Conflict Resolution At Bacchanal?

Remember that time during Lupe’s set when he pretty much called us out on our drama and supported conflict resolution between Israelis and Palestinians (and the US?) In case you were too drunk and blacked out at this point in the show, Lupe brought up three students—one holding a Palestinian flag and one holding an Israeli flag (and a third with an Adbusters flag—why?)—and began to address the issue we can’t seem to get over right before his final song, “The Show Goes On,” in which he references the Gaza Strip. Lupe told us that “us political science and government majors” need to “figure this shit out.” If only we could, Lupe… But really, this shit was far too real to handle towards the sloppy end that was Bacchanal. Are we really all friends now because Lupe said so? Probably not after he repeatedly referred to the women in the audience as “bitches,” but good try.

Here are some photos from when it all went down:

Next Fall (By CU Players, Not In Real Life – Don’t Worry)
It's pretty, tho

Really not prepared to think about next fall yet!

Friday night, CU Players continued their production of Next Fall that ran from Thursday through Saturday. To see what the play was all about, Avid Acting Admirer Ali Sawyer went out to Friday night’s performance and reports on how it went.

Featuring talk of (abandoned) yoga mats, gayness, hypochondria, and religion, the topics of Next Fall, a 2009 play by Geoffrey Nauffts, are familiar to all of us. From the mundane to the profound, the play is a familiar and personal choice for a Columbia audience. Since we are bound to see our own qualities reflected in the characters, the show can suck us down an emotional sinkhole.

That’s what it did to me, anyway. I left feeling emotionally drained. It speaks to the strength of the acting that the play can hit such highs and lows of emotion side by side. Next Fall is played by a small and mighty cast of just six actors. Jumping through time out of chronological order, they tell the story of a gay couple, Luke and Adam, who struggle to make sense of their conflicting religious views.

The play begins with a dingy couch in a hospital waiting room. Three young friends and two older people, Luke’s parents, anxiously await word on Luke, who has been severely injured in an accident. Only after the play leaps back to an earlier year and then returns to the waiting room do we learn that Adam and Luke were in a relationship.

Luke and Adam, played by Aaron Kane and Zachary Flick, respectively, capture the playfulness of a new relationship with their scarcely-contained peppiness. The story soon shifts to heavier territory (although Flick persists with a jumpy quality for his character throughout): Luke and Adam’s relationship issues. While Luke is a devout Christian, stuck with the residue of his strict religious upbringing; Adam is an atheist undeterred from grilling his partner on his beliefs.

Oh shit–how does that work out?

Classes To Take Before You Die I Mean Graduate
College is fun!

College is fun!

Registration starts tomorrow for Fall 2014 classes, and we know you’ve been incessantly scrolling through CULPA and the directory trying to find that perfect schedule to compile in Courses by ADI. Keeping with tradition, here is our list of classes you should take before you die to help with the selection process. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

History: History of the City of New York, Kenneth Jackson

English: Modernism, Margaret Vandenburg

Philosophy: Philosophy of Law, Michele Moody-Adams

Anthropology: Archaeology Before the Bible, Brian Boyd

Computer Science: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Java, Adam Cannon

Computer Science: Advanced Programming, Jae Lee

Comparative Literature: Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and the English Novel, Lisa Knapp

Economics: Gender and Applied Economics, Lena Edlund

English: Romantic Poetry, Erik Gray

Ethnicity and Race: Post 9/11 Immigration Policy, Elizabeth Ouyang

Feed your brain

Bwog Meeting Tonight
In the words of Bey, "we been drankin"

In the words of Bey, “we been drankin”

We’re certainly riding the struggle bus—if not driving it—but we’re pushing on for our weekly meeting. Come hang out with us tonight at 7pm in the SGO Room on the 5th Floor of Learner. Come enjoy some laughs and snacks. Wow, those sound like everyone’s two favorite things. Come participate!

Oh, speaking of Bey; if you haven’t heard this cover of Drunk in Love by Ed Sheeran, you’re welcome.

True struggle via Shutterstock

Bacchanal 2014: The Day After

The sun is shining and the birds are singing. However, most of Columbia is still probably hiding under a sheet and trying to forget every decision that was made yesterday. Reflecting on those decisions and the shitshow that was yesterday, here’s a final roundup of the tips Bwog received in that Bacchanal daze.

