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Fruit Paunch costume

Hello, Bwog reader. Welcome to Where Art Thou?, Bwog’s Wednesday feature that tells you about all the super fun artsy things you can do in the Morningside Heights area and beyond. Do not let this week’s list of events fool you—Columbia is quite the hip, artsy community. Just not so much this weekend. Does your event demonstrate just how funny and artsy and cool Columbia is? Then tell us about it at events@bwog.com.


  • SUMMER PHOTOGRAPHY7:30pm – 10:00pm in the basement of St. Paul’s Chapel. Stop by the Chapel Friday night for for the opening reception of Postcrypt Art Gallery’s first show of the year, SUMMER PHOTOGRAPHY, featuring over 20 artists and over 100 works. There will be free snacks.
  • Afropolitan Journey to Africa: Culture and Dance Show, 8pm in Roone. Afropolitan is a cultural show that ASA puts on every year depicting important aspects of African Culture. The show deals with current events on the continent, and includes a fashion show, dances, comedic skits, and an educational portion. Tickets are $10 at the TIC.


  • Fruit Paunch Presents: Joketober!, 8pm – 9pm in Furnald Lounge. Fruit Paunch is Columbia’s oldest improv group. If you’re looking for an improv fix, stop by Furnald on Saturday to see Fruit Paunch’s fall show! Free.



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img September 28, 20102:15 pmimg 5 Comments

Well, first the 1 wasn’t running. From an overcrowded replacement shuttle bus:

PA system: Thank you for using the MTA.

Old woman: Oh, shut up!

(Everyone cheers)

And then we had to come to terms with ill-advised decisions. At John Jay Sunday brunch:

Distinctly Continental chap, to a lady-friend: “I have been reminded of what I did last night, and I apologize.”

It happens to the best of us, pal. Blame it on MTA-induced stress. Or the booze.



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img January 25, 20074:19 pmimg 1 Comments

Once again – it’s time for last chance arts. After this weekend, these things will be gone forever, so take advantage while you still can! (Is it appropriate to apply the expression “carpe diem” to a Renee Zellweger movie?)

1.  Miss Potter closes at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square this weekend to make room for the re-release of The Departed. Martin Scorsese’s movie may have gunplay, mob intrigue, and a potty-mouthed Marky Mark, but does it have Beatrix Potter? I, for one, have absolutely no recollection of Potter’s stories, but apparently they were good clean fun. $11 worth of fun? You decide. Notable for: shafting Kate Winslet by casting a Texan woman as a British cultural icon – yet again.

2.  The Good German ends its run at the Paris Theatre (West 58th Street) on Thursday, when Breaking and Entering (Jude Law! Juliette Binoche! No hype whatsoever!) opens. If you love black-and-white movies and old-Hollywood glamour – and Casablanca isn’t in stock at

// –> Butler Media – you might as well see Cate Blanchett and George Clooney romp through post-war Berlin. Notable for: Tobey Maguire as another man with a hidden dark side. (This is only notable for those who have yet to see the Spider-Man 3 trailer.)

3.  Restaurant Week is ending soon, so get out there, make like a tourist, and stuff your face on the (relatively) cheap. Notable for: Better than Ferris Booth, and with desserts less “Tasti,” and thus less obviously toxic.


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