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Hottest PARTY of the Year: “Open Bar!!! Srry No Alcohol”

Remember when famous prefrosh/Internet savant “Stephan” invited everyone in school to his Carman dorm on the first night of Orientation for a party? No?

Well it turns out the party’s been relocated — to an undisclosed location! “Why go 2 a small dorm party, or a frat. party, when you can go to the biggest Party in the city?” asks our Stephan, we believe rhetorically.

Nearly 1200 people (four guests are pictured above) have been invited to the fete, which takes place in “N.Y.C.” — that’s “Now Your [sic] Coming.”
Anyway, we’ll see you all on August 28th, at An Undisclosed Location, for the PARTY so hot it must be capitalized. We’ll meet you by the alcohol-free open bar. “The city is really strict about that, but can you say Pre-Game lol.”

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  • Wow says:

    @Wow Some of the comments here, which are certainly not representative of the entire school, are repulsive. It’s saddening to see some of the kids I go to school with. Based on the responses I would assume many of them are insecure, and likely still in elementary. Get to know the guy, he is very amiable.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I apologize on behalf of my entire class. I swear, we’re not all grammatically-challenged, beer-guzzling idiots.

    -Jason Kruta, SEAS ’12

  • Anonymous RA says:

    @Anonymous RA ATTENTION ALL INCOMING FRESHMEN: please, PLEASE be smart enough not to advertise your parties on facebook. All RAs are trapped in a week of hellish training prior to orientation week, leaving us with nothing better to do than facebook-stalk our incoming prey… I mean, residents… and plan for the inevitable crackdown.

  • Laura Winslow says:

    @Laura Winslow Stephan is really just Steve Urkel with a transformation chamber. When he gets to Columbia, it’s back to being an nerd.

    1. Or... says:

      @Or... … might it be that Stephan is our friend from Craigslist with the disposable income and the nanny to check his decision-making?

      1. He's says:

        @He's claiming to be a Gates scholar imbecile, so no, he does not have tons of disposable income.

  • Don't says:

    @Don't you guys have anything better to do than to make fun of someone you don’t even know?

    1. ... says:

      @... No. Now fuck off, little one.

  • wait says:

    @wait don’t you mean 2012?

  • I like that says:

    @I like that some upperclassmen are trying to be grand-fatherly and console the 2012ers. Come on guys. Every freshmen class gets hazed, even if electronically. You take it on the chin and you haze the next class. Only 2011 will continue to get hazed because.. they are born in 1990.

    1. lol says:

      @lol Haha, obviously this is someone from the class of 2010 who thinks his class year matters. News flash, buddy, I don’t know any one at Columbia who’s been hazed because of their age. What college do you attend?

  • Word of Advice says:

    @Word of Advice Incoming freshmen, most of us didn’t have all these newfangled electronic means of obsessing over our future homes before we arrived. No campus blogs, limited or no facebook interaction, and consequently a nice clean slate and definitely no Stephans to inspire ridicule. My advice to you is to try to ignore these things—which are manifestly unrepresentative of campus—for the next month. Don’t get into the habit of visiting this site so often, as it will disappoint you more often than it informs. It’s a useful way to keep up with happenings on campus, sometimes, get a nice summary of a lecture you couldn’t make or find out why a street was blocked off for the day, but you’ll read less of it when you actually have classes and life to worry about. Hopefully, anyway.

    I don’t think it’s so much of an insecurity issue at play here. Columbians are independent enough that most of us don’t give a damn about people’s class years, let alone our own class year. We just feel kind of sorry for you guys looking at all this ridiculous public anxiety. As someone else said, just chill out for the next few weeks, enjoy your high school sweetheart a bit more, and try not to think about your future classmates until you’ve met them and started enjoying them too.

    1. ... says:

      @... Agreed.

      And why do people feel the need to “friend” strangers just because of a shared class year. Holy fuck, these friend requests from strangers are relentless.

  • ... says:

    @... what the hell is with his hairline

    1. i agree says:

      @i agree hair plugs?

  • Uhhh... says:

    @Uhhh... This is ridiculous. I am rooming across the hall from this guy…

    I completely agree (even though I am Class of 2012) that too many freshman everywhere think that it’s their time to shine on campus – that they will rule the school. We don’t really know anything, do we? I have respect for upperclassmen.

