Scene: a bar on the Upper East Side.

A curly-haired man in his mid-20s approaches a Barnard senior and asks if she’s heard of David Blaine. “David and I, we’re kind of friends,” the man says. He then reveals that he’s a magician, and offers to show her a trick. “Sure,” she says, at which point the man reaches into his pocket and produces a dark blue velvet pouch.

Realizing that he’s for real, the Barnard student brings over her friends to see the spectacle. He places three coins in her hand and closes her fingers over the coins. When she opens her hand, the original coins have transformed into … different coins. The girls applaud and disperse.

He then asks if the girl wants to go out with him sometime and “see the real magic.”

Also! Learn why “God is just an overhyped David Blaine.”