Remember when famous prefrosh/Internet savant “Stephan” invited everyone in school to his Carman dorm on the first night of Orientation for a party? No?

Well it turns out the party’s been relocated — to an undisclosed location! “Why go 2 a small dorm party, or a frat. party, when you can go to the biggest Party in the city?” asks our Stephan, we believe rhetorically.

Nearly 1200 people (four guests are pictured above) have been invited to the fete, which takes place in “N.Y.C.” — that’s “Now Your [sic] Coming.”
Anyway, we’ll see you all on August 28th, at An Undisclosed Location, for the PARTY so hot it must be capitalized. We’ll meet you by the alcohol-free open bar. “The city is really strict about that, but can you say Pre-Game lol.”