reportcardBwog yawns itself querulously out of hibernation for the first post of the year 2007. There’s this one bothersome blank spot on our SSOL grades report between our C+ in Principles of Economics and our B- in Music Hum. We want it filled.

Call it activist Bwogging, but here’s a list of the tardiest professors culled from the bwgossip alias and beyond, for all the world to see.

David Rothman, Medicine and Western Civilization

Jill Shapiro, Human Species: Our Place in Nature

Thomas Bernstein, Chinese Politics

Jeremy Waldron, Terrorism and Civil Liberties (Spring 2006. Yes.)

Greg Smithsimon, Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration in Urban America

Sonia Pereira, Barnard Economics Professor

James Trask, Urban Studies Junior Colloquium

Michael Seidel, Joyce

Elizabeth Irwin, Thucydides

Carol Rovane, Methods and Problems of Philosophical Thought

Eric Foner, US in the Era of Civil War and Reconstruction

Micheal Shaevitz, Physics 1200

Deborah Mowshowitz, Intro to Molecular Biology

…and one tipster tells us all of the TAs from Physics Lab are tardy…

Get on it, folks! Those grad school and internship apps can’t wait!

Keep us updated — let us know which of your profs belongs on the Wall of Shame, and which should be crossed off as grades trickle in.

ADDENDUM: Bwog has been informed that the phone grade system will, allegedly, have grades available earlier than those posted on SSOL. For those willing to endure touchtone agony (and the awkwardness of hearing your grade robotically read aloud), the number to call is x4-7373. The daring can put this on speakerphone and invite their friends over for a good drinking game…