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img January 17, 20129:00 amimg 2 Comments

Bwog (pictured above) wants you to feel as prepared for the first day of classes, news-wise, as we do. An edgy side part is, however, optional.

Wikipedia made the decision to black out on Wednesday for senior night to protest SOPA. (TIME)

Operation Ivy League’s Michael Wymbs enrolled at City College; cue a headline so punny even the hippest of the kids will have to do a hip little head lilt and think hard for a minute. (Gothamist)

Columbia word-play(a) virtuoso Finn Vigeland graces the NYT with another puzzle—just in time for us to awake post-noon the next day and attempt to solve it. For 10 minutes, from bed. With or without pants. Filed under: everyone wins. (WordPlay)

An NYU student raised some concerns about NYU’s own OWS class, by way of angry email. Seven of them, to be exact; bold-faced emphasis hers. (NYU Local)

GOP candidates convened in South Carolina to say the name “Reagan” a bunch of times in succession. Is that like a “Rabbit, rabbit” thing…? (NYMag)

Tickets for Coachella 2012—both of them, actually—sold out after only a few hours. Which simultaneously puts a lot of pressure on Bacchanal, and takes a lot of pressure off Columbians everywhere to threaten to “head out there” for the “sweet lineup,” as if we’d ever leave Butler so close to finals. (Brooklyn Vegan)

Depiction of our “business”-meaning eyes via Wikimedia Commons.



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img March 31, 20119:06 amimg 3 Comments

Maybe we're the center of the universe. Probably not, though. MetaBwog...

Drug busts don’t just happen at our school! These guys stepped it up a notch, and now they’re down $8 million and 8,000 marijuana plants. (NY Post)

And it looks like we’re not the only ones with new admissions stats—kindergarten hopefuls continue to wait for a spot at their elementary schools, but the lists just keep getting longer. (CityRoom)

Remember when James Franco went here? Now he plans to teach at NYU, and we plan to feel scorned. (NYU Daily News)

Plus, someone else who went here—Columbia Alum Kelley Gasper—just scored a New York Times blog post. (At War, NYT)

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img March 23, 20109:46 amimg 4 Comments

Photo via NYT

NYU plans to move into Brooklyn and Governor’s island. One of its goals in expanding is to provide 240 square feet of space per student (currently 160, compared with Columbia’s 326) by 2031. (NYT)

Mujib Mashal, CC’11 has been capturing the lives of educators on video in war-ravaged Afghanistan, preventing the loss of their contribution to history.

Googlemania explodes around the country. (NYT)

Morningside Heights presents: Free Food Heaven! Pick up a free pastry at Starbucks (114th AND 111th and Broadway) and a free cone at Ben and Jerry’s (104th and Broadway).



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img February 10, 201012:09 pmimg 19 Comments

UPDATE: Current snowfall at 3-6 inches

UPDATE: NYU calls off classes

Bwog just received this tip:

Hey Columbians!

Due to the crazy blizzard outside, we over at “The Colbert Report” think that today will be a GREAT day to head on down to the show for standby tickets. We can’t guarantee anything, but the odds are good considering the winter wonderland outside.

So come on down!

The Colbert Report
513 W. 54th St
New York, NY 10019

Standbys should arrive around 4 PM. Taping ends around 8 PM. Standbys must bring a government issued photo ID (like a driver’s license or passport). You must be over 18 years old to see the taping.

We hope you post this note on Bwog today.

If you have any questions please email us at audience@thecolbertreport.org

Audience Department
The Colbert Report

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