Bwog received startling news from Tipster Casey Johnston who photographed the distressing sign (see right) outside of HamDel. And just three weeks into Off-Campus Flex’s brief flirtation with existence!

Bwog called HamDel, desperate for answers. “Um… I dunno,” answered a HamDel employee when questioned about the disappearance (death?) of Off-Campus Flex. CC ’09 President George Krebs responded first with disbelief (“I went last night and it was working fine. I haven’t heard anything from the administration about the system going down”) and later shock: “weird…..”

However, to HamDel enthusiasts, the news of the deli’s secession from the restaurants-united-in-Flex comes as no surprise. Explains one such HamDel loyalist: “In the last week they’ve been getting progressively (and visibly) more frustrated with the card reading device.  They collectively roll their eyes and sigh deeply and sadly whenever I present them with my ID.”

Responses from HamDel manager (who, according to previously mentioned HamDel employee will “probably be in tomorrow”) and Michael Novielli, Director of Manhattanville Student Outreach forthcoming.