2012 Visits Met, Continues Innocence

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Bwog followed the Class of 2012 to one of NSOP’s headline events, After Hours at the Met.
From the overly large museum, freshman correspondent Will Leonard reports.

Before they could arrive at the hallowed destination, 2012ers had to deal with the double danger of novice New Yorkers: Metrocard machines, and getting across Manhattan on the subway. With only a few casualties, mobs of 2012ers made their way down to 5th Avenue for the second major event of NSOP 2008: an evening cocktail party and gallery showing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Most of the students from the four schools made it out, accompanied by their oddly sleepy RAs and overly perky Orientation leaders. 2012ers were welcomed into the Grand Hall of the Met by stern security guards and even sterner catering staff, who distributed meager amounts of gummy bears and M&Ms to the mingling freshmen. As they sipped their so-called mocktails, 2012ers engaged in small talk at their cocktail tables. Topics of discussion included upcoming parties on Carman’s 11th floor and the long lines for food in the now “trayless” John Jay Dining Hall. “An environmentally friendly dining hall for freshmen? That’s just AWESOME,” one freshman declared.

While at the Met, the 2012ers were given just 90 minutes to visit the Greek and Roman, Egyptian, and African art galleries. While standing at the famous Egyptian temple, one young freshman enthusiastically proclaimed, “Wow! After visiting the Met tonight, I know that I’m ready to take Art Hum!” Another 12 shouted, “Whoa, dude. Dude! Look how many girls are in here! They’re all over the place, from Barnard and Columbia!”

However, at 8:30 p.m., Met security guards were finally able to do what they had wanted to do all night: push and shove the cattleherds of 2012ers out the door. The promptness of the dismissal gave everyone just enough time to make the subway ride back to Morningside to prepare for the parties in Carman. 

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  1. say whaaa?

    john jay is trayless?? what does this mean??

  2. yay  

    the Met event was WONDERFUL!!!

  3. what

    happened to the trays? forget the met!!


  4. Trillianne  

    Way to find the asbestos lining in a beautiful, pink, fluffy cloud, Bwog! I'll brave the crosstown bus any night for an after hours party at the Met. Please sir, I want some more!

  5. collector

    Fortunately, I snagged a John Jay tray (with logo) before they threw them out. I'll keep this baby for another 10 years, then sell it on eBay.

    That's my plan for paying off my student loans, what's yours?

  6. OhMyGah  

    Ich liebe Gummibären!

    I'll take some M&Ms and discounts any day over traysssssss

  7. wait

    so they threw out the trays? what a bunch of idiots. once they figure out going trayless will be a giant failure, they are going to want those trays back.


  8. How

    do you get from Columbia to the Met via subway? Did they build 2012 a new crosstown train?

  9. Herm

    Bwog seems a bit overly concerned this year with making itself into the jaded New Yorker. My advice: you only make yourself look like a bunch of stuck-up jerks by acting like a martini-swilling socialite urbanite. This event sounded fantastic and a far cry from the crap they gave in 2003 when I came. Madison-square garden? Ugh. The met is a fantastic venue and I am very jealous of the tour of the nicely-renovated Roman galleries.

  10. Aunt Jean

    Will, you are adorable!

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