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img November 05, 20071:30 pmimg 6 Comments

Bwog editor Lydia DePillis is still in Kentucky, where polls will close in 26 hours.

house chamberFRANKFORT, Ky.–It started like high school–those big group trips to the state capitol, where little children run rampant around the marbled halls of power. Except this time, the visit involved stripping at the podium of the Speaker of the House, as well as a thorough investigation of the outgoing chief executive’s office.

This morning, before an afternoon of blanketing the town with Beshear paraphernelia (a procedure known as a “Korean lit drop,” in which vans make periodic stops and deploy their passengers to hang banners on every door within a three-block radius) the group stopped by Frankfort’s majestic capitol rotunda, where they quickly located the den of their opponent.

Nellie Bowles, CC ’10, led the way into the chambers of Governor Fletcher, attended by a sweet, middle aged woman. Everyone else milled nervously outside, until the secretary invited them in–the Governor was out in the state campaigning, she explained. The Columbians poured into the antechamber, peering into his capacious work area (“It looks like Bollinger’s office!”), and marveling at the Ten Commandments perched on a corner cabinet.

The secretary may have suspected the group’s mission–a few kids still had their Beshear stickers–but they immediately developed a silent understanding that she should not officially know what they were up to. “We’re just road tripping,” Elyse Ross, BC ’08 blithely explained. (more…)




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img September 23, 20076:48 pmimg 30 Comments

Geraldo Rivera was in front of the Broadway Gates tonight. So was Armin Rosen. 


When I saw a Fox News producer scouring College Walk for students willing to stand behind Geraldo Rivera during a live episode of Geraldo at Large, my thoughts instantly turned to the mustache. Specifically, I wondered whether and how such an aerodynamic and totally inexplicable article of facial hair actually exist on this earth. After spending the past hour a mere few feet away from one of the titans of sensationalist pseudo-journalism, I can say that yes, the stories are true. Hard as this may be to believe, the Geraldo mustache is no urban legend.

The Columbia journalism grad held court with a group of about 50 or 60 students and rubberneckers, shell shocked by the pairing of Geraldo frickin’ Rivera with a murderous president of Iran. So the mood was light, even if the topic and the passions involved were not.

“Nobody wave. You gotta swear to God nobody’ll wave” the mustachioed anchor instructed the rotating gaggle of students. “Don’t be dumb,” he added. “This isn’t NYU,” one girl retorted, although the most insulting line was Geraldo’s: “Don’t be nervous,” he instructed participants. “We’re not on 145th St.” Would that we were, Geraldo, so that we could postgame this over some hot jazz at St. Nick’s, rather than having to go straight from here to the dreary confines of the Butler reading room. (more…)



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More stuff you shouldn’t have saved on public computers.


But if God is omnipotent, why does he care? As we see in Exodus 20:5, God declares that he is a “jealous God”. Could this be true? Is this why the Jews received a grand total of 613 commandments—to keep them in check?


Also, each program will have only one hour dedicated to an activity, and the other hour is dedicated to PHOTO-VOICE!



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