in the USSR. A plane crash, for instance, “in Soviet proportions,” is nothing compared to the still recent losses of war, and most people in the country didn’t always want to hear about crises. Of course we’ll see some media practice as confusing or wrong if we view it from 40 years and 5,000 miles away.

“The Truth about Untruth” after the jump

Bwoglines: Links For You To Click On Edition
Internet art ;)

Internet art ;)

Have you watched Tina Fey’s latest show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? This article looks at the show through the lense of Kimmy’s experience as an implied rape survivor. (New Yorker)

Yo, smokers outside of Butler, quit while you still (maybe) can! Look at these scary effects of smoking while pregnant. (Huffington Post)

Don’t know who Ted Cruz is or don’t know what his policies are like? The Onion has got you covered.

Have you seen Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk? (We think you should watch it.) In her talk, she refers to the numerous rap songs that mention her, and here is the list of all of them. (New York Mag)

So alternative via Shutterstock

Housing Reviews 2015: Woodbridge

It’s that time of the year again: spring everlasting winter! And that can mean only one thing—the annual installment of Bwog’s housing reviews.  Today, we bring you the deets on one of New York’s hottest clubs along Riverside Park: Woodbridge.

Location: 431 Riverside Drive (115th and Riverside)

  • Nearby dorms: Schapiro
  • Stores and restaurants: MoWi, M2M, Vine, Ollie’s, 115th Street Halal cart


  • $9,470 (same as Hogan, EC, Watt, Ruggles, Claremont, and Symposium)


  • Bathrooms: Each double has its own bathroom that gets cleaned once a week.
  • AC/Heating: No AC, but yes heat.  The heat tends to be a bit strong in the shafted rooms and spotty in the rooms facing outside.
  • Kitchen/Lounge: There’s a kitchen in every double, though in some it can be quite small with limited counter space.  The lounges are usually converted into a second bedroom (so the two residents do not share a tiny single bedroom), and they are decently sized.  Residents are responsible for cleaning.
  • Laundry: Laundry is in the basement, and there is no stair access so you always have to take the elevator, which can be somewhat slow.  You have to walk outside a few steps to get to the laundry room, so be sure to wear good shoes when it gets snowy!
  • Computers/Printers: One printer in the lobby.
  • Gym: Treadmills and arctrainers in a room adjoining the lobby.
  • Intra-transportation: One slow, small elevator with a swinging door.
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Typical grungy dorm carpet that won’t show any stains in most of the rooms.  There is hardwood in some of the renovated upper floors.  Dirty tile in the bathroom and linoleum in the kitchen.

More about Woodbridge after the jump!

A Call For The Worst Rooms At Columbia
bathroom dementor

bathroom dementor back by popular demand

Hear ye, hear ye! In light of all the buzz regarding housing, we figured that we should lighten the mood (or scare you… however you wanna look at it) with a call for the worst dorm rooms at Columbia. Do you have a gaping hole in your heart wall that you have always complained about, but it has never received the attention you have hoped for? Do you have a dementor-like tarp that prevents leaky ceilings/simultaneously watches over you while you take a leak of your own? Do you simply like to commiserate and can find a problem in any housing situation? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to reach out to us!!

Email us at tips@bwog.com to detail your sucky housing situation. Remember to send along some snapshots (pics or it didn’t happen, ya feeeel?). Happy housing season!! May your lottery number grant you your dream home.

LectureHop: Literature And Philosophy And Quarrels, Oh My!

thinkin’ about how philosophy and literature will inevitably spar for eternity :/

Tuesday Daily Editor/ultimate renaissance woman Briana Bursten put her incredibly extensive knowledge of philosophy and literature to the test when she attended a lecture entitled “The Ancient Quarrel: Philosophy and Literature” on Monday night. So who cares if she only took one intro philosophy class last semester and now calls herself “Yung Aristotle”? Who cares if she only skimmed read select passages of the Odyssey during her First Year English class? This girl is BACK and ready to share her academic mastery with all of you plebeians Bwog readers. Bow down, bitches. 