Here are some of the classy, hopefully unidentifiable Snapchats that Bwog’s account received yesterday. Remember to add thebwog as a friend on Snapchat to keep sending us filtered regrets!

Oh, there’s more

LectureHop: Drew Houston
Things got shakey out of excitement

Things got shakey out of excitement

Friday, as keynote speaker of their #StartupColumbia entrepreneurship festival, CORE hosted a conversation between Walt Mossberg (JRN ’70), editor of Re/Code and  Dropbox founder Drew Houston. We sent Artur Renault, our reporter with his head in the clouds, to cover.

Houston, pronounced like the street downtown, not the city in Texas, could be a GS student in your introductory CompSci class from his informal demeanor and long-sleeve shirt; you’d never guessed that he created Dropbox, the world’s largest file-sharing platform. In fact, when Mossberg asked the room how many of us used Dropbox, you’d be hard-pressed to find an arm that wasn’t raised. “What, nobody uses Google Drive or OneDrive?,” he asked next. When a few hands went up, Houston shrugged—”Nobody’s perfect.”

Being that this was an entrepreneurship event, many people were interested in how Dropbox came to be, so Houston told us the story in detail. He was waiting for the Feng Wah Chinatown bus in Boston’s South Station and realized he had forgotten his thumb drive containing all his work. He also didn’t have any Family Guy episodes left to watch on his laptop, and he didn’t feel like the lady next to him, who may have been carrying a bag of crabs, would be interested in much conversation. Realizing that his four-hour trip had been doomed to boredom by the simple misstep of forgetting a thumb drive, Houston began coding what would become Dropbox on that very bus ride.

And the rest was history?

Cooking With Bwog: Pork Chops Edition

We’re not usually one to brag, but Bwoggers can whip up a good meal when we need to. Culinary champion Jon Lesser with the help of the fabulous Bwog Video team bring you a quick yet delicious pork chop recipe to impress either your new fling or your grandparents.

Cooking With Bwog: Pork Chops from Bwog on Vimeo.

Full recipe here

Bucket List: Capital, Ariana Huffington, German Cinema

Bucket List represents the unbelievable intellectual privilege we enjoy as Columbia students. We do our very best to bring to your attention important guest lecturers and special events on campus. Our recommendations for are below and the full list is after the jump.


  • “Strive to Thrive: Redefining Success in the Modern World” Monday April 14, 6:00-7:15 PM, Uris Hall 301. Ariana Huffington
  • “The Metamorphosis of German Film from Weimar Cinema to Hitlers Hollywood” Wednesday April 16, 6:00-7:30 PM, Deutsches Haus. Volker Berghahn, Stefan Andriopoulos, Richard Pea.
  • “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” Thursday April 17, 7:00-8:30 PM, Kraft Center Rennert Hall. Thomas Piketty.

A glorious week awaits

Bwoglines: We Can Get Through This Edition

You may have been passed out in a hallway last night, but J-Lo won some award for something other than her butt. (Fox News)

US put on their concerned face and told Ukraine to knock it off. Mother Russia don’t play like that. (The Independent)

Twitter is going to launch another redesign. At this point, most people just use the Twitter app and the few times we actually use our computer, the whole site is different and it takes us 30 minutes to just fucking navigate the thing. (The Hindu)

You’re probably experiencing some real Coachella FOMO even though there were enough crop tops and flower crowns at Bacchanal yesterday. However, here are some pictures of cool celebs doing cool things at the concert. (Gothamist)

And when today seems like it’s just not happening and your hangover may never end, just remember:

Bacchanal Through Tips

We’ve been receiving your stream of inebriated tips, and we love it. Keep them coming to or the anonymous tip form as you take this party to 1020. We’ve also been receiving your delightful Snapchats, since, in a moment of divine inspiration, we created one last night. Add “thebwog” on Snapchat—we don’t want your naked pics, though. Tips:

  • About CAVA: “Supposedly over 40 today!”
  • “Some guy was laying outside my room. I asked if I could get by and he was like “you probably don’t want to.” Out of every spot on my floor’s hallway, he chose to vomit right in front of my door.”
  • “My roommate is sleeping on the floor wearing shutter shades.”
  • Observation: “A surprising number of gopros spotted in the crowd…to catch those action shots I suppose? I mean I guess they are water and fluid and vomit proof.”
  • Overseen: “Girl ashing cigarette onto another’s face.”
  • “It’s hot.”
  • “EVERYONE is in a fucking crop top. Bring me a drink, bring me a drink.”
  • “Bacchanal–when Columbia becomes a state school.”
  • First year’s first bacchanal: “It smelled like a lot of weed.”


