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A Disorienting Parade

disorientation 006_1Those getting busted at the b-ball frat bash probably missed Saturday night’s alternative midnight mischief —  Symposium (aka Potluck) House and friends on their frenetic parade around campus. The trill of kazoos (playing the Star Wars theme), accordions, oboes, and the clamor of tambourines, pots and pans, accompanied the shouts of a motley crew of stilt-walking, Welsh-flag carrying, and otherwise costumed merry-makers as they danced through campus at midnight.

They paused on the Low Steps after their tour, where irreverence ensued — think three tent circus + impromptu improv + capoeira battle.

The impetus for the sponteneity?

Excerpt from the sunny email from Symposium House about their annual disorientation parade after the jump.

columbia needs more spectacle, more FIRECRACKERS, more joy and dancing in

the streets, more DANCE PARTIES and more wild frolicking KISSES and FLAGS

and more COLORS and also we are rocket ships!!!

disorientation 005

further, Columbia University attempts to instill a rigidity and normality and a general institutionality which hates UPSET!!!

and so! there will occur an anarchist disorientation parade full of spectacle, sound, color, dancing this saturday at midnight!! at the Columbia Lion (near mathematics and the gym!!) it’s like a subway party, but not on a subway, but still so so so beautiful…bring all the new columbians you know, bring your NOISEMAKERS and COLORS and LOUD VOICES

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  • Wondering says:

    @Wondering Where is the Symposium House?

    1. Q.R. says:

      @Q.R. It’s between Broadway and Amsterdam on 113th? It’s hard to miss when you’re there.

  • no... says:

    @no... that’s symposium the restaurant. the special interest housing brownstone is on 114th between broadway and riverside.

    1. Ohhh says:

      @Ohhh But Symposium the restaurant is probably a better choice anyways, what with their pitchers of delicious sangria. Mmmm.

    2. Q.R. says:

      @Q.R. Oh, no kidding? Whoops.

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