Start of Year = Start of Rising Prices

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It’s a phenomenon almost as annoying as having to re-enter your SSOL password when you leave it alone for more than 3 minutes: rising prices at campus eateries.

So far, Bwog tipsters and staff have seen price hikes at many campus eateries. Offenders include Ferris Booth, which, in addition to replacing the popular stir fry station with a taco bar, has raised prices at several of their other stations.

At $7, Ferris and 212 sushi, for example, will now set you back more than many supermarkets in the area (M2M sells it for about $4).  Cafe 212 has also raised its prices on sandwiches, and they’ve also stopped selling sunflower seeds, which Bwog considers a travesty.

Finally, Butler’s Blue Java has, as our tipster put it, “coffee now priced at Starbucks levels, pastries even higher.” If you’ve heard of other places, on-campus or off-campus, raising (or lowering!) their prices, let us know at or in the comments.

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    what the fuck?!

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  2. random  

    Do people still pay for the sh!t food at Columbia? Free 212 sandwiches is the way to go...

  3. well  

    hipsters beware: cigarettes are now $10 a pack :(

  4. why  

    are cigarettes for hipsters?
    calm down
    but fuck, the vending machines all over campus are now at least $.20 higher for every item. those bastards.

  5. Riven  

    Ferris has boosted the pasta with protein from 7,50 to 7,95 after having raised it last year from 6,95... come on, its just a handful of pasta with even less chicken....

  6. And

    The salads at 212 are now $7.50, which is the same as what Milano's charges.

  7. SEAS  

    someone needs to figure out where the money that students taking gateway lab classes goes.

    my freshman year it was $125. it is now $275. someone said that the new computers came from an endowment. so where does all of the 250 students x 275$/semester go?

  8. Answer:

    To fund a secret nuclear proliferation program in the bowels of the sub-basement under the auspices of "peaceful" nuclear research.

  9. This is bullshit  

    A SMALL soup, Snapple, and Roll sets you back at least $8 in Carleton. Really? REALLY?

  10. Isn't there...

    ...something called free-market competition (economy majors, help me out here)?

    If a "A SMALL soup, Snapple, and Roll" from Carleton sets you back $8, and a shitty "prepared" dish from Ferris is now basically that much, um, get off your asses and CROSS THE STREET.

    Think of it as your way of sticking it to the man (after you've just given him $40,000+, that is)...

  11. Well

    Soup, pasta, a burger, and some damn fine eggplant is still only 6 bucks at the JTS cafeteria

  12. if a  

    sandwich costs $6.75 at 212 and 6.75 at milano why would anybody ever go to 212? And did they get rid of all the asian food, even the fried rice?

  13. Sad

    Really, if you hold onto that card they give you, the salads and sandwiches at Milano are a steal. One of those salads is easily two meals.

  14. ...  

    columbia employees get health insurance, other food service people don't. group health insurance costs have been rising in the double digits for years.

  15. sad  

    roti roll raised their prices by about 50 cents a roll.

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