  • “Post-Holi, using my suite shower and essentially strip off all of my clothes and leave them on the floor of the shower. Walk to my room to get towel, shampoo, soap. When I get back the shower is occupied. In fact, so are all the other showers on my floor. So I go to the next floor down to avoid hanging out in my fucking underwear in the lounge. Ran into multiple people that I know while in that state and couldn’t even use my towel to cover myself up because I needed it to dry myself off after. Also hair-flipped and splattered the ceiling with paint.”
  • “I was on the McBain fire escape when my friend accidentally dropped a bag of coke. Somehow it landed on the roof of Sig Nu and he went to retrieve it successfully. Celebrations ensued.”
Overseen: Rapidly Rising BACchanal

As the debauchery escalates, we’re going to post all your best photos here. Send us yours at or use our anonymous tip form. We’re sure you’ve got some interesting ones.

A fitting start to the day, the Carman fire alarm went off this morning. “It was the dust from the powder!” a paint-splattered Holi-goer told Public Safety. Some girls couldn’t miss the opportunity to snap a pic with the firetruck. Also, Pilates on the lawns this morning. They were getting in the zone.


Bwoglines: Eye-Opener Edition


Pregame overheards/seens:

  • McBain security guard after a group of girls came running and screaming out: “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…”
  • “It’s the dust from the powder!” says paint-splattered person during Carman fire alarm.
  • Seen: Group of Carmanites taking a selfie with the fire truck.
  • Seen: girls doing Pilates in the grass, covered in paint from Holi.
  • Looking for exercise:
    • A: “Let’s go to the gym!”
    • B: “No, they won’t let us in. We’re covered in paint.”
    • A: “No, we’re covered in paint powder.”
  • Holi was too much. “Literally left after 3 minutes.”
  • Someone outside of John Jay puts water bottle on top of head: “I’m queeeeen!!! Queen of drinking!!!”

Up and at ‘em? So are we. Getting shitfaced at an hour we’re not usually awake. Time for a little BACchanal pregame music–a mix of all the artists playing, of course, courtesy of Nøvachørd.

Plus FREE BAGELS! Poke your head out and grab one because bagels are delish. Be prepared to tell your RA your “responsible plan for your day.” (Wall Street Journal)

How is everyone up this early? It’s good though, ’cause we’re all going to be FUCKING HAPPY. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Just don’t be this guy. (Gothamist)

USenate Town Hall On Sexual Assault Announced

Columbia announced a University Senate Town Hall for gender-based misconduct and sexual assault on April 16th, which is this coming Wednesday. The meeting will take place from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm in 309 Havemeyer; advance registration is suggested, but you should definitely bring your CUID if you plan on attending-it’s required to get in. There’s a quality list of panelists, including Michael Dunn (Title IX Coordinator) and Dean Martinez, but check out the full notice below:

The University Senate will host a town hall on gender-based misconduct and sexual assault, to continue the conversation begun in the town hall of March 13, bringing in undergraduate and graduate students from across Columbia. Panelists will include both University administrators and students. They will provide a brief update on the President’s Advisory Committee on Sexual Assault (PACSA) and the floor will then be open for discussion.

Panelists include:

Michael K. Dunn, Director of Investigations; Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Marc Heinrich, University Senator (Stu., CC); Coalition Against Sexual Violence

Terry Martinez, Interim Dean of Student Affairs (CC / SEAS)

Lisa A. Mellman, M.D., Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs (P&S)

Moderator: Sharyn O’Halloran, Chair, University Senate Executive Committee

How To Bacchanal
You in approx. 18 hours

You in approx. 18 hours

Bacchanal is right around the corner, so prepare to not remember much of the next 36 hours. One Bwog staffer used some of her last of her pre-Bacchanal hours to guide you to your best Bacchanal ever.

