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img May 10, 201110:22 amimg 8 Comments

What modern pop star would you trade to have Tupac back?

Microsoft acquired Skype for $8.5 billion. Great, so more blue screens while having skype sex. (Engadget)

MetroCards are being phased out! Over the next three or four years, that is. (NY Daily News)

Brooklyn-based Hasidic Jewish newspaper Der Tzitung photoshopped Hillary Clinton and another woman out of the now famous recent situation room photos. (WaPo, Flickr)

A national emergency alert system is set to roll-out in NYC, and will be in place around the country by the end of 2012. Conspiracy theorists, start your engines. (CBS)

McDonald’s is revamping their style across the nation. Apparently, they want to look like Starbucks. (USA Today)

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img September 10, 20107:30 pmimg 19 Comments

This is in Wien, Austria. Wien, Columbia does not look like this.

If you’re still cursing the housing gods for your 90-square foot single in Wien, cheer up! Though you’ll probably be stuck there all year, at least Housing’s tried to make it a little nicer for ya. Check out our list of all the new renovations, and let us know what other new changes you’ve seen or would like to see in your dorms in the comments. Maybe someone will listen!


  • Renovated floors 3, 4, 5 including new paint, new flooring, and new lounge furniture.
  • Renovated laundry room and painted basement level.
  • Renovated 14th floor lounges including new carpet, paint and new furniture.
  • Installed electronic locks on all room doors.


  • Various small projects including painting and floor refinishing based on the priorities of the groups in residence.
  • Added electronic Lenel readers for access to the remaining seven Brownstones.


  • Renovated the 14th floor including replacing the flooring, new kitchen appliances, and all new furniture.
  • Painted laundry room.
  • Added floor bulletin boards in the high rise.
  • Added bicycle racks on the plaza level.


  • Renovated existing apartment on the first floor to create a new six person suite.


  • Installed new Lobby/Lounge windows on the first floor campus side; Amsterdam side to be completed this fall.

Read more for repairs in Hogan and McBain and updates on wireless



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img September 10, 201010:05 amimg 0 Comments

The friends and students of one of Bwog’s favorite professors, Karl Kroeber, have started a blog in his remembrance. Send in your favorite memories!

LA prison unveils new zapper to control rowdy inmates.

Florida pastor Terry Jones may or may not burn Korans.

Artist Amir Baradaran discovers that cab drivers don’t want to be on TV–even the Taxi kind. Watch his movie during your next drunken cab ride from midtown!

California federal judge declares the US military policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” unconstitutional.

Update: Meghan McCain, CC ’07, was on the Daily Show last night to promote her new book Dirty Sexy Politics.

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img September 09, 20105:30 pmimg 0 Comments

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

At the Package Center:

After foolishly spending too much for stamps in the stamps machine, a twitchy freshperson holds up the envelope and asks an employee:

“Where does the stamp go?”



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img September 09, 20103:30 pmimg 7 Comments

New classes, new freshpeople, and now a new Morningside. They’ve changed everything! Bwog can hardly recognize the place.

On the decorative front:

  • There are the flags — and not just the new ones on Furnald and Hartley Lawns. Lehman Lawn has recently acquired four in yellow, green, red and blue — one for each year. Class spirit…woo!
  • The athletically-inclined will be pleased to find that there are new ellipticals in Dodge, and that the Parks Dept. has finished the new bike path along the Hudson River between 85th and 104th in Riverside Park.
  • 203 Math got carpeting. Now don’t scoff – this couldn’t have been a small feat, what with the 150 tiny holes they must have had to cut out in the carpet before installing it!
  • Amirs has also redecorated.

On the academic front:

  • To add to the pain of registration, adding and dropping core classes now requires your SSN.
  • Columbia is offering Georgian courses this year. (more…)



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img January 28, 20102:35 pmimg 11 Comments

Though Postcrypt opens its first show of the semester this weekend, the coffeehouse continues to struggle to stay up and running in the face an endless stream of administrative hurdles.

After meeting with Columbia administrators on Tuesday, Postcrypt members inform us that they will not be serving alcohol this or next weekend, since they failed to meet the Liquor Authority’s shorter and stricter application deadline. While dry, the coffeehouse will not be required to staff an alcohol proctor, though it will still be required to staff a security guard, following a decision made by the Chaplain to have a security guard at all evening events in St. Paul’s Chapel – an additional cost which would drain both Postcrypt and Security Fund resources. Once Postcrypt does start serving alcohol again, they will need to have two proctors – one to give wristbands and monitor the bar and another to watch the rest of the tiny area. (more…)



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img December 13, 20097:06 pmimg 10 Comments

photoListen, new owners of 999 (at least, that’s what we think it’s called), formerly La Negrita: when New York Magazine names you “The Happening Bar” in the neighborhood, you give thanks and go about doing the things that, you know, won you the distinction in the first place. Or you could go ahead and change the name, we suppose.  Photo evidence at right, and a look at their new bizarrely Anglo (Steak and Kidney Pie?) “Pub Grub” menu after the jump. (more…)

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