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We were there when students stormed the stage in Columbia’s Alfred Lerner Hall and chased off the Minutemen, and we were there with the chanting crowd outside. We reserve the right to set the record straight. This item will be updated as news breaks.

stewartO’Reilly Factor, interview with Marvin Stewart:

We would like to remind you that the head of Columbia’s College Republicans is named Chris Kulawik, not Chris Collawick.

We would like to clarify that on no occasion did we hear any of those present at Wednesday’s fracas shouting out racial epithets or slurs; and that, too, no epithets or slurs were overheard by us within or near the protest area at Broadway and 115th St.

Most importantly, we can confirm that Mr. Stewart was gravely misinformed as to the content of the trilingual banner he referenced in his interview with Mr. O’Reilly. In no way was a denial of the holocaust expressed by Columbia students’ signage. The  English and Spanish of the poster in question, easily recognized, restated the common slogan, “NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL,” and the Arabic more closely translated the same sentiment. Several people emailed us to say that they had scanned “insaan” for “holocaust.” We have gone through the dictionaries: insaan, bas
signed on the root of ans (man or human being), translates as “human.” Pardon our pedantry when we say that “holocaust” would likely be expressed as a compound noun and would certainly be rooted in either “fire” or “massacre,” each of which has a very different spelling from ans. The banner Mr. Stewart mentioned simply restated one message in three languages: “NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL.” 

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  1. The Dink  

    such blatant lying for the sake of attention and dividing just proves how invalid the minutemen are. they don't actually represent rational republican arguments!

  2. moph  

    i really like that bwog has an ongoing correcting the record column. good for y'all!

  3. DHI  

    Listen, Bwog: Your coverage on the Minuteman thing has been good but with one horrible oversight: Where are your jokes about the HISTORICAL Minutemen? There are like A MILLION MOTHERFUCKING JOKES you could be making right now AND THE TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

  4. bwog  

    you are purely lying if you say there were no slurs hurled. i and a bunch of other attendees in the front row can attest to the fact that the n word was said, so were a bunch of white black jokes, and there were also nazi salutes given

    the beauty of this is we have pictures and cameraphone tapes and i'm sure they'll be made available

    otherwise, you're right stewart is stupid for thinking the sign was denying the holocaust

    • You just go ahead  

      and come back when you *do* have some evidence, then, anonymous Internet man. 'Kay?

    • John  

      Raised fists can be socialist salutes, Roman salutes, black power salutes, general chanting and angry waving of fists, mockery of Nazi salutes, or, as you suggest, angry anonymous poster who won't come onto the record, Nazi salutes. We encourage you not to read too much into symbols.

      I agree though, a slur is a slur and I hope we can confirm or deny that these things happened when the administration gets down to investigating.

      DHI, make all the jokes you want. I don't think anyone else wants to do it in front of the media. They might spin it.

      • well  

        The Nazis saluted with their hands flat like in a Roman salute, not in a fist.

        • Didthey  

          Did they? Are you sure they weren't mocking the connections between the Minuteman group and the National Vanguard, a white supremacist neo-Nazi group? Oh well, whatever, context doesn't matter, my suggestion to you is to get on the OReilly Factor and tell the world about the IslamoFascistLeftists as soon as possible!

  5. media watch  

    While you're at it, you should also also make note of the inaccuracies in several other media sources, including the NY Sun, which described students rushing the stage, brawling, and then unfurling a banner in victory. It's amazing how desperately they want to frame this is a 'crazy leftist students attack civil adults' story than as a 'hard-liners from both sides of the issue, including non-student Minutemen supporters, turned violent Thursday, after the audience was repeatedly incited with insults and attacks on its dignity' -- which is what actually occurred.

  6. chris  

    kulawik owes columbia a big fucking apology for bringing people who treat accuracy in the media like this to campus.

    • columbia deserves  

      to be taken out of any serious discussion as an institution of 'higher' learning w/numskulls like you here

    • vandy grad student

      People at columbia should be ashamed of this. You look like a joke to the rest of the country. Im sick of illegals in my country demanding rights when they broke the law. I support the minute men, and think you people are clearly out of your mind. You only want people who agree with you to speak, and you do all you can to drown out opposing viewpoints. Liberal my ass. You are the most intolerant people around, I dare you to come down south and try a stunt like that. You would get the shit kicked out of you. The minutemen have not killed any illegals, and in fact have provided aide to those they come across in the desert. No one gets assaulted at their protests but them. All you have done is proven O'Reilly right about you. Congrats, morons.

