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2012 Navigates the Move-In Lines

This morning, the rest of 2012 has arrived on campus to be greeted by happy NSOP leaders and their first Columbia challenge: move-in lines. Reports from campus indicate that the lines are manageable, though. Free food mavens, be aware: the family lunch is starting right about now, allowing you to test the efficacy of NSOP security (we’d love to hear your test results).

Finally, with the first day of Orientation also comes our first “Overheard” of the year, courtesy of a B&W staffer:

At the elevator, with a bin of stuff, a male Orientation Leader is seen talking to a first year’s proud mother while the student is off picking up her keys and NSOP paraphernalia.

Mother: So what are you studying?

OL: I’m in the Engineering School, but I haven’t picked a major yet. Probably Computer Science. What does your daughter want to study?

Mother: [Sighs] I don’t know. She was chosen as a John Jay Scholar. She’s good at almost everything.

More exciting Action Shots after the jump.




— Photos by Sara Vogel

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  • John Jay Scholars says:

    @John Jay Scholars are no good in bed.

  • John Jay Scholars says:

    @John Jay Scholars are really amazing.

  • Former JJ Scholar says:

    @Former JJ Scholar They seem to mean absolutely nothing until you get to Junior/Senior year, want to apply for fellowships, realize you need Columbia’s help to do so, and remember them saying something about that back when you thought it was all bullshit and had no idea what fellowships even were.

    Way to reach out to your scholars and prove yourself important while making them go to lectures even more useless and boring than the ones they’re getting graded for, Dean Lorch!

  • Kluge Scholar says:

    @Kluge Scholar Does anyone even go to those meetings? I went to one freshman year actually believing the whole “required” talk and quickly learned otherwise and haven’t gone since.

  • 07 Alum says:

    @07 Alum It’s people like Mrs. John Jay that make me dislike the student body at Columbia.

    1. John Jay Scholar says:

      @John Jay Scholar Don’t blame this poor girl’s mom, blame Lavinia Lorch and the rest of the Scholars Office. It’s not Mrs. John Jay’s fault that the scholars program actually means nothing.

  • 5 bucks says:

    @5 bucks says Ms. John Jay doesn’t make it to her first midterm because of a very very sore va-jay-jay.

    1. Adam Nobler says:

      @Adam Nobler or va-john-jay

    2. Dude says:

      @Dude I was going to say “5 bucks says Ms. John Jay isn’t very good at Computer Science”, but your comment is far superior. Pwnage.

      1. Alumandias says:

        @Alumandias Look on my pwnage, ye Freshmen and despair!

  • Master Jack says:

    @Master Jack Specializing is great and all, but wouldn’t we all rather be master of all trades?

  • ick says:

    @ick what are those mad moose things? brownies? moose jerky? wth?

  • hmmm... says:

    @hmmm... As the old saying goes, “Jack of all trades, master of none”

    1. DHI says:

      @DHI Nobody wants to be multi-talented these days but then a supervolcano goes off and you’re wandering a land of cannibals alone with your son, and then you better have a wide variety of skills if you trying to carry that fire.

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