For you freshies who have yet to experience the potential glory of Bacchanal, or those of you who felt like last year’s Bacchanal was not nearly as fun as it was for everyone else, we have compiled everything you need to know and do to ensure it is insanely awesome. I may be writing this with only one year of experience on Bacchanaling, so how do you know you can trust my review? Well, remember Wednesday’s email about how Carman got trashed (punched-out ceiling tiles, bulletin boards torn to pieces, broken windows, and ripped-out exit signs)? I helped with all that (except for the broken window- that sounds painful) and was alongside this Bwogger.

Basics: You will need a CUID (each ID gets you one guest), no backpacks will be allowed in, and only plastic bottles for your various liquids. Novachord will play 1:15-2:00, California Love will play 2:00-2:30, Flaxo will play 2:45-3:30, Chainsmokers will perform 4:00-5:30, and Lupe will perform 5:45-6:45.


Today (in order):

  1. Outline your pre-game: Talk with your suitemates and decide how you’re going to pre-game – if you’re throwing an open rager, create a facebook event with a super witty name (extra points for referencing the lineup) and advertise Jell-O shots and carb-loaded food (if there’s anything college students love, it’s free food). If not, start compiling a list of pre-games to attend so drunk you can’t possibly fuck it up. You will not want to plan further than your pre-games, however; Bacchanal is about going with the flow- if you have the concerts and night planned out, you’re being overly ambitious.
  2. Realize you pre-game is too ambitious: Talk about how you’re going to have a mimosa bar, pizza, booze for beer pong, Jell-O shots, champagne, and regular shots. Realize that’s $30/person and decide what you’re going to cut. Also realize there are now somehow 400 people on your guest list and devise a plan to deal with public-safety.
  3. Load up: Make a budget for your pregame and buy all the necessary supplies. Duane Reade has large cases of cheep, good-for-pong beer. Pro-Tip: Wherever you buy alcohol, try to avoid the rush- the earlier the better (you’ll get the discounted beer before it runs out)!
  4. Vodka Gummies: Vodka gummies require a week to make, so if you haven’t made them yet, you’re better off saving the alcohol and gummies for something else. Pro-tip: the different layers must be clearly divided to prevent them from turning into a mush from the weight of being stacked on top of one another.
  5. Weed: Why go drunk when you can go crossed? Even if you’re not a fan of being crossed, it’s nice to have another substance to switch to half-way through the day when the thought of another drink makes you want to vomit. Buy either an eighth of weed or 50+ dollars worth of brownies from your favorite, toothless dealer. (Extra point for making your own brownies. Dorms this works well in: Nussbaum)
  6. Jell-O shots: Jell-O shots can take up a lot of space, so you should save this for the night before- they only take 3-4 hours to settle. If you’re feeling adventurous or need some inspiration, here’s Bwog’s favorite. Pro-tip: use plastic cups. Paper ones tend to deteriorate and are awkwardly tall. No store near Columbia sells the plastic dipping-sauce ones so if you haven’t ordered them off Amazon for $7/125 cups yet, just go to Five Guys and steal them.

What to do on the day of:

Jon Oringer: Your SEAS Class Day 2014 Speaker

His Shutterstock pic

SEAS has just announced that Jon Oringer will give the SEAS Class Day 2014 keynote speech next month. Oringer is the creator of Shutterstock, the stock photo website that Bwog overuses, and is also an alumnus of SEAS, receiving  in 1998 his MS in Computer Science.

Last year, Robert Bakish, SEAS’85 and MBA’89, CEO of Viacom Int’l Media Networks, was the SEAS Class Day keynote speaker. Past speakers include Ursula Burns, Ralph Izzo, and Paul Brandt-Rauf. Dean Boyce says that he ”is a wonderful example of the creative, entrepreneurial spirit we are fostering at Columbia Engineering.”

SEAS Class Day is on Monday, May 19 at 5 pm on the South Lawn, for both undergraduates and graduate students in SEAS; university-wide commencement is that Wednesday at 10:30 am, also on the South Lawn.

Read the statement below