Roy Den Hollander (he of litigious demeanor at right), a proud business school alum (’97) and self-proclaimed “antifeminist,” is suing the University Trustees and the Institute for Research on Women & Gender for using federal aid to promote a “religionist belief system called feminism.”

Women’s Studies programs, he claims, are “spreading prejudice and fostering animosity and distrust towards men with the result of the wholesale violation of men’s rights.” And while the College Bulletin claims the major is “intended to introduce students to the long arc of feminist discourse about the cultural and historical representation of nature, power, and the social construction of difference,” the super-secret version explicitly states that the purpose is to “demonize men and exalt women in order to justify discrimination against men based on collective guilt.”

Interestingly, Den Hollander has no apparent ill will towards the veritable army of misandric feminists Barnard is working hard to create, and he would be mollified if Columbia took the simple and reasoned step of creating a men’s studies curriculum.

More about the case, his “trilogy of antifeminist lawsuits” (which is, regrettably, not as exciting as it sounds), and why he continues to heroically fight for the downtrodden can be found at City Room

— Sara Horvath