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The LLC: always a treasure trove of crazy shit.

First, Bwog ran across boxes begging for the anonymous return of John Jay plates, silverware, and salt and pepper shakers, like those boxes at summer camp where counselors told you to put your drugs when no one was looking, no questions asked. I mean, we all do it.

Then, Bwog noticed a little note scrawled on the corner of a poster calling out an ethnic slur. Surely, the best forum for fighting racism and intolerance in all its forms.

Finally, there is a couch in Hartley’s fast elevator. Said a Bwog tipster at 3:30 AM: “I’m sitting on it right now…The absurd part is that I get wireless internet here, sitting inside this thick-walled metal box, and not in my room.”

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  1. wirc  

    So, those signs aren't just ethnically insensitive, they're misspelled. I'm pretty sure it's "gypped" - So was it a weak attempt at being PC or just stupidity? 'Cause having two kinds of ignorance would be awesome.

  2. ...  

    Yeah, it's "gypped", not "jipped". I don't really think they're that insensitive though...

  3. john jay  

    they put those boxes out every year. nice of them to add pictures though.

  4. Hamilton  

    Without racism half of our vocabulary wouldn't exist.

  5. Avoiding Writing my UW Retrospective  

    ok, the word 'gypped' has been part of our vocabulary for a long while now. Intentions are more important than words, and I'm guessing that whoever mispelled the word. I ask everybody who feels offended to listen to "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist" from Avenue Q. Just because it's an awesome song. Yes

  6. ok, but

    can you post the information for the rest of the poster? I want cheap storage.

    • shira  

      Those flyers were all over the place yesterday. Actually, either the one pictured was near the John Jay elevators, or someone wrote the exact same thing on a flyer in JJ. Yeah, just look around and you'll probably see one (unless someone's ripped them all down already).

      I was a little surprised the people who made the flyers didn't think about the racial slur thing... It probably didn't offend a lot of people, but still.

  7. yea  

    i think that slur isn't obvious. when i saw the poster i thought, i'm pretty they spelled that wrong and also, isn't that a slur against some group. but i couldn't remember which one.

  8. I mean  

    how many rambling gypsies are there around campus?

  9. McFister

    I went out to dinner with a gypsy once. We skipped out on the bill.

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