Bwog must interrupt its holiday programming for this important announcement.

daily newsThe New York Daily News, that staid bastion of equanimity, has declared that Columbia is out of control, and they’re not talking politics: this time, it’s all that wild crazy sex. The 1,200-word feature story (which ran online with the dubiously related picture at right) cites example after example to prove that Columbians have finally gotten too randy for their own good. Among them:

Exhibit A: An undercover Daily News reporter witnesses a lecture in Hamilton in which a man named “Dov” flogged a female student volunteer with various objects.

Exhibit B: Miriam Datskovsky weighs in. “Everything is so much easier and so much quicker,” she told the paper. “You go to dinner and then have sex.”

Exhibit C: “Smut TV,” in which CTV airs “hard-core porn” involving “a naked couple engaged in sex.” Financed by the school. Broadcast into dozens of rooms and lounges. Really.

Bwog must concede, Columbia has fallen to the purveyors of vice…now if only a little more of it would come our way.