    But that doesn’t mean you should completely ridicule us. Maybe just a bit, sure. But there are limits to everything.

    This guy though? Keep ridiculing.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous 2012ers: Don’t worry, most people who post anonymously here don’t have the balls to be such assholes in real life. Most people on campus at least act nice enough.

    Stephan: You are hilarious and make me love humanity. I cannot wait for you to come here.

    1. we're not worried says:

      @we're not worried and we’re not shaking in our seats since columbians are ‘assholes’ in your opinion

      what we’re really worried about is stephan. he needs to be stopped. and we need everyone’s help.


      1. ... says:

        @... “everyone” fwahahahaha

        “everyone?” where you’re goin son, there is no “everyone.”

      2. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous I didn’t mean to suggest that most people here are actually assholes, just that taking anonymous Bwog comments as a sample of data would seem to indicate that they are.

  • If I Were A 2012 says:

    @If I Were A 2012 I wouldn’t bother posting. There is nothing you can say without being attacked. Enjoy your senior summer and bone the hell out of your HS sweetie since you’re going to break up and/or cheat in 2 months.

  • rofl says:

    @rofl Just got a facebook message:

    Stephan Vincenzo sent a message to the members of NYC Party: Sexxx In the City.

    Subject: NYC PARTY: Sexxx in the City

    “As of right I have several venues locked down and am in the process of picking the best one. From experience or from what you have heard what are the hottest 18+ venues in Manhattan??? Let me know where would you like to party… Get at me!!!”

  • Cristen S K says:

    @Cristen S K Well, I’ll still be on maternity leave, but if there’s no alcohol maybe I can bring my newborn. Why didn’t you send me an e-vite!?

  • a '12 says:

    @a '12 at least I’m glad I’m not the only one being completely annoyed by this kid.

    1. ... says:

      @... my god you kids are insecure.

  • '12er says:

    @'12er Chill out. You guys really have nothing better to do than jump on a ’12er’s back like this?

    Yeah, we’re gonna be throwing a club party.

    The kid is taking initiative… any of you do that before freshman year.

    I might not agree with his style 100% but you still gotta respect him for the effort

    1. it's not about says:

      @it's not about taking initiative. it’s about upperclassmen being annoyed with the tendency of freshman to come into college thinking they own the place and are the greatest thing to walk campus. i think it’s more to do with that than anything else, really. it’s just like high school where every new freshman class was like “omg we’re the coolest we rule the skool.” it’s just annoying.

      1. '10ers says:

        @'10ers hear hear! This crowd is particularly obnoxious – but I can’t decide is Bwog is making it better or worse!

      2. ... says:

        @... silly me. i thought it was all about making up lulz to fill the void.

      3. Cam'ron says:

        @Cam'ron I got one question, where you know me from?
        1 40 deuce wit tha loaded gun.

  • Plies says:

    @Plies yall needa hop off

    “My jury [jewelery] game’s amazin (Got em hatin’.)”

    ^ speakin fo all da goons out thayre.

  • ? 09er. says:

    @? 09er. wow bwog. really now. this is just DUMB. why are you guys being mean? and anyone who would comment to make fun of this kid clearly is just doing it cause he/she has insecurities of his/her own.

    i suggest that contributers to this post stop being a-holes and go get drunk! why would you spend your precious time being mean to others when we only have one month left of freedom!?

  • hmm says:

    @hmm i wonder what stephan will get in university writing…

    1. especially says:

      @especially if he can´t even spell his own name..

      1. well says:

        @well according to his facebook groups he plans on writing for the spec. so two of bwog’s favorite things to make fun of will be combined into one big ball of ridiculous. i can’t wait!

  • HAHAHAHAH says:

    @HAHAHAHAH Guys his name isn’t even Stephan Vincenzo. It’s Jose Perez. Proof:


    1. 12er says:

      @12er well maybe that’s because he’s not a millenium scholar? his name isn’t on the list at least

  • maybe says:

    @maybe stephen needs the nanny?

  • stephan is so cool! says:

    @stephan is so cool! ok, this kid is weak. he doesn’t realize that theyre are no club parties like that for people under 21. hasn’t he ever heard about a fake id?
    you neeed to get a grip man

  • SWEET PARTY says:

    @SWEET PARTY Part of me wants to screencap all of his invites and periodically drop print-outs of them at admissions over the next four years. Just so they know what they’ve done.

