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"I thought homecoming was baseball until sophomore year."

“I thought homecoming was baseball until sophomore year.”

Our next senior wisdom comes to you from your favorite SJP babe Shezza Abboushi Dallal on activism at Columbia and Barnard’s best bathroom.

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Shezza Abboushi Dallal, Barnard College, History, Beirut, Lebanon

Claim to fame: You might know me as the benevolent dictator of the non-hierarchical, democratic students’ organization Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine. What you might not know is that a banner of my Facebook profile picture was taken down from the entrance of Barnard Hall in March of 2014 (☹) and D Spar and I had a dance-off at “Race, Violence Resistance: from Gaza to Ferguson” the following fall.

Where are you going? Not entirely sure. Maybe I should just pursue another unpaid internship. At the moment, I’m waiting to hear back from a series of organizations, but I will likely have to pay my rent in monopoly money and feed off the courage of my convictions. Or, PLOT TWIST: Bank of J.P. Morgan Stanley and Chase recruits me last minute to coordinate their annual one-day charity excursion.

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2020?

1) Making the active decision to not take yourself so seriously can be a game changer. Maintain a healthy sense of perspective, speak in simpler language, resist the urge to name-drop, learn how to laugh at yourself.

2) Columbia’s activists are not sucking all the fun out of your college experience. They are not entitled. They are not sticking it to the man just for the sake of it. You cannot truly believe in an institution and in the potential of its constituents without a wholehearted willingness to challenge it, hold it accountable, and improve it. It is courageous to uphold political and moral principles in the face of widespread apathy. It is courageous to put your own academic, professional, and personal status on the line for those ideals. It is courageous to speak up and speak up loudly. It is courageous to admit ignorance and embrace growth. Don’t be dismissive. Engage.

3) There is no better bathroom than the one on the left side of the second floor of Barnard Hall.

What was life like back in her day?



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Homecoming was as #lit as ur chem homework

Homecoming was as #lit as ur chem homework

Homecoming! We lost the game, as expected (although the tragic death of the streak gave the less experienced of us some doubts), but people still had fun, didn’t they?? Whether you showed up only for the pregame, left at halftime, or spent the weekend mourning the death of America’s Next Top Model (RIP the greatest GIF factory of our time), we’re sure it was a weekend to treasure. Remember, you can preserve your memories forever by sending them to us at tips@bwog.com.

Bad Memories

  • “I think my parents deleted our Netflix account. Terse email to mom.”
  • “There’s vomit on the shuttle bus.”
  • “It’s coooooold.”
  • “Made the mistake of wearing leather boots to Sig Chi …”
  • “People always ask me how to get places on the subway and I don’t have the answers.”
  • “Just woke up from a nap to a series of really drunk snaps and totally forgot it was Homecoming.”
  • “People on McBain 3 wrote “fuck [insert their RA’s name]” on the wall in Sharpie and then tried to clean it off using Everclear.”
  • “This kid sitting across from me in Butler Cafe smells like he just went poopie in his pants.”
  • “Walked all the way to 110 and Chipotle was closed for maintenance.”
  • “‘God bless you’ man told me walking past in East Village; not sure if catcall or what.”
  • “Homeless guy wandered into Koronet’s and complimented me while also calling attention to my pimple.”
  • “Got hit by a turning car, got saved by my trombone case.”

But it wasn’t ALL bad…



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can you blame them?

The Football players are excited!

Is there really a “new era” of football at Columbia? If you believe the Columbia Football Twitter feed, then sure. The Lions have broken The Streak, ending a historical epoch and sending us tenuously into a brighter future. Columbia wants students to get excited. The team is practicing on the lawns, Baker Field is allowing tailgate parties, and football games are no longer automatic losses. If there has been a time to get excited about Lions football, now would be it, right? To gauge the student body’s response to the win and readiness for homecoming, we went out to college walked. Wearing our Columbiest Blue, we heard what passers-by had to say about the team. Some students hadn’t yet heard the gospel:

Bwog: Did you hear that the Lions won a football game?

  • “Uh, no. That’s wonderful.”
  • “Did they win?”
  • “I thought it was a rumor at first.”

A few students sounded pretty excited!

