The 2006-07 school year has contained multitudes. In fact, it may just be the most eventful year Columbia’s had since… well, the year before. Remember Matthew Fox? The Chung-Diamond “scandal”? “Don’t Be a Pussy”? “Epilogue to Our Crime & Punishment: A Petition“? Bwog certainly does, so step into the Wayback machine – you’re about to relive nine months of Columbia in a single post.


First-years move in. Orientation yields a legendary (to Bwog’s mind, at least) week-long burst of posting. Addison Anderson went to a bunch of bars in the name of “journalism.” Most literary post: “And now for some disorientation,” which reads like early Bret Easton Ellis, if he knew about Koronet’s. Orientation week was the best.



Facebook went literally insane. Then calmed down somewhat. Harvard abandoned ED; Columbia did not. Columbia Football had as-yet uncrushed high hopes, later crushed. Seth Flaxman declared victory. Best villains: Zuckerberg! Murphy! Ahmadinejad! You know, one of those.


Everything was coming up roses for Mark Modesitt. 1968 spirit was invoked by Jim Gilchrist. The fallout was immenseshady disciplinary letters, “news” coverage of all sorts (Jon Stewart, Fox News). Even Bwog had an opinion. But October wasn’t all about relevant television coverage of Columbia issues with high production values – we also had “The Gates”!

Best correspondence to Bwog: “Subject: terrorists. your worse then the mooselums who flew the planes into the buildings”


tastiTasti D-Lite
was consumed. Women’s soccer won the Ivy League championships. Zvi announced plans to leave, showed us what we’d be missing. Ann Coulter told us all how little sex we had. Thanks were given, albeit not about Ann Coulter or our personal dry spells. Best Milton Friedman obituary: Manley Cottingshire – “AS A BOY FRIEDMAN WAS UNRULY AND I FONDLY RECALL AN INSTANCE OF FIGHTING HIM FISTUALLY.”


Matt Sanchez enjoyed the waning days of his legitimacy. Phi Beta Kappa made us worry Facebook was making us dumb. The periodic table became an anatomy lesson. Orgo Night happened. 212 whipped out some holiday-themed sandwiches. Bwog took the temperature of Columbia’s music intelligentsia, and everyone loved T.I. Best rage: The girl whose Tide got stolen.


Campus was quiet for a while. Then we heard about the repercussions from that whole Minutemen thing – so three months ago. The CCSC elections loomed in the distance like an ominous specter. Bwog got destroyed by Wesleying in a blog-off; the Belle Jar came to dry our tears. Best sandwich commentary: In a walk, it’s Armin Rosen on the Spicy Special.


Glass Houses were rocked. College Dems were thrown for a loop by teach-in. Water-guns didn’t squirt students; students squirted students. The sun set on a number of things; thankfully not on Bwog, which celebrated its first (of many?) birthdays. Best unexpected twist leading to a fully-expected outcome: The wild mix of potential candidates that resulted, seemingly randomly, in Tracy Chung and Natali Segovia challenging CCSC heir apparent Michelle Diamond.


Bwog interviewed a band and a writer that people have heard of. Things started to look less rosy for Mark Modesitt, not to mention Matt Sanchez. Tracy Chung accused Michelle Diamond of nefarious doings that we don’t quite remember (Diamond was exonerated). Addison Anderson struck again. Oh, yeah, and some actor is speaking at Commencement. Best could-have-been-on-Discovery-Channel feature: David Iscoe encounters a turkey.


Forties decidedly not on Forty. Financial aid scandal. Bwog got artsy and tried something new; “CUSJ” [read: Jester] tried to pull some hijinks. The Belle Jar returned! Columbia chose its valedictorian and salutatorian. Some very sad things happened. Best discredited course: Frontiers of Science impresario David Helfand busted out some unique dance moves, while Darcy Kelley admitted to stuffing bats in her bra. Students can also make rap videos for course credit.


Scandal Humanities! Finals driving people crazy! Then most of us left. 

But Bwog is going to keep publishing – on a reduced basis – all summer. Keep emailing us your tips, and thanks, from the bottom of our cynical Bwogging hearts, for reading. Let’s hope for more scandal, more features, and more fun in the years ahead.

Bwog Staff