I’ve memorized every crack in the wall of the card catalogue room but sadly, nothing else…

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Leo Gertsenshteyn reports:

A man in a banana costume just ran screaming through 209 Butler. Luckily, it has promptly returned to being an uneventful night of studying and NSA sex in the stacks.

And overheard in Butler Cafe:

Girl: Oh guess what! I’m soooo excited! I got my books on
Mesopotamia today!
Guy: Oh, cool. What class are they for?
Girl: Oh, they’re just fun books on Mesopotamia, for my own reading
Guy (a little caught off gaurd): Oh . . . I didn’t know they made
FUN books about Mesapotamia.
Girl: Don’t be silly! Are there any other kind!!??

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  1. Whoa!  

    Was it GOB selling Bluth frozen bananas?

  2. Leo Gertsenshteyn  

    Surprisingly enough, I'm also the guy in that conversation. Apparantly, tonight, I *am* Mr. Excitement at Columbia... I mean, it's true every night; I'm just glad just people are finally noticing.

  3. Alina  

    mesopotamia. rocks. the books were

    the cultural atlas of ancient mesopotamia. it has pictures.

  4. leo  

    you have finally gotten your due.

    duzhe dobry.

    yak sprave.

  5. hmm  

    The banana and friends were snapping photos of one another with mouths agape in silence in the 2nd floor bathroom. Banana has no cred.

    • wait...  

      you were there too? definitely took a break from my paper to walk into the bathroom and thought i was having a hallucination, since lo and behold there was a giant banana. glad to know i'm not crazy...just exhausted

  6. Peanut butter jelly! Peanut butter jelly!

    Peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat!

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