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img February 07, 20125:05 pmimg 2 Comments

we took a sneak peek...literally

For those of you who consider chocolate on par with sex, tonight is the night to test out your theory once and for all. The Columbia Culinary Society is hosting a kinky showdown combined chocolate tasting and erotic cake competition tonight at 9:30 in the Satow room. 10 different types of chocolate will be featured, and only God knows how many types of positions body types cakes. Providing mood music to your sexy night out: Columbia’s weirdly appropriately titled band, Ace of Cake. Head over for a night of sweet sin sweet treats. Bwog can only speculate about the realization of our dream of a real live penis cake for Miley Cyrus to eat inappropriately.

 Overly realistic interpretation via Wikimedia Commons



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img April 28, 20114:30 pmimg 11 Comments

These soup dumplings are actually the most relevant image that responded to search keyword "steamy." Seriously. The runner-up was a photo of a man's hands resting on an airplane seat-back table.

It’s late April; soon, it will be May. Finals are approaching. We, too, have been spending most of our waking hours—and a few sleeping ones, too—growing paler and paler in Butler, where the existence of something called “sun” is just a vague rumor we overheard two freshmen gossiping about once. So there are really only a few things on every non-senior’s mind right now: cramming for exams, how to schedule maximum Bacchanal day-drinking in light of three essays due the following Monday, whether or not there’ll be a new installment of Butler Bingo

But—wait! Remember sex? (Note: It’s that thing we allegedly aren’t having.)

Here to help keep it in mind is Columbia’s newest sex magazine, “The Morningside After.” The cleverly titled mag—especially compared to any of our ideas (“CollegeWalk of Shame,” or maybe “In Nipples Tuo, Videbimus Nipples”)—intends to bring sex and sexuality into the mainstream discussion.

Co-founder Leena Charlton (CC’12) told Bwog a little bit about what distinguishes it from sex magazines past. “We aim to be a magazine about sexuality as a whole and bringing it into a popular discussion,” she explained. “As much as C-Spot was one about erotica and languishing in the esoteric nature of sex in our culture, a lot of their pieces ended up being tales of tawdry sex, or erotic fiction that was sometimes a little too imaginative.”

Charlton said that along with short pieces aimed specifically at Columbians, “The Morning After” will include science-oriented articles and longer journalistic features. Its premiere issue hits campus on May 2.

Just saucy enough image via Wikimedia Commons.



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img April 21, 201111:30 amimg 10 Comments

You're not the only one who woke up in a daze this morning; this penguin did too. Luckily, you're both invited to the College Days event!

Heartbroken because of the change in date? Still hungry from yesterday? Didn’t care it was 4/20 then and wish we would stop making stupid references to it in Bwog posts, while simultaneously seeking free food and/or entertainment?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, you’ll be happy to know that life does in fact go on. And so do the road-trip-themed College Days! Free stuff ensues. Today, head over to Portland today from 12 til’ 2 pm. And by Portland, we mean Van Am Quad.

The offerings include local organic food, student art and photo exhibits (including a photography project by the CU Photography society), paint throwing with Postcrypt (yeah, we have no idea, either…), live music, and free tee-shirts! If you’re trying for the tees, word is that they’ll arrive at 1 pm, so plan accordingly.

Enjoy the festivities, and don’t forget to drive safely*.


Dazed and confused penguin via Wikimedia Commons.

*Attempted road trip joke.



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img April 12, 20119:30 amimg 4 Comments

"The object of the game (is essentially) to press your handle down again and again as fast as you can, with no rhythm, no timing, just slam-slam-slam as your hippo surges out to grab marble after marble from the game surface...."

Hungry judges are less likely to grant you parole. (ABC)

Hungry for more, and now shut down. The Winklevii were finally stonewalled in Federal Court. (Reuters)

(Probably) hungry former NFL tackle Jon Runyan already represents the Garden State in Congress. Soon, he may have another athlete for company—Carl Lewis, Olympic gold medalist, is now running for New Jersey State Senate, which is not the same as Congress. (AP)

Hungry for a stable and fair international monetary system, the prolific Joseph Stiglitz calls for a global reserve currency. (Bloomberg)

Hunger satisfiers Frites ‘N’ Meats were involved in an accident that resulted in their truck bursting into flames. But never fear, everyone will be “ok.” (CBS)

Dormant Hippopotami via Wikimedia Commons



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img October 03, 20105:30 pmimg 0 Comments

Artist's rendering of last week's meeting

Hey there,

Bwog is having a staff meeting tonight at 7 PM in the SGO on Lerner 5, and you’re invited!

Even if you’ve never come to a meeting before, Bwog wants to be your friend and wants you to come to the meeting. If you have been to one (or more!) of Bwog’s meetings, Bwog wants you to come back and continue to be friends.

As if the chance to hang out in Lerner isn’t enough to entice you, there will be free food.



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