EyePoke: Book of Revelations Edition

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This Judd Apatow guy is really going places. 

Frank McCourt and David Sedaris are better writers than Miley Cyrus.

Indie rocker identifies with Wes Anderson, likes The Life Aquatic.

“Green” is an adjective with a variety of meanings and uses in our language! 

The Eye encourages you to buy certified organic and fair trade coffee 

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  1. huh  

    who is frank court?

  2. wiki research!  

    the miley article needs a little more research - charlotte church 'wrote' her memoir at 15 as well. that's when I started to feel inadequate...

  3. bwog  

    where is the swiftcurrent?

  4. Why  

    Doesn't the Eye run lead stories anymore? Wasn't that the only good thing about the magazine in the first place?

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