  • “That’s incredible!”
  • “That’s great, congratulations.”
  • “Yeah!” *rigorous nod*

A couple sounded a little too excited.

  • *bro woo*
  • *woo from afar*

But listen to what these students had to say about the streak ending:



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Columbia's fighting spirit strikes a pose.

Columbia’s fighting spirit strikes a pose.

And when Moses went up the mountain Columbians became impatient, because they could have been studying instead of waiting 40 days for his return. So they created their own idol: the Reddened Bull. When we heard someone was writing an ethnography about Homecoming, we had to get our hands on it. Read on as Bwog’s anonymous ethnographers analyze your school spirit..

An Ethnography of the Vomiting Multitude

All of this, I repeat, seems to me curious, obscene, terrifying, and unfathomably mysterious.” – Pulitzer Prize-winning anthropologist and author James Agee, on the Columbia Homecoming experience

Seagulls hang in the air and circle the stadium, their winged bodies barely distinguishable from the ominous skies above. They can sense the specter of death beneath them. The crowd stands in the bleachers, painted blue and drunk off cheap vodka, all wound up like rubber bands from cans emblazoned with a red ox—one of the favored deities of this tribe. All eyes are focused intently on the ritual before them, as bodies—the biggest and strongest Columbia has to offer—line up to get the shit beaten out of them. The QB gets sacked. The crowd boos. The team gains a few honest yards. The crowd claps politely. A touchdown is scored. The crowd is ecstatic, all whoops and war cries. The marching band bursts into Columbia’s theme song. People sing along almost in spite of themselves—unwitting members of a Dionysian chorus—unaware, perhaps that they even knew the words until now. Here is Columbia’s School Spirit, summoned by alcohol, expensive hot dogs, and the vicarious thrill of human sacrifice.

The knowledge is gifted unto us.



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free shit

Ancient garb

In case you missed it, this weekend was the big homecoming game–that’s football, for you uninitiated. Not to worry, Bwog’s own Odysseus went on an epic journey to find Alma Bwogger Penelope, as they both homecame.

Tell me, Muse, of the men of many ways, who were driven to 218th Street, after they had been sacked 53-7 in New Jersey’s sacred citadel. Many were they whose crowded stadia they envied, whose minds they scoffed at, many the pains they suffered in their spirit on the wide land, struggling for their own lives and the homecoming of their companions. Even so they could not save their classmates’ school spirit, though (we think?) they strove to; their classmates were destroyed by their own wild recklessness, fools, who devoured the free beer of Roar-ee, the Lion God, and he took away the day of their nostos…

The journeyers, Odysseus and strong Aeolus, happened upon that distant citadel of East Campus. Calypso, patron of this scarred land, did not at once answer Odysseus’ call for entrance. A Barnard seal of identification, alas, would not allow admittance. Arete, however, heard the call and answered, granting Odysseus and Aeolus entrance and offering libations in glass chalices. Calypso, hearing of Odysseus’ arrival, cried out across the townhouses caves. Odysseus came to her side, finding her appearance chang’d–she had been affected by a plague, turning the skin of her cheeks blue.

Meanwhile Penelope, hidden away in a Risen on High, called out for Odysseus, trying to determine how he aimed to come home. But Odysseus was captivated by the blue of Calypso’s skin, mixed with the libations he had just shotgunned partaken in.

“We must go,” Calypso, driven mad by Dionysus, cried to her companions. “Come with me,” she urged Odysseus and Aeolus, “and your skin, too, shall be turnt blue.”




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Neither the denizens of Butler nor the drunk homecoming revelers could help but stop and read what Columbians had to say about their ~lion pride~.

We think this pretty accurately represents Columbia:

  • The view from Alma on a clear night
  • Not having poop in laundry machines (O_o Yale)
  • My 140 sq foot double
  • I’m bigger than most guys ;)
  • My daughter attends!! <3
  • 7%
  • New York City!
  • G(tb)^2
  • Being black!
  • There are some amazing professors here.
  • I’m not. This school is built on stolen land with money from the African slave trade.
  • Carman 6
  • …and the drawing in the bottom right corner of the first picture.