Barnard alumna and former Assistant Professor Rebecca Goldstein returned to her alma mater on Monday night to give a lecture detailing the convoluted relationship that philosophy and literature share. As she took the podium in the Diana Oval, Goldstein gave her personal history regarding her academic career at Barnard and her professional evolution from philosopher to novelist. Though the lecture began a bit after its set start time at 7pm, it became clear that this talk would be an excellent addition to the alumni lecture series commemorating Barnard’s 125th anniversary.

But we’re only getting started!

Spring 2015 Candidate List For Elections Released

With Ted Cruz’s confirmation that he’s running in 2016, it’s clear that elections are on the brain. Columbia is clearly following the Texas Senator’s lead with the release of the official candidate list for CCSC, ESC, and GSSC elections.

View the list below to see who’s running.

SGA Learns About Upcoming Elections
Get your election campaign ready...

Get your election campaign ready...

Though the OG Barnard Bearoness was busy attending to Arianna Huffington, Bwog’s own Thursday Daily Editor Caroline Montgomery stepped up to the plate and displayed her loves for both Barnard and democracy when she attended the SGA meeting Monday night. Read below to learn about some of the important items on this week’s agenda.

SGA’s first meeting back from spring break was short and sweet.

The new GSSC student body president was introduced, Ben Padario. Ben eloquently described his position as “the liaison between the four councils.” Barnard SGA is excited to be working with him!

Last night, the Elections Committee officially released the election timeline and guidelines for SGA positions for the 2015 fall semester! The positions that are up for election are the executive board, class council positions, and the department specific positions. There will be information sessions, relaying important information about running on March 31 (10 am-12 pm, 3-5 pm, and 7-9 pm), April 1 (11 am-1 pm, 2-4 pm, 6-8 pm), and April 2 ( 11 am-1 pm, 3-5 pm, 7-9 pm). If you intend to run for a position, you must attend at least one of these sessions. The timeline is as follows:

  • April 6: Must announce intent to run (will be shown the formal procedure in information session)
  • April 12 at 6pm in Diana 504: Candidates forum (open to the entire student body)
  • April 13-17: Voting
  • April 17 at 5 pm: Winners announced

Leadership awards and important dates after the jump!

Bwoglines: Stoned Edition

life is a balancing act, we suppose

It’s been nearly five months since Rolling Stone published the gruesome story of an alleged sexual assault that occurred on the University of Virginia campus, but coverage of the article is far from over. The story resurfaced just yesterday when police in Charlottesville released that they were unable to verify whether the sexual assault detailed in the article ever occurred. (USA Today)

It’s officially Spring!! To commemorate the vernal equinox, numerous individuals gathered at Stonehenge to see the sunrise and to perform various rituals. (BBC)

Stones Throw Records, an independent music label based in LA, truly put on a show this past week at SXSW. Artists signed to the label (such as Mild High Club, Silk Rhodes, and Nx Worries) were all crowd pleasers at the Austin music festival. Homeboy Sandman said it best— “Stones Throw got that funk shit, Stones Throw got that soul, but make some noise for that Stones Throw hip hop!” (AustinChronicle.com)

Stoners take note—a study done in Colorado revealed that the medicinal marijuana sold in the state is nearly twice as potent as the illegal pot sold in previous decades. Bud sold currently in Colorado has an average THC level upwards of 18.7% (some strands even contain 30%). (NBC)

lock screen vibez via Shutterstock


Housing Reviews 2015: Schapiro


Here’s to topping off lottery number release day with the start of our annual housing reviews. First up, we’ve got Schapiro and all residence halls will be reviewed in the coming days to help you figure out where to put your money now that your lottery number (actually) sucks. 

Location: 605-615 W. 115th Street.

