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Obama releases his birth certificate. The Guardian LIVEBLOGS IT. (The Guardian)

Trump’s actual election chances are not good. (NYMag)

A hacker got information of 77 million people who play online videogames through Sony’s Playstation. (WSJ)

Atheists want to become chaplains in the military. (NYT)

Cops foil the Westboro Baptist Church, probably illegally. (Gawker)

NYC tries to crack down on counterfeit handbags. (Gothamist)

Donald Keene, Japanese literature professor, teaches his last class. (NYT)

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img April 20, 20111:00 pmimg 7 Comments

Cheers to a fairly successful effort to get Obama on campus, in some capacity. Though smaller in scope than some endeavors, ESC 2014 t-shirts do at least get the job done. Silly engineers, Obama went to the College! OR DID HE…?

On an unrelated note, here is a picture of Obama as a pirate. Adorbs.

Fox-worthy newsflash: Obama is actually an African pirate.

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Good budgeting practices start at home: an Italian shopping list.

Bwog hops a lot—it’s how we get our exercise! This week, we kept up with our New Year’s Resolution and lecturehopped our way over to the Italian Academy to the 14th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Form: Crisis in State Budgets. Bwog Budget Bureau Chief (seriously, someone has to regulate our snack expenses!) Zach Kagan reports.

Last Sunday, President Obama announced his new budget plan, which cuts $4 trillion in spending over the next 12 years. But while the nation reels from the president’s announcement, another debt crisis threatens the solvency of state governments. Only four states are entirely debt free, and many of the other face debt that is over 30% of their yearly spending. New York lies somewhere in the middle with a $14 billion deficit, around 15% of yearly spending. While Governor Cuomo is proposing sizable budget cuts and layoffs, the topic of New York’s budget crisis was a timely one for the David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum on Monday. Each year, former New York City Mayor-turned-Columbia professor David Dinkins organizes a forum to discuss pertinent issues with prominent policymakers and academics. This year’s headliners included Kristen Gillibrand, junior Senator from New York, and former Governor David Paterson. (more…)



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Our very own “Colombia University,” President Obama’s alma mater, seems to play a fascinating role in determining his real birth place.



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Guys, getting B's is okay! Stop stressing!

B's on Bwoglines

Congress avoids a full government shutdown and passes a last-minute budget deal that plans to cut $38 million from federal spending. While Planned Parenthood and other groups that provide abortions should go relatively unharmed, President Obama admits that “some of the cuts accepted by Democrats ‘will be painful.'” (NYT)

Columbia superstar professor of mathematics and physics Brian Greene appears in the opening of an episode of The Big Bang Theory in a reading for his newest book, The Hidden Reality. Sheldon is not impressed by Greene’s dumbing down of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. (CBS)

A 17-year-old British high school student literally gets bored stiff in class, yawning so widely that she can’t close her mouth! Let this be a lesson to you all: if you’re too tired to go to class, just sleep in. Classroom fatigue could be hazardous to your health! (Daily Mail)

New Yorkers are catching up with Bwog’s love for Hawkmadinejad and taking hawk bird watching to the next level. First, it was a live nest cam of two hawks (Violet and Bobby) nesting outside of NYU President JSex’s office. Now, the new hawk to watch is Pale Male, whose womanizing ways are receiving major attention. (City Room)

Surprise of the century: New Yorkers love brunch. We guess it’s not just a HIMYM thing! This article even gives our beloved Community Food and Juice a shout out. (WSJ)

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