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img November 10, 201310:30 pmimg 1 Comments

"It's almost that time of the year again where relatives give me free shit!"

“It’s almost that time of the year again when relatives give me free shit!”

Bwog is a glass-half-full kinda group and always likes to think the students of Columbia have bright and shiny futures jam packed with happy things to look forward to. So, we stumbled into the But tonight to ask tonight’s patrons what they’re excited about.

Smoker’s Plaza

  • I’m writing a final paper I’m pretty excited about
  • The world chess tournament.. It’s in India tonight (who knew!)
  • Girl: I just got back from an extended Spring break (from London), so I’m excited to be here! Back in NYC!
    Her Friend: I’m excited for her to be back
  • Italian Gelato in January
  • Junior: Graduating and getting out of here (dark)

You kids say the darndest things



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img November 01, 20119:05 amimg 1 Comments

rose glass

We prefer to look at the future through a couple of rosé-colored glasses

Need a job? Take heart, because your search just got easier. Governor Cuomo has launched a new website to help those on the hunt for employment. (Observer)

Including Columbia, a grand total of 15 hopeful universities have submitted proposals for new engineering campuses to Mayor Bloomberg. “All of the submissions were stronger than anything we could have possibly imagined,” he commented giddily. (Bloomberg)

The Mets, tired of losing all the time always, have found the source of their problems: their ballpark is obviously way too big. They seem to believe that once Citi Field is shortened, they will be able to hit more home runs than their opponents will. (NYTimes)

And who says the economy isn’t recovering? Remember when you guys spent all that money on costumes and candy last weekend? Well it looks like Americans spent almost $7 billion on Halloween this year, including $300 million on pet costumes. (Atlantic)

Speaking of 7 billion, yesterday our world population surpassed just that very number. Look how far we’ve come! And we still have room to grow. (Wired)

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img September 13, 20095:58 pmimg 8 Comments

Nature capped our final free weekend of the semester with some gorgeous weather and a beautiful sunset over Low.  After the nervous excitement of this first week, take some time to relax because it’s the last chance you’ll get.

See you in Butler.

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img October 13, 20083:54 pmimg 0 Comments

Last time we checked in with our pals over at the Business School, things weren’t looking too hot. Since today was the first good day in a long, long time, Bwog headed over to Uris when the stock market closed this afternoon to see what we could find.

B-Schoolers were clustered around the televisions in the lobby, reading the headlines on the 11.6% gain and the European summit this weekend and chatting happily. The powers that be had wisely chosen this particular day to sell Business School merchandise, and Bwog noted long lines of students shelling out $50 for backpacks.

We asked a vendor clad in a B-school T-shirt that read “we’re the GBA, and we’re here to serve you!” if the mood had been a little more cheerful around school today. “It’s hard to say for sure,” he began. We gave him a few moments, and he lifted his head after stacking another $20 bill into his collection. “But yeah,” he continued, and Bwog may have seen a twinkle in his weary B-school eyes, “yeah, a definitely little bit.”



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img December 31, 20079:16 pmimg 15 Comments

The new year is here, and with it, some resolutions of Bwgossipers. Cheers to optimism!

Create a filter to send all career center e-mails directly to Spam

Fill four HamDel cards, topping this semester’s three

Never mention to anyone how much I sleep

Spend more time on Spectator-subversion related tasks

Doodle more, transcribe less

Chalk some sidewalks

Get to know Brooklyn

Spend less time in Butler, more time at the New York Public Library

Gain knowledge in minute detail of something no one else knows about

Pick a writer and read everything he/she has ever written

See J. Joseph Vlasits make it from one end of campus to another on a bike

Walk the perimeter of Central Park over a day

Learn Greek

Record a full-length album with only original songs

Find a perfect macchiato in m-side

Watch the sun set over the Hudson once a week

Stay in NYC over the summer

Make it from one end of campus to another on a bike with the help of Lydia DePillis

Just say no to small talk

Eat fish and eggs

Live outside of New York City for longer than two weeks


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