    #25, I like your desperation.

  • on facebook says:

    @on facebook Stephan says:
    hell yea i will promote…well i am a club promotor in ATL so i think dat wnt b a problem…..i like da way u think gurl…. :)

    So he definitely is a party pusher. At least he’s pretty good at it.

  • Stephan Vincenzo says:


  • please help us says:

    @please help us please help us stop stephan
    stop the madness

  • amused says:

    @amused yeah, this looks pretty harmless. I wish the guy a successful four years at Columbia. Hopefully he’ll learn a little more discretion, but hey, it’s his persona.

    I am amazed to see that he has 600 facebook friends at Columbia than I do before even coming to campus.

  • 2012 says:

    @2012 awful, just awful, god awful.

  • Well says:

    @Well I suppose we need a class joke.

  • maybe says:

    @maybe we’ll all get lucky and he’ll drop dead during a hunger strike.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous him a break…he’ll become miserable here soon enough. first he’ll get bumped out that no one shows up to his party even though he invited 900 people. then he’ll get shit for his uber enthusiasm for the next 4 years, only to realie that he would have been happier going to a state school and contracting herpes from some girl who looked ok after a few drinks. instead he ended up at columbia.

  • CAVA says:

    @CAVA prepare thyself for record numbers.

    1. yeah says:

      @yeah because those mocktail overdoses can get ugly.

  • i love says:

    @i love that stephan has his own tag. this is the king of pre-frosh.

  • notme says:

    @notme Have you seen this guy’s profile? An affirmative action case if there ever was one.

  • yeah says:

    @yeah i was invited by Stephan to some lame club party on facebook. looks like he’s been recruited and is too eager about nyc to realize no one likes party pushers.

  • AHAHAHHAH says:

    @AHAHAHHAH I’m sorry, I hate to do this, being all judgmental and the like, but this kid’s prof pics are HILARIOUS. Especially the one with the girl with the bedazzlers around her eyes.

  • '12er says:

    @'12er i’m so disappointed that i didn’t tip off bwog to this.
    apparently in all his college prep work to get in to columbia, they didn’t teach him what the fuck an open bar is supposed to be. idiot. i swear we’re not all tools like this kid.

    1. ... says:

      @... quite frankly, this kid kinda sounds like a hoot. i suspect he’s probably a lot of fun in person.

      YOU on the other hand… i have serious doubts…

      “i swear we’re not all tools like this kid.”

      sheesh! do you eat your young as well?

      1. please. says:

        @please. have some sympathy for the class of 2012 ex stephan. if your year group were to be ridiculed thanks to the inane actions of one of your peers, you’d be pissed off too.

        1. ... says:

          @... it is very rarely okay to be apologetic for the actions of others.

          it is certainly never okay to be apologetic for the actions of others which are benign, have no direct effect on you and only serve to bring your own insecurities to the surface.

        2. aww sweetie says:

          @aww sweetie you’re going to be ridiculed no matter what. no need to be bitter about stephan. and no need for sympathy on our part. :D

          in other news, i saw this kid around when i was hosting days on campus. he’s very, um, recognizable. future campus character?

          1. Um. says:

            @Um. No need to talk to me like I’m two year old. I’m a rising sophmore. That’s why I didn’t say ‘our year group.’ That’s also why I do have a smidgen of sympathy for them, because the 11s were ribbed too. Oh well.

            1. Insert: says:

              @Insert: *A two year old

      2. only says:

        @only when i run out of cinnamon toast crunch, obviously.

  • there is no says:

    @there is no free lunch.

    yep. right on. ahh lame.

  • Pregame lol says:

    @Pregame lol That got me

  • Junior says:

    @Junior Looks like Stephan has been recruited by a party pusher. Lame.

  • reply to #3 says:

    @reply to #3 just for that, bwog, I’m gonna crash the PARTY, and do exactly what I said originally. For everyone else wondering, vomit, diarrhea, and a mouth may or may not be involved.

  • todd p says:

    @todd p it’s at santos’ party house. vivian girls are opening. the line is already a mile long and most of you aren’t getting in.

  • Wait says:

    @Wait Doesn’t Chuckie Cheese have an open bar just like this one?!?!?

  • bright side says:

    @bright side Stephan has discovered Dick Cheney’s bunker?

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