Nearby dorms: Furnald, Woodbridge

Stores and restaurants: The UPS Store, that one halal cart, Morton Williams, M2M, Vine, Lerner, Starbucks

Cost: $7,640


  • Bathrooms: shared, and decidedly decent, nothing especially worthy of praise or criticism. There is at least one men’s, women’s, and gender neutral designated bathroom per floor, with an additional bathroom alternating between men’s and women’s.
  • AC/Heating: air conditioning (which in the rare and fortunate room comes with temperature control) and heat.
  • Kitchen: shared by hall, including two stoves, two microwaves, relatively generous cabinet space, and a sink that will inevitably fill up with dirty dishes every few weeks or so.
  • Lounge: one per floor, equipped with a flatscreen, general lounge furniture, and a family style kitchen table.
  • Laundry: Large enough laundry room located in the basement, accessible only by two of the three elevators (you will invariably summon the third and this will be surprisingly irritating throughout your year).
  • Computers/Printers: Computer lab on the first floor connected with one printer inside, and one located a few steps out.
  • Gym: Treadmills and elliptical machines on first floor, along with a dance room that is technically not for you but that you will have access to anyway.
  • Intra-transportation: Three insanely fast elevators.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Hardwood (or the appearance of it at least)
  • Wi-Fi: Yes.
  • Bonus: Practice rooms with pianos in the basement, a new and swanky talking study room, a bleak quiet study room, and arguably the best sky lounge on campus, with a view of the downtown skyline at night and the river in the morning.

But can I get a single?

Field Notes: Spring Break Edition

Bwog <3 slots

The high rollin’ times of Spring Break 2015 have come and gone, and we successfully abused all comps available to us to ensure we don’t remember a good portion of it. You could say we have an addiction, but we took tips from our friends at MIT and got enough bank from counting cards to pay off all our mistakes. Wherever you put your money over break or over the next weekend, let us know how you fare at tips@bwog.com

Double or nothing

  • “Acquired a lovely pair of casino shoes.”
  • “Went clubbing in Universal Studios and friends got banned for a year. We were escorted out by security.”
  • “Celebrated super pi day with Einstein impersonators.”
  • “Visited my local state school and threw up three times on their campus, woke up early to catch a flight to my actual spring break plans and threw up there as well. In the bag.”
  • “Spiralized every vegetable in sight and ate ‘em raw.”
  • “A woman walked up to me and said, ‘You’re so white I almost have to put on my sunglasses to see you.'”
  • “Saw high school friends. Drove around town for the most part, and got very nostalgic for five years ago, without acknowledging that it was mostly driving around town wondering what things would be like right around now. “
  • “Ate breakfast outside with my parents one day. A baby chick jumped on the table and stole 1/2 a muffin.”
  • “Got a hookah, asked my mom to ship it to me–she freaked out, wouldn’t listen when I said it wasn’t a bong, and is probably going to throw it out :/”
  • “Went to an art class with my mom and got really wine drunk whilst trying to paint poppies. Saw my nephew who just turned 10 months old. He can finally stand on his own but he doesn’t know they move yet!”

Breaking the bank

  • “Spent the last night of spring break with Sixteen Handles, School of Rock, and my sister’s couch and it was blissful.”
  • “Watched all of Empire. I’m glad I waited to start it so I could binge the whole season. Spent quality time with my dad and learned he once built a whole log house by himself. What a champ.”
  • “Drank a daily piña colada followed by a Bahama mama. Convinced two Chinese vacationers to help me write my Chinese essay. For the last supper of spring break I ate a carb trifecta of waffles, pancakes, and french toast.”
  • “Stayed up late all break, then fell asleep at 9 pm the first night back in my dorm.”
  • “Played Cities: Skylines. Got drunk on godlike power. Realized I was mostly building playgrounds to raise suburban property value. Enjoyed myself anyway.”
  • “Ate a Voodoo doughnut!!! Did not drink at all, ever. Went to Canada and spoke French with the border patrol. Proud of myself. Hit a new personal record for number of different Starbucks patronized in one day.”
  • “Visited 4 airports in less than 24 hours. Learned the Denver airport is haunted.”
Bacchantae And Brown Bear Necessities Perform On Low Steps
brown bear necessities


An a Capella aficionado visited the joint concert of a Capella groups at schools that share “Bears” as a mascot. Alliteration with the letter “b,” punny group names, and a bucketload of talent guaranteed. 

