Bnai Haman is going to have the most quasi-topical Purim ever. But first, some background: Bnai Haman is an activist group formed as a response to Bollinger, Bulliet, and Coatworth’s invitation of Iranian President Ahmadinejad to speak at Columbia—an invitation which in their opinion never should have been extended. Purim is the Jewish holiday celebrating the Jews’ escape from Haman’s plot (yes, as in “Bnai Haman”) to slaughter all Jews living in the Persian Empire.

Which brings us to Bnai Haman’s Purim celebration, which will be Ahmadinejad-themed this year. Says a Bnai Haman spokeswoman: “And just as Haman found those in ancient Persia who would listen to his incitements, so too did Columbia University provide a platform for Ahmadinejad to espouse Israel’s destruction to a global media audience.”

Party-goers will dress as Bollinger, Bulliet, Ahmadinejad and Coatsworth. Perhaps the role of Esther can be re-interpreted as a certain nasally female translator?