hot dog tacoA few gems from the Columbia College Student Council meeting Sunday night.

“The theme for Safer Sex Week… well, it has to do with hot dogs and tacos.” -Sophomore President George Krebs, announcing a planned Safer Sex Week study break.

“We’re making Valentines for old lonely people.” -Junior President Neda Navab, showing compassion for the elderly in planning a charity event.

And finally, a tidbit that may actually have bearing on the election: Marcus Johnson, a graduating University Senator, publicly encouraged Academic Affairs Rep Alidad Damooei ’09 or Krebs to run for his seat, to much laughter and applause from their colleagues.

Damooei’s LSAT proposal passed (after losing a clause that would have compelled the CCSC officers to serve as unpaid LSAT proctors), so he may have political capital within CCSC at the moment. He and Krebs – like all prospective candidates – must register for whatever position they choose by February 19.