Oh my, how time flies. Our 12s have only been on campus for about three weeks, and it’s already time for them to decide amongst themselves which of their kind should ascend to the glory of CCSC Class Council.

Campaigning doesn’t start until September 22nd — so don’t jump the gun 12s, you will be penalized — but Bwog’s received a list of group names, which are always the best part anyway. Let’s meet your CCSC hopefuls:

  • New York Connection
  • Vision 2012
  • Candor Party
  • Woof Party
  • Real Party (the three person council)
  • Liberty Party (the party of the independent representative)

The gumption! The spunk! We like them all, and look forward to seeing the names of the candidates released on the 22nd. Elections themselves are not until October 6th and 7th.