Yes, it’s technically the December 2007 issue, but the latest installment of the Columbia Political Review just hit newsstands this week. Look for it around campus, download the pdf, or follow the links below:

Was Abu Gharib a crime only Americans could have committed?

Romney embraces Buddhism, Huckabee adopts postcolonial, para-disciplinary ethical philosophical theory, etc

Race relations still thorny in South Africa, a whole fifteen years after the downfall of apartheid!

The federal government admits that 1001 Ways to Eat My Jizz is a work of art

Bloomberg has hairy pits

or if you prefer, CPR editor-in-chief Mark Krotov’s email to Bwog, which is something of a QuickCPR unto itself:

“If I may be so bold as to highlight a couple of pieces, Karen Leung’s article on torture and pornography is, in my opinion, the best piece we’ve ever run, from the best writer (and managing editor) we’ve ever had. A few of the pieces pertain to academic affairs, a theme that we tried to approach from a few different perspectives, and Sara Doskow’s piece on different pedagogical approaches to history and Sajaa Ahmed’s exploration of the tenure process are, I think, particularly insightful.”