  7. sad  

    man, all this media att'n is probably stressing out our fair prezbo...

  8. um guess  

    what bwog. you posted in teh original thing that republicans and supporters were the first one in teh violence w/o any evidence backing it up.. you tried to spin and fling shit as did indy media. now you have teh weight of mainstream media against you and you're takign it up the butt

    i'm sorry. but i'm not going to help you now. even as a columia student, i hope all our degrees are n't worth the paper they're written on by the time we got here

  9. wtf  

    A banner denying the holocaust? Lets say these batsh-t insane minutemen are right and the leftists really ARE fascists who hate Jews. Why the hell would they openly put that on a banner and why the hell would they unfurl such a message at an event about illegal immigration? Thats by far the stupidest thing I've heard in quite a while.

  10. hi. I was  

    at the event and am part of the republicans. we'll be posting up pictures eventually and some of them do have nazi salutes. either way, despite the absence of civility wednesday, there's no need on either side to namecall or curse at this point and make a bad situation worse.

    • wtf  

      Cant wait till I see these pictures of pro-illegal-immigrant protestors giving HEIL HITLER salutes at an event about illegal immigraton. Anyway, while theres no need to namecall, namecalling is pretty deserved if someone is going to go out and claim that a group is DENYING THE HOLOCAUST when it can be proven to be a COMPLETE LIE.

  11. Bwog  

    "Insaam" corrected to read, "insaan."

  12. holocaust  

    "Insaan" can never be remotely translated as "holocaust", and "La yujad" wouldn't even make sense in that context ("La yujad" literally means "It can't be found" -- "A holocaust can't be found"? That's not really Arabic). Anyone who would say something like that is either clearly joking, outright lying, or horribly, horribly ignorant.

  13. ...  

    I'm gonna go with "outright lying" for 10, Alex.

  14. MarvinStewart  

    Actually a combination of "horribly, horribly ignorant" and "completely deluded" is more like it. I mean, come on, this is SO obviously a product of the Liberal mainstread Kennedy establishment east-coast media its not even funny. Its so obvious that these socialist groups are really just fascist Nazi sympathizers that want to kill all Jews, claim that the holocaust never happened, murder white people, have Mexicans take over the Southwest and implement a worldwide Fascist Socialist Islamic Theocracy. Yet the dang liberal media wont pick up on it and continues to attack righteous minded folk everywhere for having facts. SHAME.

  15. Ron Lewenberg

    Mr. Stweart was misinformed about the content of the banner. However many of the protestors storing the stage are the smae ones who brought in Norman Finkelstien and regularly call for the mass murder and enslavement of Jews via the destruction of Israel.

    Having been in the audience I herd Stewart called vile names by racists. He was called an "uncle Tom" and a "House Ni--er".

    These racist thugs on the left assume that everyone must think and act alike according to skin color and race. They believe in a racial Marxism to distribute power agains the oppressor whites.
    Fascism has coe to America as anti-fascism.

    • LMAO  

      "Fascism has come to America as anti-fascism."

      Hahaha, that is so f'ing Orwellian its beyond funny. It also summarizes every single Chris Kulawik Spectator article ever written. I don't know why he bothers to write out 500 words of stuff when he can just say "Racism has come to America in the form of anti-racism" or "Oppression has come to America in the form of anti-oppression" every single time. I can't wait till President Kulawik brings us our freedom through some anti-freedom programs.

  16. Bwog  

    More changes to phrasing; can't be too careful...

  17. some guy  

    "Oh, Columbia University, as I said in the 'Talking Points,' is a disgrace..."

    This is indeed a proud day for Columbia University.


    O'Reilly called Columbia a disgrace. That dumb piece of shit went to fucking MARIST. Fuck him.

