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img August 26, 20112:24 pmimg 4 Comments

Don't bother waiting. It will never come.

If you planned on getting off campus tomorrow and enjoying the city one last time before Hurricane Irene sweeps through, be sure to make it back before noon! Governor Cuomo has ordered a complete shut down of MTA services starting at noon tomorrow. This means subways, buses, LIRR, and the Metro North will begin their final runs at noon and stop shortly thereafter. Seeing as New York is officially in a state of emergency, it probably wasn’t a very good idea to leave anyway. No word on when the MTA will be back up, but except services to be down at least through Sunday.

For Columbia-specific information about preparing for the day after tomorrow, keep checking the official updates from the school.



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img September 24, 201012:55 pmimg 3 Comments

This is a bubble.

As was the case last weekend, 1 train service changes are still in effect. Friends, plan accordingly!

Check here for the scheduled changes, but note that the MTA’s website doesn’t work in Google Chrome.

Photo via kubina‘s flickr.



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img September 16, 20106:00 pmimg 8 Comments

Check the schedule before you leave the bubble this weekend!




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img May 14, 201010:27 amimg 7 Comments

Photo by DHLook what we found! It looks like our beloved 116th stop is going to get subway indicators like its little brother Cathedral Parkway. Now, if you wait for the 1 for 35 minutes on a Saturday night, at least you’ll know you’re in it for the long haul. We’ll let you know when it’s up and running- if you catch it before we do, send a picture using our tips form.

Now that we have your attention, two PSAs: as you move out today, don’t forget to donate what you don’t want to bring home to Give + Go Green. The EcoReps are at the Wien Gate today from 12-5 and there are other more local drop-off stations, too.

Also, attention seniors: if you have a calculator you don’t want anymore, please donate it to the Double Discovery Center. They’ll be given to kids who can’t afford calculators to use on the SATs, putting them at a big disadvantage. Look for drop-off locations in Lerner 306 and for drop-off boxes along the Lerner ramps today from 12-5.



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img April 14, 20109:30 amimg 14 Comments

PrezBo bailed on his usual Freedom of Speech class, but worry not: plans are in the works for a “Global Free Press” substitute. (Spec)

Will anti-Ivy sentiment influence Obama’s next Supreme Court nomination? Debate! (HuffPo)

We might be stressed out, but the Daily Beast thinks we have a bit of fun, too–CU’s number 53 in their new “Happiest Colleges” slideshow. Confirming every suspicion you ever had about our friends across Broadway, Barnard clocks in at no. 36. (The Daily Beast)

Countdown clocks are on the way…in Brooklyn. We’ve still got our eye on that lonely, nonfunctional one in the 110th st. station. (Gothamist)

Welcome to New York: visiting LA Angels (of Anaheim) surprised by suicide leap as they wait for team bus. Naturally, they take photos. (New York Post)

Photo via drocpsu’s Flickr



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img February 06, 20104:00 pmimg 6 Comments

Photo by Margaret Alden

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