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In a valiant effort to drum up anticipation for the homecoming game against UPenn, the various student council groups on campus have been organizing a series of events. Yesterday, for the first time, the pep rally was held on Low Steps instead of in Dodge gym. This may also be the reason why this is the first time anyone has heard of a pep rally happening at all. The Columbia cheer team and CUMB performed, free things were raffled off, and baby blue glowsticks were handed out about an hour before the sun went down. The crowd at the beginning was actually fairly large, possibly in order to grab one of the free foam fingers or really cool hats. About halfway through the promised “dance party,” the crowd dissipated and most of the raffle items were handed out to the remaining people. It actually was a nice event, if not quite as peppy as promised.



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i heard the roof of low is pretty good too

Is this what the roof of Wien looks like?

This Monday’s ESC meeting had all of these things—what more could you ask for? Except maybe 150th anniversary swag. Oh wait, it had that too. That’s right, break out your calendars because we’ve got an impending celebration on our hands. With just about two short months to go until the big official kickoff, which will coincide with E-Week, everyone should be getting excited. Suggestions for free stuff were pitched (paperweights, anyone?) and joint preparations with EGSC will be underway soon. Stay tuned.

ESC is also gearing up to shed some light on the the sudden withdrawal of residence hall swipe access for commuter students. As an unwelcome bonus, commuters also returned to campus this fall to discover that they were Lerner mailbox-less. So far, there has been no official explanation for the changes.




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Physical and emotional purging after Homecoming disappointment

It was a heartbreaking Homecoming weekend for the Lions as team after team fell to Dartmouth by the slimmest of margins, often watching leads disappear. For those 11,127  fans that survived their pre-games and made it into Wein Stadium (not just to the tailgate), probably covered in beer and runny face paint, it was a crushing and frustrating experience to watch the Lions lose yet another fourth quarter lead after coming so close to breaking the Homecoming dry spell. It wasn’t all bad news this weekend, though. Senior Volleyball star Meghan Gaughn made history by becoming to first Columbia volleyball player to tally 1,000 kills and 1,000 digs in her career. Do you think she can throw a football? 

Get caught up on this week’s CU sports news and results below, including an exciting 5-set volleyball victory over Cornell. 




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This, minus the grass

It’s that time of the year again. For a brief 48 hours, you go to a fantasy college where Butler is a football rival and not a cavernous den of midterm doom and “tailgating” is a thing. That’s right, it’s Homecoming weekend! And what better way to celebrate than with a special edition of DWB dedicated to alcohol consumption in the blissful daylight hours? In honor of this annual adventure up north to Baker (this is the only home game, right?), Bwog has put together a list of possible pre-games to get the school spirit juices flowing, and help you forget that Columbia hasn’t won a Homecoming game since 2000. 

The Bro Pre-game

Drink of Choice: Beer


  • Playing every known variation of beer pong
  • Calling Homecoming, “Christmas” and your mixer, a “darty”
  • Handing out tank tops with Greek letters in English words (GΘ TΣAM!)

Price: Fraternity/Sorority Dues ($500)  + Tank ($20) + Time spent at the gym so you look “swoll” in said tank

The Crammers Pre-game

Drink of Choice: Franzia


  • Printing out the lyrics to “Roar, Lion, Roar”
  • Quizzing each other on the rules to football
  • Finding Baker on a map

Price: Franzia ($18) + Getting closer to hitting your printing quota

The Classy Pre-game

Drink of Choice: Mimosa


  • Drunching at il Cibreo
  • Reveling at cups that are actually glass
  • Complaining about how “unlimited” really isn’t unlimited

Price: il Cibreo Unlimited* Mimosa Brunch ($11.90) + Uncomfortable shoes

*”Unlimited” apparently means five

The Not-So-Classy Pre-game

Drink/Food of Choice: Beer/Wings


  • Pounding beers and wings at Lion’s Head
  • Watching real college football
  • Realizing you consistently pay too much for beer and food

Price: [Beer ($1) + Wings ($0.25)] x ?? + Not making it to the game

The Thrifty Pre-game

Drink of Choice: Whatever you can find


  • Passing around a roadie on the fan bus,
  • Being first in line for free beers at Baker
  • Offering to finish that half of your hot dog

Price: Miscellaneous alcohol ($??) + Potentially looking homeless




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Pumpkinification is not to be taken lightly

Despite the relatively large number of agenda items, last night’s CCSC meeting was a bit like running on a treadmill: a lot of exerted effort, but little net accomplishment.


