This morning, the rest of 2012 has arrived on campus to be greeted by happy NSOP leaders and their first Columbia challenge: move-in lines. Reports from campus indicate that the lines are manageable, though. Free food mavens, be aware: the family lunch is starting right about now, allowing you to test the efficacy of NSOP security (we’d love to hear your test results).

Finally, with the first day of Orientation also comes our first “Overheard” of the year, courtesy of a B&W staffer:

At the elevator, with a bin of stuff, a male Orientation Leader is seen talking to a first year’s proud mother while the student is off picking up her keys and NSOP paraphernalia.

Mother: So what are you studying?

OL: I’m in the Engineering School, but I haven’t picked a major yet. Probably Computer Science. What does your daughter want to study?

Mother: [Sighs] I don’t know. She was chosen as a John Jay Scholar. She’s good at almost everything.

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— Photos by Sara Vogel