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Bwog must interrupt its holiday programming for this important announcement.

daily newsThe New York Daily News, that staid bastion of equanimity, has declared that Columbia is out of control, and they’re not talking politics: this time, it’s all that wild crazy sex. The 1,200-word feature story (which ran online with the dubiously related picture at right) cites example after example to prove that Columbians have finally gotten too randy for their own good. Among them:

Exhibit A: An undercover Daily News reporter witnesses a lecture in Hamilton in which a man named “Dov” flogged a female student volunteer with various objects.

Exhibit B: Miriam Datskovsky weighs in. “Everything is so much easier and so much quicker,” she told the paper. “You go to dinner and then have sex.”

Exhibit C: “Smut TV,” in which CTV airs “hard-core porn” involving “a naked couple engaged in sex.” Financed by the school. Broadcast into dozens of rooms and lounges. Really.

Bwog must concede, Columbia has fallen to the purveyors of vice…now if only a little more of it would come our way.

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  1. rjt  

    I love the obviously out-of-context bit about love letters.

  2. rwd  

    The fact that people at this school actually have the time to have sex SHOULD be news.

  3. journalism  

    still lookin' for it in the NYDN!

  4. wait...  

    I'm more a fan of how everything in our CRAZY CULTURE OF SEXINGS sort of revolves around sex without being sex itself. Take a guess at the one thing NOT involved in bondage classes, condom giveaways, sex toy exhibitions, naked parties, the Naked Run, genital pastries, Butler sex fantasies, blah blah blah...NO. ACTUAL. DOIN. IT.
    The Daily News is garbage for not picking up on that. That's the hit piece meat right there: that we're not fucking, but rather, a bunch of fucking dorks. We are not walking the walk, the lib-anarcho-terror-commie-bleedyheart walk. All I'm saying is: orgy. I mean that imperatively. It's time to live up to our rep. I say 29 days before 40s on the steps, we get buckwild in front of Pan.

    • Well said, sir  

      "That's the hit piece meat right there: that we're not fucking, but rather, a bunch of fucking dorks."

      This is so true. Only like 12 people per year actually have sex in Butler. In fact, if you look at the National Health Interview Survey or whatever they call that questionnaire that queries students about their sexual behavior, I'd bet Columbia has a low rate of sexual activity.

  5. ugh  

    It's actuall the most unnecessarily negativley slanted article I've read about Columbia in a long time.....including O'Riley's lovely comments about U Of Havana North

  6. yes  


    Seriously, the scope of this article covers what, a few dozen people, and maybe a few more cajoled into attending naked parties? Journalism is assy.

  7. i think  

    my favorite part is the photo--since when does "Chris Kulawik" illustrate the idea of wild sex?

  8. Mike

    Hey, speaking of the Naked Run, did that happen this year? I was looking to Bwog to give me the heads up.

  9. Well  

    Chris Kulawik has never had sex.

  10. McFister

    Who is the mook behind Kulawik?

  11. re: Douglas Feiden  

    A quick google-search reveals that Douglas Feiden, the author of the wild sex hit piece, is also the creative genius behind the "Poison Ivy" editorial circa 2004 MEALAC protest []

    The man clearly has an agenda. I'm too lazy to check out his other pieces but I'm sure they all scream about how Columbia is out of control. What a creepazoid.

  12. why would  

    that "undercover daily news reporter" agree to be a part of this shit show of a story? i thought he was better than this?

  13. Anonymous  

    This is the same guy who wrote the "Poison Ivy" piece in the daily news last year. He probably pulled the photo from his file of bad things about columbia.

    • McFister

      His marriage notice:

      WEDDINGS;Lucette Lagnado, Douglas Feiden

      Lucette Matalon Lagnado, the executive editor of The Forward in New York, and Douglas Michael Feiden, the weekly newspaper's national editor, are to be married today in New York. Rabbi Rafael Benchimol is to perform the ceremony at the Manhattan Sephardic Congregation.

      The bride, who is keeping her name, is the author of "Children of the Flames: Dr. Mengele and the Untold Story of the Twins of Auschwitz." She graduated from Vassar College.

      Ms. Lagnado is a daughter of the late Edith Lagnado, who was cataloguer at the Brooklyn Public Library, and the late Leon Lagnado, who was a textile broker in Manhattan.

      Next month the bridegroom is to become a reporter for The Daily News in New York. He is a son of Barbara and Barry Feiden of White Plains. The bridegroom's mother retired as the deputy director of employment and training for Westchester County in White Plains. His father owns Emerson Books, a publisher in White Plains.