  • Not much by way of Class Councils, though 2016 is off to a rather impressive start, tackling an SGO revamp, planning a DJ-battle-type party, and improving first-year inter-dorm relations (if you know what I mean *wink*). Also, 2013 is designing class sweaters, which is the best idea ever. And if the ridiculous pumpkinification of literally everything is any indication: it’s October! So look forward to a myriad of Halloween-themed events in the coming weeks.
  • Academic Affairs Extraordinaire Steven Castellaños, in addition to continuing work on Academic Integrity, is now working with admin towards creating a policy that would allow freshmen to take multiple courses Pass/Fail.
  • Student Project Grants will be starting up again soon, so if you’re a student or group of students with an idea (preferably a good one) keep an eye out for that. Also, Capital Fund applications are now open.
  • This week is… HOMECOMING WEEK! Woo! Yeah! Community! Sports! Everything Columbia students totally care about all in one jam-packed week! But in all seriousness, VP Campus Life Yanyi Luo described an awesome, fun-filled week including performances by the marching band, dancing, collaboration with Barnard for Founders Day (Tuesday), a carnival (Wednesday), finger painting (Thursday), and free Koronet tonight 6-7. Students are encouraged to show up in their usual Koronet-consuming state, which means, in the words of one 2015 Council Member, “an excuse to day drink [!!!!!!]”




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Barnard’s Student Government Association meets every week, and every week we send our best Barnard bear Renée Kraiem to bear witness. This is her report:

Last night’s Rep Council meeting, which occurred sans administrative guest and a sizable portion of representatives celebrating the most recent Jewish holiday to fall on a Monday. These factors opened the door for an efficient meeting (that ended before 10! BEFORE 10!), and a productive series of internal announcements discussions.

President JungHee Hyun reported that, though she had initiated a discussion with Student Life regarding the recent changes in the campus posting policy, they had reached “no conclusion” and “no resolution.” “We’ll keep fighting,” promised Hyun, who reported that Student Life indeed recognized the faults in the stamping requirement, but remained concerned about the motivations behind the policy change: posting inside campus by individuals not associated with the University, the accountability for student life in the case of a bias-motivated incident, and maintenance of campus grounds.

VP of SGA Julia Kennedy also announced the agenda of the Policy Committee, which plans to address a broad range of issues this semester, including the changes made in library hours, the use of space in the Diana Center, the institution of a Good Samaritan Policy, a green fund, and how SGA interacts with students. If there’s an issue that students feel isn’t being addressed, said Kennedy, this is the place to bring it to.

Senior Representative to the Board of Trustees Mica Spicka reported on last week’s Board meeting. Spicka reported presenting, along with Junior Representative Ayelet Pearl, a report on campus life that focused on the recent policy changes on campus and how students perceived the changes as one general issue regarding student feedback on administrative decisions. Spicka also reported on the meeting’s agenda, which included reports from individual students on their summer activities, a conversation about career development and how grants might be offered to students taking nonprofit internships and those starting their own startups. The Board is also working on a “Barnard Firsts” project, working to uncover and promote Barnard alumnae who represent some type of larger “first.” First what, you ask? We’ll let you do your own thing with that one.

More SGA meeting shenanigans after the break…



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Thanksgiving means getting out of the city while literally a bajillion other people are trying to do the same thing! It’s not as bad as the zombie apocalypse, but still. It’s gonna suck. Fortunately, old man Bwog has been flying the friendly skies/riding the rails/cruising down the open road to get outta here for many a holiday season. Find out how to skip town like a pro, below. And don’t forget to charge your gadgets.

Unfortunately, this airline doesn't offer online check-in.


