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Calling all wannabe Bhangra members: it’s Hangama, the Organization of Pakistani Students’ annual Mock Wedding, in which a “groom” from NYU takes away his Columbian “bride”–which means more colorful outfits and South Asian dancing than you’ll see this side of the subcontinent (we exaggerate, but really). Even if it weren’t the perfect day, OPS knew how to get the crowds out: transplanting the legendary 53rd and 6th Chicken and Rice stand to Columbia. Bwog had to take a break. 






































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  1. I love  

    cu bhangra.. except the sound system kept cutting out on them :-(

  2. that music  

    is disturbingly happy and catchy. As a hipster, I declare uncool for being too easy to like.

  3. i consider  

    this afternoon of song my graduation.

    thank you to all the people who participated!!!

  4. this was sweet  

    awesome job, guys. I wanted to see even more dancing, it was so cool!

  5. cute!  

    I like that this post is categorized under "Joy". Definitely appropriate.

  6. bhangra

    wasnt even good this year, they lost like every competition they competed in.

  7. who

    was the bride this year

  8. the fact  

    that you can't tell that he's being sarcastic shows that you're a dumbass. And why do you start your sentences with "umm". Speak with conviction, loser.

  9. bhangra  

    was actually quite abhorrent, music or not. rohin and krishn seemed to have forgotten half their steps. satjot just plain sucks, and is by far the worst person on bhangra. who the fuck let him on? did anyone see him at tamasha? he has a horrendous case of two left feet.

    • Wow  

      You both display an insider's knowledge and a critic's disdain! Kudos!

    • im #7

      ok well i was just talking about their routine, they practically use the same moves over and over again(i.e. bending down real low and pointing) [umm new choreographer please?...] your song selection is amazing, but there's a reason you guys aren't doing well this year.

      you, number 11, just bashed the dancers. harsh, but i like it! the girls are amazing though!

  10. TAG Joy!  

    Joy should be tagged on more things.

    If not, you bwoggers should write more things to tag Joy on.

    After the previous week, joy and good weather is very nice and sweet to have.

  11. does  

    anyone know where I can download that awesome (I'm no hipster) mix of bhangra and "in da club"?

  12. chicken and rice

    costs $5 downtown. did they really charge $7 at this event?? OPS, why you always tryna rip people off!

  13. if you're talking

    about 'in da club' rapped in punjabi, then download "Bohemia- The Punjabi Rapper's song '50 cent remix' "

    yes i know, original title.

  14. desi

    desi cutya, bancutya gandhu harijan

  15. i think  

    you geniuses should realize that it's 4 dollars for travel and 5 bucks for the meal...

    So, essentially, you are saving yourself 2 bucks...

    I'm down!

    • well,

      not if you get someone else who's already down there to bring you up a plate. which actually happens 90% of the time- so technically, a loss of $2, thank you very much.

  16. You know!

    My secret is gone!

  17. anyway

    i bet OPS is keeping all the profits.

  18. shira  

    i would really like it if we had an hour (if not more) every day when south asian music would be blasted from the steps of low.

  19. avid food hunter  

    i would just like to state, the stand wasnt the REAL chicken and rice, but only their neighbor, GYRO and rice...twas a cruel trick indeed.

  20. baseball fan  

    Does anyone else read OPS as "On-base Plus Slugging percentage"?

  21. Anonymous  

    OPS got no cut of the CNR money. As an avid, CNR gourmand, this was the REAL chicken and rice. Different physical cart (they were here past 8, when they set up at 53rd. Their A-cart was their, their B-cart was here), but same crew, same food, same t-shirts, same white-sauce.

    They charged more probably to hedge against a low volume.

  22. gosh

    it's "there" not "their"-- duh sakib.

  23. groom  

    who was the groom? he was hot.

  24. Anonymous  

    in bwog. no mention of the other campus groups that supported this event ...or performed at it? bah. laaamee. bhangra may be the most catchy, but shit. no love for raas or taal.

  25. bwog  

    only tagged the post with bhangra but they never actually referred to any particular dance groups. they simply said South Asian dancing. besides, when people in this country think of south asian dancing, bhangra is the thing that comes to mind since most folks arent familiar with most other types of dance.
    rest assured that i do have love, madd props, and crazy respect for taal, raas, bhangra, ops, hso, zamana, and all other groups on this campus that are even remotely related to south asia. that should mean a lot to you

  26. Anonymous  

    your love and respect for all other groups is much appreciated.


    "when people in this country think of south asian dancing, bhangra is the thing that comes to mind since most folks arent familiar with most other types of dance."

    ...? are you serious?? you can't speak for most people in this country, you can only speak for yourself and your obviously limited knowledge of south asian dance genres.

    i'm sure that "most folks" know about "that dance with the sticks." [raas] i also feel very confident that many people know what the tabla is. tabla beats are directly related to classical indian dance, hence taal.

    use bwog to educate. dont just go with whats most popular.

  27. i dont  

    necessarily agree with you.
    sure i can't speak for other people all right, but i strongly believe that the reality is closer to my opinion than yours, i.e. bhangra is the most common type of south asian dance this country is aware of with the others considerably farther behind. as far as people recognizing music, again i strongly believe most people sort of lump it all together as general indian music and dont really know quite what dance and what music would be paired

    also im awfully familiar with the spectrum of south asian dance since i lived in india for 10 years and have participated in several types of dancing myself (bharata natyam, raas, bhangra, etc)

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