How has 2007 been the year for Columbia’s prevalence within the mainsteam media? Let Bwog count thy ways…

Ahmadinejad’s remark
about homosexuality in Iran (namely lack thereof) was noted in Salon‘s Year in Sex. The same comment was also included in City Room’s 2007 synopsis under the heading “Widely noted denial of sexual identity”, as well lists of 2007’s most memorable quotes according to The Guardian, AP, and Dave Barry.

Gothamist also included Columbia in its Top News of 2007. As well as the requisite nod to Ahmadinejad, the University was also noted for its rampant hate crimes and foray into Manhattanville. Go Lions?

In brief pockets, the press also recognized Columbia for its academics and not for its Ahmadinejad. We landed the #9 spot on US News and World Report’s annual ranking of America’s Best Colleges, while a right-wing resource for matters concerning American families, the succinctly-named Family Security Matters, honored Issues Dividing America as the 8th “Most Dangerous College Course in America.” All the godless communists out there with competitive streaks take note: You’re going to need to step it up a notch in order to match DePaul University’s Islam in Global Contexts course that was honored as #1.

To the protesters, supporters, studiers, slackers, liberals and conservatives, a warm thank you from the press.

The above picture is from The New York Times’ year in pictures