  19. oh yeah  

    Also from O'Reilly:

    But Lee Bollinger, the president of Columbia was invited on this program tonight to explain how this could happen at his university. This is not the first time this happened there. This is a radial-left university. Bollinger is hiding under his desk, as he always does. I'll tell you what, you have a lot of courage to go into that forum. I did speak at Columbia a couple of years ago, I would not go back. I think it is that bad. It's that out of control."

    Fuck off, O'Reilly.

  20. accuracy?

    Hello, but has no one else noticed that this post contradicts the photo that is part of it?? I know this is small, but it's excruciatingly, painfully obvious: the poster said "No one is illegal" in the English, and roughly the same thing in Spanish. (Not "No human being is illegal") Did Bwog take a close look at that photo?? Did anyone else?? I definitely can't translate the Arabic, so that might be closer to "No human being," but seriously, this inaccuracy really bothered me.

    • John Klopfer  

      Please note our staff post above about phrasing: while the poster says NOONE IS ILLEGAL (and therefore has a misspelling in it) the slogan is NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL. I won't postulate as to why the banner carries a different variant, but I will point you to the post again: "the Arabic more closely translated" the sentiment of the original slogan. The Arabic is literally translable as: There does not exist a human without [lawfulness or legality—only the root is legible].

      I would also like to point out to those on this thread that the post is not about the protest itself. Talk about whatever you want, but the topic is spin. Have a field day, kids.

  21. while insaan  

    is the arabic word for human and the root deals w/ humanity, in arabic no one (like the number) doesn't make sense. so in this case, the best translation from english to arabic is no person/no human. so the protesters wrote: no one is illegal, then translated to spanish and arabic, now bwog translates back to english and it comes out "no human being is illegal".

    same diff

  22. abc  

    I'm glad O'Reilly didn't praise our school, do u really a guy like him to give us compliments?

  23. hmm  

    where is prezbo anyway?

  24. Jonah

    Hey, it's Ron Lewenberg, head of New Yorkers for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and former leader of the Columbia College Conservative Club.

    I once asked Ron if he was ashamed to be in a group (CCCC) started by a National Alliance member, Alfred Zaragoza. Ron informed me that it was in fact he, and not "Crazy Cell Phone Guy" as Alfred used to be knowed, who had organized CCCC.

    But I digress...

    • Ron Lewenberg

      "Hey, it's Ron Lewenberg, head of New Yorkers for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and former leader of the Columbia College Conservative Club."

      Actually, I am Vice President of New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement. I wish I were trustifarian who could spend his whole day on activism, but I have a job.

      "I once asked Ron if he was ashamed to be in a group (CCCC) started by a National Alliance member, Alfred Zaragoza. Ron informed me that it was in fact he, and not "Crazy Cell Phone Guy" as Alfred used to be knowed, who had organized CCCC."

      I did form CCCC. The impetus was the Accuracy in Academia conference, which the wannabee NKVD members kicked off campus.

      PS. Is this Jonah Birch?

  25. AZ Mom

    Do students at Columbia learn anything except intolerance, writing with Sharpies, and vocal chord exercising? The Minutemen were INVITED to your school for a LECTURE and DEBATE. Perhaps, when your professors aren't busy teaching you all of this anti American blather, they can perhaps direct you to open a dictionary and look up the definitions of those words. I feel sorry for any of the parents that thought they brought up their children to be polite and gracious to their guests, even when disagreeing with their views strongly. They now have first hand knowledge that all of these efforts went for naught. Americans should cherish their right to protest and free speech but to be intolerant to those who have views opposite of your own, tells more about the rancourous mob than the ones attempting to speak by the rules. Shame on the administration and students of Columbia.

    • Paul  

      "Perhaps, when your professors aren't busy teaching you all of this anti American blather"

      This raises an interesting point. Some media are portraying Columbia as an "ultra-left" (O'Reilly) institution full of radical professors and administrators who are indoctrinating students and condoning violent protest.

      Do any students here actually think that's the case?

    • please  

      Please don't assume that the few people who took their protest to the stage represent how most Columbia students or faculty think about how people ought to behave in reaction to those they disagree strongly with. The vast majority of the people who oppose the Minutemen made their opinion known by either protesting in a way that did not disturb the Minutemen's speech or by actually attending the event, waiting to hear the speakers, and then asking them questions or engaging in a controlled debate. I think that's one of the most important points that the coverage of all this is overlooking.

