As of 6 p.m., the annual Pakistani mock wedding, Hangama (which translates roughly to “hoopla”),  is still going strong on the steps. The “dance floor,” also known as College Walk, is abuzz with Bollywood quick-stepping and colorful saris, and has been since about 4:30, when the groom rolled up in style on a white horse.

The bride, meanwhile, appeared on Low Steps aboard an elaborate palanquin. Once the couple was settled on the matrimonial seat, members of the wedding party showered them in flower petals, adorned them with robes made of money, and stuffed their faces with laddhus and other sweets.

A couple hundred people then clapped and sang along in Hindi and Punjabi for the next two hours as dance groups entertained the mock couple. First, some erstwhile Rais and Khans did a dance number to “Yeh Larki Hai Allah,” then CUBhangra and Raas busted out their competition
moves, the bellydancing troupe entranced all assembled with their gyrations, and the Bollywood dance team Dhoom (Bwog was most surprised to hear it existed!) performed some cute numbers. Finally, drawing cheers and some jeers, two NYU boys and the groom did a choreographed medley of hits from the silver Hindi screen, beginning with a hilarious “Mast Kalandar.” Meanwhile, patrons clamored for dishes from the Chicken and Rice stand, which doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. 

Bwog apologizes for the crappy cellphone pictures.