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hot dog tacoA few gems from the Columbia College Student Council meeting Sunday night.

“The theme for Safer Sex Week… well, it has to do with hot dogs and tacos.” -Sophomore President George Krebs, announcing a planned Safer Sex Week study break.

“We’re making Valentines for old lonely people.” -Junior President Neda Navab, showing compassion for the elderly in planning a charity event.

And finally, a tidbit that may actually have bearing on the election: Marcus Johnson, a graduating University Senator, publicly encouraged Academic Affairs Rep Alidad Damooei ’09 or Krebs to run for his seat, to much laughter and applause from their colleagues.

Damooei’s LSAT proposal passed (after losing a clause that would have compelled the CCSC officers to serve as unpaid LSAT proctors), so he may have political capital within CCSC at the moment. He and Krebs – like all prospective candidates – must register for whatever position they choose by February 19.


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  1. Hey Bwog  

    Did y'all take a look at Page 2 of the Spec Sports section today? There's an ad there that I would HIGHLY encourage you take a look at. Three words: Sachs for President

  2. oh dan  

    i love that this was posted during lit hum... so beautiful

  3. question  

    ok thats great that they say dumb funny things, but what did they actually do at the meeting?

  4. It seems that  

    Krebs is not serious about anything...and just makes jokes. But then again, it seems like Columbia student government is just a joke anyway, so I guess he fits the criteria.

  5. hey now  

    the LSAT thing is pretty cool...especially if it extends to others tests. pretty stupid that ESC wont support it though...lots of engineers apply to law school too.

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