We can’t make this stuff up. A number of SIPA groups are collaborating to present “the very first public tasting in the US of Kyrgyzstan’s favorite drink.”

Today. 6-9 p.m. 6th floor Student Lounge, IAB. Be there.

“Kyrgyz favorite drink kymyz is made from horse milk which is poured into a special leather bag – and is then stirred with a special wooden stick which is called ‘bishkek.’ The name of this stick is given to the current capital of the Republic.”

Beyond the fermented horse milk, the evening’s menu includes borsok (fried pastries), chak-chak (sweet dessert), batyr-nan (traditional flat bread), and ikra (caviar).

The schedule of events is a brief presentation on the health benefits of drinking horse’s milk, a picturesque slide show, presentation of traditional Kyrgyz music, carpets, and handicrafts, a costume show, and finally, the eating.