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Because they’re sooooo similar, not in terms of theme and content mind you, but because we so love them both. Hugs all around.

jesterFirstly, Jester
(with a cool new website!):

“Constant, murderous raping” (page 8)

Children: they’re not that special! (page 9)

The most useful thing Jester has ever published (page 14)

National stereotyping, with guns! (page 20)

Morton Williams ad not very funny (page 25)

Y’know, I was wondering that myself. I mean, they really shouldn’t be able to, should they? But then again, they wouldn’t really be exploiting or causing pain to another living creature–quite the opposite, in most situations. What say you, vegans? (page 26)

And lastly:

It’s the OxyClean that does it for me

White people: a field guide

The most useful thing the Fed has ever published



And enough general hilarity to brighten up a morbidly gray, late November afternoon!

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  • the swallow thing says:

    @the swallow thing is the typical irl troll question
    how unoriginal

  • fraggle says:

    @fraggle Something tells me the fascisto-activistos aren’t going to get as much mileage out of the Fed’s parody of white people as they have out of the Fed’s parody of non-white people that was published whothefuckknowswhen.

  • lick-a-chick says:

    @lick-a-chick I have heard of this thing.

  • alexw says:

    @alexw Fuck this post.

    1. John Jay says:

      @John Jay Damn this post. Damn everyone that won’t damn this post. Damn everyone that won’t put up the lights in the windows and sit up all nights damning this post.

  • page 23 says:

    @page 23 Is that a chainsaw covered with tongues?


  • Gabe Morris says:

    @Gabe Morris God, I hate the fucking Jester. Mark my words, Alex Weinberg, I will have my revenge. It will come when you least expect it.

    CUSJ for life, yo.

    1. is that really you? says:

      @is that really you? if so, I wish you were in the States so I could run over and give you a big hug.

      –a friend and fan of Gabe

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