  • Before you leave, check if your airline offers online check-in. This service allows you to check in to your flight before you even arrive at the airport. Most major airlines, including  UnitedContinentalJetblue, US AirwaysSouthwestDeltaAmerican AirlinesAir Canada, and British Airways offer this useful service.
  • Early morning flight? Bring your own snack, because Au Bon Pain won’t be open yet.
  • To get to the LGA by bus, you can take the M60 for only $2.25—but expect lots of humans and travel time, so bring a book and leave at least an hour-and-a-half before your flight time. Bonus: there are luggage racks!
  • You can swiftly reach JFK by taking the E to AirTrain, a monorail that drops you off right at your terminal. Be sure your MetroCard has $7.25, though, cause AirTrain is $5. Supply and demand, you know how it is.
  • If you want to travel by cab but don’t want to take too big a hit to your wallet, use ESC’s service Carsplit. You share a cab with other Columbians headed to LGA, JFK, or EWR who need to arrive at the same time. And maybe you’ll make a friend!
  • If you’re flying out of Newark, shun the GWB, and take NJ Transit from Penn Station to Newark AirTrain.
  • To avoid being that pesky person who takes forever at security, wear comfy moccasins or other shoes you can slip right on and off.




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fancy lounge

Fingers crossed that this is what the new SGO looks like

CCSC battled it out in the Satow Room. Maren Killackey lived to tell the tale.

  • VP Funding Kevin Zhai solicited proposals from the Council for changes to the Lerner SGO (Student Government Office) space. Among the top suggestions were “bright colors,” “fish tank,” “really fun couches,” “nothing,” and “get rid of that weird computer bay.” It wasn’t long, however, before the discussion of renovation ideas turned towards a series of complaints about a certain student group never officially booking the space for its Sunday meetings… but then it was back to “bucket full of Legos.”
  • Director of Sports Marketing Danny Spiegel stopped by to talk about Basketball Mania—which is happening this Thursday at 9:30 pm in Levien Gym (show up early to get free CU swag!)—and congratulate Council members on the record-shattering attendance at Homecoming (2,400 this year, up from 1,600 two years ago). When Mr. Spiegel offered to answer questions, class of 2014 President Conan Cassidy asked why CU Atletics rejected the 2014 Council’s proposed t-shirt design, which featured a lion, but apparently not the lion. Analogies abounded: “It’s like if McDonald’s had five different M’s.”

Good use of Student Life fees via Wikimedia Commons



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Homecoming, fondly referred to as Christmas in some circles, is an intoxicating occasion in which students, parents, and alumni alike play out their state school fantasies by engaging in heavy drinking and casual spectating. This year was no exception. Columbia fans didn’t let the construction at Baker Athletic Complex tarnish their school (read: drinking) spirit. They showed up in full force with one of the biggest crowds in years, decked out in Columbia gear; sporting blue face, body paint, and bearing signs, banners, and the occasional vomit stain. Though Penn ran away with the game in the end, Homecoming is always a reminder that Columbia has competitive and entertaining athletic teams, or something like that. Bwog Sports Savant, Kevin Powers, recaps the week.

Football (0-5):

Latest Result: The Lions drop Homecoming game 27-20 in fourth quarter to Ivy League rival Penn (3-2).

Highlights: In the much-anticipated Homecoming game, Columbia got on the board first with a field goal from sophomore kicker Luke Eddy at the end of the first quarter. The Lions widened the gap early in the second with a two-yard touchdown run from Marcorus Garrett after a Quaker running back was stripped and defensive back Kalasi Huggins recovered the football to put the Lions in scoring position. Despite the early lead, the Quakers came back to tie up the game going into halftime. The Lions came back fired up after the break, scoring on the opening drive to take lead again 17-10 when sophomore quarterback Sean Brackett found Hamilton Garner off a play action fake. The Quakers soon rallied, however, tallying a field goal followed by an 82 yard touchdown drive to take their first lead over the Lions 17-20. Columbia’s final drive of the game stalled at the Penn 4 when the Lions committed three penalties and threw two incomplete passes. Sophomore kicker Luke Eddy tied the game at 20-20 with a 35-yard field goal against the wind with just 1:31 left in the fourth quarter, but Penn made use of the time remaining, winning the game with a 56 yard touchdown drive with 25 seconds left on the clock.

Upcoming Contest: The Lions take on Dartmouth (1-4) on the road next weekend.

Catch up on other sports after the break

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