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RIP Off-campus Flex, 2008-2008

Bwog received startling news from Tipster Casey Johnston who photographed the distressing sign (see right) outside of HamDel. And just three weeks into Off-Campus Flex’s brief flirtation with existence!

Bwog called HamDel, desperate for answers. “Um… I dunno,” answered a HamDel employee when questioned about the disappearance (death?) of Off-Campus Flex. CC ’09 President George Krebs responded first with disbelief (“I went last night and it was working fine. I haven’t heard anything from the administration about the system going down”) and later shock: “weird…..”

However, to HamDel enthusiasts, the news of the deli’s secession from the restaurants-united-in-Flex comes as no surprise. Explains one such HamDel loyalist: “In the last week they’ve been getting progressively (and visibly) more frustrated with the card reading device.  They collectively roll their eyes and sigh deeply and sadly whenever I present them with my ID.”

Responses from HamDel manager (who, according to previously mentioned HamDel employee will “probably be in tomorrow”) and Michael Novielli, Director of Manhattanville Student Outreach forthcoming.

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  • solution! says:

    @solution! hamdel should allow flex during off-hours. shit gets crowded in there during breakfast/lunch rushes and that’s what’s fuckin shit up is they don’t have the space to accomodate a long line of people tryin to use the flex machine.

    ALSO why do we have to sign for flex? if we can just swipe at a vending machine and use flex (to purchase metrocards and ipods no less) why do we have to sign at hamdel?

    1. ... says:

      @... you have to sign with flex because it’s an outside vendor. it wouldn’t be too hard for them to double-charge/over-charge/cheat it it weren’t for a paper trail. whereas columbia controls all of it’s establishments so there’s some kind of inherent trust.

      1 minute to complete a transaction is unacceptable in this day and age. they need to migrate it to ethernet, wireless ethernet, or tune their modem pool to answer immediately otherwise it’s just going to drive the vendors crazy.

    2. signing says:

      @signing You have to sign at the Book Store too.

  • george krebs says:

    @george krebs can’t handle a 3am phone call to ham del if he can’t use flex

    is that who you want running your class?

  • instead says:

    @instead of fidgeting with flex, hamdel should learn to get my sandwich orders right. Seriously, much love for the establishment, but they make A LOT of mistakes with orders.

  • wwwooowww says:

    @wwwooowww yo krebs, big blow before elections. you gonna do something or should i just ask alidad?

  • good says:

    @good hamdel is traditionally grad student territory. they have the police the border against the lazier undergrads, at least. the only card they should take are the VIP gold ones.

    1. Sorry says:

      @Sorry which tradition are you talking about? Wien is right there. Grads can piss off to Manhattanville, and take your airs of douche with you.

      1. tradition says:

        @tradition hamdel wasn’t filled with mostly undergrads until like 2006ish. it was chockablock with boorish law and business students instead. but it’s since suffered the same fate as 1020: undergradtrification

        1. untrue says:

          @untrue as an undergrad alumn–there were tons of undergrads there

          ec and wien provide a continuous stream

          1. even more untrue says:

            @even more untrue i have a thing or two to say about continuous streams…

        2. Also says:

          @Also What? I’ve been going to HamDel since 2004 as have most of my friends in CC08. Friends of mine from CC07 had gone to HamDel since their freshman year, too.

  • blah says:

    @blah i was in hamdel last night and used flex. it took me all of one minute to finish paying. fifteen minutes later, i was still waiting for my sandwich when the guy behind the counter informs me that he forgot what i had ordered, and then proceeded to make it in one minute.

    work on making my sandwich quickly or you won’t get any of my money, flex or not.

  • also says:

    @also the “prezbo and a dinosaur in front of hamdel” category is becoming distressingly twee.

  • also: says:

    @also: hamdel gets charged a certain amount, i think 20 or 30 cents for each swipe, even if it’s just a pack of gum.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Don’t get me wrong, I love HamDel, and I love using fake money, but HamDel has too much business already during the rush times. Maybe Flex at 1am is cool, but Flex at HamDel at noon is like paying with cash (and exact change) at Ferris or 212. Why do people do that?

  • grad students says:

    @grad students can sit on it and rotate if they don’t like undergrads eating delicious hamdel sandwiches. Go to nonflex-taking uris if you’re too good for us.

    And seriously, you think undergrads lower the quality of 1020? I love the place to death, but its certainly not the people-customers or other-who make it a shitty bar.

  • funny says:

    @funny it’s funny how when there’s a problem with flex it’s george’s problem, but when flex is seen as an accomplishment the whole project was peter valeiras.

    1. the only says:

      @the only reason i made my comment is cause he was the guy quoted

      i don’t know anything about george krebs–except that he like election centered basketball matches to the death–which i think should be mandatory for all elections

  • what instrument says:

    @what instrument do they often play at this place?

    The Hamdelin!

  • ORLY? says:

    @ORLY? HamDel and 1020 are the treasured grad student hangouts here? I’m glad I’ll be elsewhere for that part of my education . . .

  • night owl says:

    @night owl Well, no one mind’s Flex being slow when I go to HamDel at 4am…oh well, I guess those days are over!

  • hmm... says:

    @hmm... I was there earlier today during a busy period and used my flex no problem. I didn’t see the sign there, nor did I have any issue paying with flex.

    1. same says:

      @same same. i was there at noon or so.

  • font recognition says:

    @font recognition Is that Palatino I spy?

    1. Zach says:

      @Zach I would’ve said Caslon.

      1. Nah says:

        @Nah The capital P is a dead giveaway. See how the curve doesn’t touch the vertical? Classic Palatino.

  • Alidad Damooei says:

    @Alidad Damooei This is another example of failing to implement lasting reforms. A vote for me is a vote for sustainability.


    1. !@#$% says:

      @!@#$% Ugh, kill yourself.

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