    Bwog, thanks for the heads up, but it'd be nice if you demonstrated some basic literacy once in a while. Not that it excuses anything, but it's quite obvious from the article that "Dov" was a man (not a student and certainly not female) flogging a volunteer Columbia girl (Barnard woman?).

  15. wait  

    i'm really out of the loop. who is the "undercover Daily News reporter"? Kulawik?

  16. watcher  

    The photo was attached to the wrong story. It actually has to deal with a separate story about how we're all intolerant of free speech and generally leftist commies.

  17. dang  

    that's a shame. not just because he would help out with this, but because it's not like he really did anything at all. he just relayed that at an S+M meeting, someone got spanked.

  18. Smits

    Daily News "reporter" is probably GS student, Matt Mireles.

  19. well, yeah  

    ok. that makes more sense. he's an award winning journalist you know.

  20. McCarthy

    Are you now or have you ever been an undercover agent for the NYDN?!

    Seriously, folks, chill out. Chances are there are no Columbia students working as undercover agents for the Daily News. The Conversio Virium website listed flogging with Dov as an activity, Spec and that new porn mag Outlet both did articles about CV recently. And outsiders can certainly attend CV meetings - I know two people who are in no way affiliated with Columbia but regularly go to the meetings.

    Like another commenter said, all of the information in the article could have been culled from Spec and The Bwog, and it probably was since the reporter doesn't strike me as the kind of go-getter to really pound the pavement getting a proper story.

    • squeals of delight

      the undercover reporter was older and sort of tweedy. said he was a professor. i am comforted by the obvious fact that he can't write a focused article for shit. try as he might, he couldn't find a scandal.

  21. LIH  

    I get what happened at the NYDN: Britney dumps KFed, TomKat weds, it's Thanksgiving and nobody broke up this time like Nick and Jess did last year...what's left to talk about?

    I know!...let's make fun of Ivy League kids.

  22. LIRR

    No, but Matt Mireles is a reporter for the Daily News *and* a GS student. Plus, he's extremely conservative. It'd make the most sense.

    • Mireles  

      Matt Mireles is a columnist for the NY Post.

      • he's not

        a columnist. he wrote a column. there's a difference. anyone can write a one-off column for any newspaper - people do it in spec opinions all the time - and the paper can choose to print it. some pay a one-off stipend if they print it, some don't. but that doesn't mean mireles is on the post's payroll, it just means he wrote an op-ed piece, submitted it, and it got picked for print.

  23. matt mireles  

    google him.

  24. ahh

    ah. my bad. tough to tell those tabloids apart sometimes.

  25. did  

    anyone read the matt mireles article... what makes him better then all of us "smug rich kids"?

  26. pwt

    That Mireles column bugs the crap out of me. I'm from a lower middle class family, I busted my ass to get to Columbia without the help of private schooling, I'm way in debt with student loans, and I'm not the only one. Most of my friends are in the same situation. It pisses me off that one of our own betrayed us by painting all Columbia students with the same brush. We weren't all part of the Minuteman debacle, and we didn't all go to Exeter.

  27. Well  

    I find often enough that in a lot of horribly biased articles like this there's usually an element of truth or two to be seen - but you end up ignoring it because the rest of it is so bad. I was particularly struck by the part about love letters being classified as sexual harassment, whereas flogging and bondage are fine. Seems like quite a sad summary of our generation's social climate.

    • umm

      yeah, not so much. the reporter got it wrong, and so did you obviously. they listed love letters as bad only when unwanted, as a form of stalking harassment. they say nothing against love letters in general. it's all about consent and wanting the attention, whether it's love letters or spanking. with consent, it's sexy, without it's harassment and domestic violence.

  28. fyi

    this picture was on the local news at 10 today, accompanied by an equally brilliant (albeit two-second) story. something about s&m was mentioned.

  29. Mireles is a tool  

    Not to be a "smug, rich kid" or anything, but is it really appropriate for a 26-year old GS student to call himself an Ivy Leaguer when in the same breath he insults Ivy Leaguers? Plus...he's GS.

  30. hrmm

    when i was the editor of my high school newspaper, i won a few awards. does that make me an award winning journalist?

  31. woo yay  


  32. HOLY SHIT!  

    this was the greatest shit ive ever read!

  33. Anonymous

    Free sex as bread and circuses.
    Aldous Huxley was prescient.

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