Last night, Barnard Bacchantae and the Brown Bear Necessities took to Low Steps for a short concert, serenading the school back from spring break.

Due to scheduling errors, the concert had to take place outside, so the singers were a little chilly (especially since the Bears perform in button-ups and suspenders–no jackets allowed, apparently), but the two groups’ performances were heartwarming. Backlit by the glow of Butler Library, the Bear Necessities performed Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls,” The Weeknd’s “Wicked Games,” Trey Songz’s “Bottoms Up,” and “The Circle of Life” from the Lion King, and Bacchantae performed “F**kin Perfect” by P!nk, the Civil Wars’ “Barton Hollow,” and Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors.” The groups drew a small crowd that progressively grew as the sounds of their voices echoed around campus–despite the cold, the Low location was ideal for getting the attention of people walking up and down the steps.

The Bears are currently touring around the East Coast, and as well as performing in New York City, they are making stops in Baltimore, Washington DC, and Chapel Hill. You can check out other songs on their Youtube channel, and be sure to check out Bacchantae’s as well.

Bucket List: We’re Back!
Philosophy and Literature

Philosophy and Literature

Bucket List represents the immense academic privilege we enjoy as Columbia students. After a relaxing break, sharpen your knowledge of local, regional, national and global politics. No, Homeland and Scandal don’t count. Our recommended events are below, and the full list can be found below the jump. As always, if we’ve made a mistake or left anything noteworthy off the list, please let us know in the comments. 


  • “Is Government a Vehicle for Change? A Conversation with Council Member Mark Levine.” Tuesday, 7:00-8:15 pm, Kraft Center (606 W. 115th). Mark Levine. Food provided.
  • “Constructing Godzilla in Mid-Twentieth Century Japan and America.” Thursday, 4:00-5:30 pm, 918 IAB. Yoshiko Ikeda, Greg Pflugfelder.
  • “The Ancient Quarrel: Philosophy and Literature.” Monday, 7:00-9:00 pm, Diana Oval. Rebecca Goldstein.
  • “Annual Zora Neale Hurston Lecture: Reimagining Gender, Race and Place in the Making of Gone With the Wind.” Monday, 6:00-8:00 pm, Journalism Lecture Hall. Deborah Willis.

Philosophy and Literature hop in the ring

Housing Lottery Numbers Released

Someone pet us and tell us it’s gonna be okay

Nothing says welcome back from spring break quite like the worst part of the Columbia experience — housing. If you haven’t checked already, your lottery number is ready for grand reveal just in time to brighten up ruin your first Monday back on campus. Approach the Housing Portal with caution, and take sudden breakouts of hysteria all around campus as normal activity. Maybe you just woke up; maybe you’re just leaving class. Either way, your sucky situation is mutual and know that you are about to behold crucial information that will determine where you’ll be living your happiness level for the 2015-2016 academic year.

As usual, Bwog’s prepared for all the coverage you deserve during the worst season of them all, so report back for updates and what your number really means in the grand scheme of Res Life. Simple things to remind yourself as your shaky fingers enter the Housing Portal:

  • Numbers go from 1-3000
  • Lower is better; higher is worse
  • Not every number is used (!)
  • 10 means rising sophomore; 20 means rising junior; 30 means rising senior
  • Groups’ shared point values are averaged based on the above

Godspeed, and may you remain friends with everyone you were going to live with.

It’ll be okay, right??? via Shutterstock