Go Salvage What’s Left

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cupcakesSugar-loaded festivities sponsored by your student affairs office on the Lerner ramps are drawing to a close — all that remain of the cupcakes are some round, oily stains in cardboard boxes. But there’s still some hot cocoa, a few crummy-looking but deliciously-buttery heart cookies, and some chocolates. Scavenge away!

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  1. what  

    was up with the m&ms that had printed "sda" on them. when i inquired about it i was told "they were really expensive" the fuck?! what a waste of fucking money
    in other news: cupcakes were great

  2. those m&m's  

    28 oz cost $50...thats the minimum order for custom m&m's. though right now they are offering an extra 7oz bag for free.

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