has just released a ranking of the best Ivy League Schools in terms of post-Bachelors salaries. Let’s see how Columbia stacked up. Why look, it’s last, dead last. Topping the list is Dartmouth (fraternities), followed by Princeton (eating clubs) and Yale (collective ennui?). 


As one Bwog staffer points out: “This says a lot more about the profile of students who go to these schools than how much the schools help them.

People like me who aren’t going to make a lot of money are gonna drag the average down even though people from Columbia can still make that cash if they go into a profitable field.”

See how SEAS and Barnard stack up after the jump.

In terms of engineering schools, our SEAS didn’t make the list, nor did Barnard on the liberal arts bracket — though who knows, maybe Judith Shapiro opted out of that ranking too. 

Anyway, the real winner here is, whose wonderful website gave us the option of embedding this chart for you.