This Year’s Dorm Themes: The Best Ever

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This year’s dorm themes make Bwog want to live in all of the dorms at once!


East Campus’ Diverse and Tolerant!: Most Cuddly

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Broadway’s Project Broadway: Best Idea For A Reality TV Show


Carman’s S.S. Carman: Because A Cruise Is All About Drinking, Vomiting

Schapiro’s Schapaint by Numbers: Best Representation of What College Kids Do On Weekends

Wien’s Wientendo: Most Appropriate

Update: Bwog did indeed neglect to acknowledge two of perhaps the best dorm themes.

super j

John Jay’s Super J: Most Unrealistic

snakes on mcbain

McBain’s Snakes on McBain: Best acknowledgement of what it might be like to live there in the dead of winter with no light and the smell of exam fear wafting through the halls  


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  1. confused  

    is EC diverse and tolerant really more cuddly than Ruggles Snuggles?

  2. upset  

    how did snakes on mcbain not make the list?

  3. J J  

    What about Super Jay?

  4. i agree

    that snakes on mcbain is quite the oversight

  5. The Hulk  

    hogan knows best!

  6. uhhh

    it says "WATTch out" in the snakes on mcbain sign. is it supposed to be the Watt theme too? i don't get it.

  7. Good job BWOG!  

    Nice coverage!

  8. Nice!

    Oh god, who thought of EC (or should we say, who was trying to suck up to Darleny) - Tao or Riddhi?

  9. Watt RA  

    Yes! Watt and McBain share a theme!

  10. oh please  

    please tell me the EC theme was suggested as a joke initially....

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