And So Continues Roy Den Hollander’s Crusade Against Injustice

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Remember American hero and proud Business School alum (’97) Roy Den Hollander? The self-described antifeminist who sued Columbia for failing to offer a “men’s studies” course? Whatever, anyway, he’s back! And he’s suing mad, specifically about ladies’ nights at bars because what else?

This month, Hollander is arguing that when nightclubs offer all the ladies reduced-price drinks, they are discriminating. He then went on to conclude that since nightclubs get their liquor licences from the state, it’s not only the clubs but New York that is discriminating against him, Roy Den Hollander, and all of his kind.

The lawsuit was dismissed and Hollander called the judge a “feminist.” The end.

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  1. He's right

    Ladies' night ought to mean reduced-price ladies.

  2. sweet  

    another gem graduated from the b-school. i bet he seals his envelopes of money for alma mater with a kiss.

  3. well  

    I'd be mad if I were that ugly too

  4. uh...

    hmm, but women's studies is inherently about constructions of gender -- both male and female, and even about the artificiality of a binary. to recognize one side of the binary, you have to discuss the other.

    oh roy, what a silly (construction of) a "man".

    • BS detector went off

      artificiality of the binary? XX and XY look real artificial to you? I'm assuming you weren't referring to the exceedingly rare cases of Klinefelter's syndrome and the like, either.
      See, he's an asshole for pushing this type of lawsuit, but people like you are no less assholes for feeding him bullshit like "artificiality of the binary."

  5. Im glad  

    the B-school cordoned off Uris from Undergrads. I don't want any of the disease they have.

    Also, Bwog, is this dude single/divorced?

  6. GG watcher  

    Bart Bass anyone?

  7. Who the fuck

    is angry about "ladies night"?!!!! What man could be against the idea of getting a bunch of cum spittoons drunk out of their minds so you can fuck them in the bushes around Earl and leave them for dead? Thats the ideal Friday night out...

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