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UPDATE: Athletics has confirmed that Pete Mangurian will coach Columbia football next year. He has an impressive track record at Cornell, Stanford, LSU and with the NFL.

Notoriously un well-versed in sports, we were intrigued by the financial details of Columbia’s football team, detailed yesterday in the Times:

  • The head coach of the football team is paid somewhere around $250,000 a year. This is comparable to senior administrators and faculty. The average salary for Columbia’s 14 men’s coaches is $94,000.
  • Last year, PrezBo’s salary was $1.5 million, 6.9 times the median professor salary of $222,000, including benefits. This was a 13% decrease from his previous year’s pay.
  • For comparison, John Sexton of NYU earned roughly the same, while Harvard’s Drew Faust, received $875,000 (a 6.4 % increase), and Princeton awarded its president, Shirley Tilghman, $911,000,(a 3.4 % increase).
  • For further comparison, tOSU just hired a new coach on the terms of $4 million annually, and the use of a private jet.
  • The annual expenses of the football team come in around $2.6 million.
  • Two of Columbia’s major donors have made big gifts to Athletics in recent years. Willaim V. Campbell, chairman of the Board of Trustees, pledged $10 million, and Robert K. Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, pledged $5 million. Both played football at Columbia.
  • Columbia’s football team has only played five winning seasons since 1956.



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It's like an emotional one of these

Good News: Tiger Woods won the Chevron World Challenge this weekend, ending a two-year losing streak. Asked whether the emotions he felt were more satisfied or relieved, Woods replied “It just feels awesome whatever it is.” …That’s what she said. (CBS)

Bad News: Times are tough. PrezBo only received $1.53 million in total compensation in 2009, a decrease of 13% from the year before. Don’t fret though, he still lies comfortably in the 1%. (Bloomberg, NYT)

Good News: Feeling stressed? Luckily for us, Slate compiled what just may be the most adorable photo gallery on record: people napping. And yes, there’s a kitten or two thrown in.

Bad News: Your mother always told you that being kind and virtuous would get you far in life. Baseball manager Leo Durocher claimed “nice guys finish last.” Guess who was right. Hint: it wasn’t Mom. (Wired)

The Best News: But there are always signs that despite the apparent chaos and uncertainty in the world, great leaders will step up when duty calls to bring us forward into times of progress and joy. By which we mean Madonna is performing at the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show. (MTV)

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 – We still like to think PrezBo

has this outfit in his closet.

Photoshop credit to “D. Sion G.”

These economic times have been rough on everyone, and even PrezBo’s checkbook is feeling a really tiny bit of heat. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, Bollinger took home a sweet $1,380,035 in total compensation during fiscal year 2008. The Chronicle reports that Bollinger’s “pay is $878,975. Benefits include credits for supplemental retirement income that are based on performance and subject to vesting.”

The number is $40,000 (~3%) decline from his total last year of $1.42 million, and his base pay has declined slightly as well. But PrezBo remains the sixth-best compensated private college president in the country, and first among Ivy League presidents (second is Penn’s Amy Gutmann, with a total of $1.23 million). Then again, looking at our fellow Ivies’ endowment troubles, maybe he deserves a few chunks of change.



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Who will find Columbia librarians places to live? Why, Alan Brinkley, of course! 

Why did PrezBo’s salary rise half a million dollars last year? So he can retire without stress, duh

“But my roommate’s veganism got me thinking”: life’s Big Questions answered here!

Should you invite all your BFFs to your private island for a few days over break? Think twice, wealthy Columbian! 

Why is it this cold a month before it should be? Pretend you’re still enjoying crisp autumn weather and feeling all collegiate with this compilation of fall songs 




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As we reported last month, the economy may be in the tank, but PrezBo’s doing all right for himself: for the 2007-08 year, he’s earning $1.4 million in total compensation. Now, to remind us all just how high a sum that is, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Bollinger was the third-highest paid university president in the country (by total compensation). He trails only Henry Bienen of Northwestern (a cool $1.74 million) and, for reasons explained in this companion article, David Sargent of little-known Suffolk University (a whopping $2.8 million).

Oh and, that $1.4 million does not include the income PrezBo receives from sitting on various executive boards, including the Washington Post and the New York Fed. Hey, PrezBo, can you spare a dime?

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In which Bwog newcomer Anish Bramhandkar keeps you up to date on the latest news in the strange and quirky happenings of the lives of Columbia’s finest.  Beware, in some cases connections to our fair alma mater may be otherwise dubious or somewhat circumspect.

UPDATE: Columbia Economics professors hijack today’s New York Times Op-Ed page to wax about the bailout and their expectations for tonight’s Presidential debate.

CU Researcher Quantifies SEAS Sex Appeal

That Peter Bretter even dated Sarah Marshall to begin with is a mystery CU Business School assistant professor (and MIT graduate) Leonard Lee has solved, according to the Calgary Herald.

According to Professor Lee’s research, men are just as “superficial” as women, but women let their perception of their own appearance limit their dating pool.  Men, on the other hand, will date just about anyone.  The figure of men being 2.5 times more likely to accept date requests just about summarizes the situation in the Carleton Lounge, Bwog figures. (more…)

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