Barnard is Hot

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Warner Brothers may have censored itself to stay on the good side of the FCC’s new indecency standards, but you can catch the uncut premier episode of the Bedford Diaries, filmed on the Barnard campus, at the WB website before the sanitized one runs on Wednesday. Sexy professors! Suicides! Unrequited love! Is YOUR life this exciting?

The Splog is on the story, too.

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  1. Stephen

    This show is awesome!

    I guess I have a weakness for silly WB shows, maybe that's why I can't get a date through Bwog. weak.

  2. original...

    I can't believe I'm watching this show. It's ridiculous!!!! So many hos. NO WONDER IT WAS FILMED AT BARNARD.

  3. Oh, Stephen

    I think it was the Carrie Underwood that did you in.

    Not that I don't love it when Jesus takes the wheel.


  4. taurus

    columbia students wish we got as much action as these characters

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