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Columbia’s new mascot James Franco hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and as many of you have told us, his opening monologue was all about life as a celebrity at Columbia.

Bwog’s been searching for this video online, but thus far we’ve been unable to find it. Still, here’s what we know: Franco was greeted by his RA (Jason Sudeikis) who sympathized with Franco about being a celebrity on campus. Apparently the RA is in the Funk Tones, “Columbia’s most popular non-tryout, non-lesbian a cappella group,” and can’t walk into Cafe 212 without being lavishly praised for his beat boxing skills.

There was also something about Franco’s CUID. Again, we’re trying to find this thing online, so if you know where it is, let us know too. ([email protected]).

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  1. He...  

    made a joke about everyone's ID pictures being really bad and then a graphic of his ID appeared, with a really glamorous photo of him on the front.

  2. why  

    did i miss that?! blah

  3. also  

    there was his roommate.....

  4. Sam  

    You can find the episode on Ninjavideo

  5. the people  

    Can K-Wo be CCSC president? He's way cooler than Krebs... and I doubt he's an idiot.

  6. jlam

    didn't watch it. did he mention nyu at all? if not, BURN.

  7. Java the Cup  

    No mention of NYU, Cafe 212 only real place mentioned also - no Java the Cup (although that would be cool) or Livingston Hall.

  8. haha

    It wasn't funny at all. And he was fishing for applause when he mentioned he was going here, but only one person awkwardly clapped. Still cool to be mentioned, though.

  9. Nah

    It wasn't funny. But our univ was on snl. w00t!

  10. ...  

    i really need to get out of here.

  11. floretbroccoli  

    Who at SNL is old enough to remember Livingston?

  12. haha

    i read about the panty raids. why dont we do that anymore?

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