The list of all the 12s running for 2012 CCSC class council has been announced this morning, as campaigning began about an hour ago.

Come, let’s meet them, in alphabetical order! And then stick around later, and we’ll check out the groups’ Facebook offerings.

The Candor Party

Rolando Rodriguez, President

Jasmine Senior, Vice President

Alana Tung, Representative

Akito Terasaki, Representative

Suhaydee Tejeda, Representative

The Liberty Party

Syed Hossain, Representative

New York Connection

Gavin Newton-Tanzer, President

Alice Zhang, Vice President

Brandon Chrisotphe, Representative

Susan Thomas, Representative

Keith Miao, Representative

Real Party

Erik Kogut, President

Hannah Wilentz, Vice President

Diego Arango, Representative

Vision 2012

Mason Fitch, President

Cindy Pan, Vice President

Sarah Chai, Representative

Noruwa Agho, Representative

Kenny Durell, Representative

Woof Party

Sahil Gupta, President

Saahil Patel, Vice President

Sanjiv Mehta, Representative

Holly Dykstra, Representative

Richard Huang, Representative