    • Sorry  

      Sorry, I'm too busy reading some anti-American texts written by Ahmedinejad, assigned to me by my Islamic Fascist Nazi Socialist Anti-Americanist professor for our HOW TO HATE AMERICA v1001 class to read your message. But seriously Arizona mom, our school is SO BAD, you wouldn't believe it! All they teach is how to hate America, I don't even understand why. My parents only sent me here because they're a part of the east-coast liberal cabal and are members of the Secular-Progressive Agenda (SPA). Did you know they make us read THE KORAN here in Sophomore year? Yeah, its THAT BAD. They also make us read The Bible as a philosophical/literary text instead of as the Word of G-d. So my advice is, whatever you do, DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS HERE. In fact, this crap is spreading so fast, DONT SEND YOUR KIDS TO COLLEGE AT ALL. Teach them at home, possibly move to a compound in Montana, teach them what really matters, you know survival skills for when this Islamic Fascist Socialist theocracy of the Democratic Party collapses and Jesus Christ leads Americans in a war for liberty!

    • By that logic..  

      In other news, I have heard that at least 10 or 15 people who live in AZ are child molestors. Don't Arizonans do anything other than victimize children?! I feel sorry for any parents of people who live in Arizona. You Arizonans should be ashamed of yourselves.

  26. kudos  

    to the Arizona Mom for using the word "naught"

    boo-dos to the person who called all columbia students "numskulls"

    i'm still waiting for the anal, poster 11.

  27. kulawik  

    is going to be on o'reilly tonight. probably to beat off together to the defamation of america hating liberals

  28. someone  

    someone please use one of these national media outlets to, of all things, DEFEND COLUMBIA. we do not deserve to all be portrayed as laughingstocks because some of the socialists do not understand how to effectively or civilly protest and debate. I have friends who fear going back to their somewhat less than 100% blue state hometowns and being tarred as "indoctrinated" or, worse, uneducated because o'reilly is such an authority in those places. it's a shame that otherwise uninvolved columbia students are being implicated in the stupid decisions of a few protesters and the even stupider spin machine of fox news. SOMEONE DO SOMETHING. bollinger? brinkley? ghost of alexander hamilton?

    • Sprinkles  

      Don't count on Bollinger to do anything but reiterate the status quo, maybe throwing in a few words to the extent of "we value free speech." He's incredibly disappointing as a president.



    • lol  

      LOL, actually I think they do know how to protest pretty effectively, considering they completely shut down that guy. I see your point though, they should definitely start emulating the Democrats in how they protest, cause we all know how effective those have been.

      Also, don't worry, President Bollinger is coming to your rescue (as well as the rescue of uninvolved students everywhere): he just sent out a mass-email condemning the protestors.

      Also, I guess people like you prove Ralph Nader and one of his adages true. Its useful to remember: "If you aren't turned onto politics, politics will turn on you".

  29. Anonymous

    I love Fox News: So Fair and Balanced.
    Fair and Balanced my ass.
    If Fox ever gives a compliment to this school, I'll hide under the table like Prezbo. By the way, Arizona mom, we don't want your kids in the east. I don't want more ignorant people around NYC. We only want people who are willing to challenge some else's idea.

  30. JWNaperville

    Reading these comments has left me questioning the rationality of about half the posters. Name calling and swearing at people is so junior high school it makes Columbia look like .... well, you decide for yourself. When I see some rational, logical and pursuasive arguments made by some Columbia students or alumni I'll start to think more highly of the school. But as of now, I am extremely disapointed in the quality of the comments and this clearly reflects poorly upon anyone going to, or an alumni of, Columbia. I used to have a high regard for Columbia as an academic institution. Not any more. You all have really disgraced your school. Grow up and become adults and reason with others and they will respect you. Otherwise, bwawawawawawawaaaah.

  31. LibSmasher

    You Lefties cannot stand the fact that Fox News shows you up as the hypocrites and liars that you are. Free speech my ass! You are only tolerant of the views you find tolerable.

  32. Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure the majority of the name calling and swearing has come from people outside of the university who saw FOX news and came on here. Notice how everyone on this thread is bashing Columbia and talking about how bad of a school it is.

    Thanks, try again.

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