Hey Girlfriends! Barnard correspondent Juli Weiner here. You could be drinking Macintosh’s Java City coffee and you might not even realize it!  Take Bwog’s quiz and find out!  Yay!

javaI. Does it taste like lukewarm SplendaTM?

II. Does it look better than you thought it would look sitting next to your Art History textbook?

III. Do you look forward to displaying it on top of said textbook in such a way that when you lift the cup and put it down you will draw attention to the fact that you take Art History?

IV. Did it provide just the perfect complement to your broccoli, goat cheese, and sun-dried tomato low-carb, no-sodium “pizza”?

V. Does it remind you of your old babysitter, Nicole, who never played games with you and who later stopped watching you when she went to Bryn Mawr and interned at the Philadelphia Inquirer?

VI. Does the chalky aftertaste linger in your mouth through Intro to Psych and later through Feminism and Post-Modernism?

VII. Did it come from the same general vicinity of Blue Java but in a slightly different cup, (though both cups say Columbia University on them!!!), and do you take it to the same classes as people take their Blue Java cups, but it’s slightly different from a Blue Java coffee and so you feel the need to loudly rally against the constructionist overtones in your Women and Culture class?

VIII. Did you just wipe some off your H&M messenger bag with a copy of the Bulletin?