Lawyer Suing Columbia Now Speaking At Columbia

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You’ll recall Bwog reporting last week that Business School Alum and self-proclaimed “anti-feminist” Roy Hollander was suing Columbia for offering women’s studies courses. Apparently, these courses are discriminatory against men.

Now, according to Bwog tipster Stephanie Quan, some Columbia women are interested in hearing his views. More specifically, the group Women in Science at Columbia have invited him to speak at the school, where he will “give a short talk briefing us on the case against Columbia and then answer any questions from the audience.”

The talk is scheduled for tomorrow, August 28th, from 1-2 PM, and the room is TBA Havemeyer 209. Whether it includes free food is unknown at this time.

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  1. XJE  

    Fliers around campus say Havemeyer 209.

    Should be interesting.

  2. senior  

    I don't know if interesting is the right word... this guy just seems like a blowhard and a wingnut.

    • yeah

      I don't think he will be interesting. Probably would have been better just to ignore him as much as possible.

      • i think

        he is fair to engage with. while an outlying in his views, he certainly isn't an insane person (i don't think) and might be reasoned with. who knows, if i guy with this time can be convinced that all women don't actually hate him, he probably could do some good in the world.

  3. awesome

    this is the columbia i love...bring the people you dislike the most to come and speak and then expose him on an intellectual level

  4. friendly local wag

    Hollander may be "anti-femenist," but at least he's not "rasist" or "homofobic."

  5. ...  


  6. sad  

    those Women in Science need to work on their grammar

  7. Old Grad

    Did any of you ever think that maybe it'll be YOU who learns something? I dunno, don't you think that being 21 or younger makes you kinda, sorta not so world-wise as someone older, no matter how much you may disagree with him?

  8. yay!!!  

    the met event pictures are up:

    YAY!!!!! 2012 looks goooooddddd

  9. Electives's not like people who don't want to take the class have to take it, so how is it discrimination? This is a university, and a private one at that. If he wants there to be a men's rights class, he should try to get hired somewhere. But not sure how much course material there would be...

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